38 thoughts on “Meghan Markle and Prince Harry break tradition, angering media”

  • Aldeil Lusions says:

    Breaking traditions with silicon bumps and babies! GO Suckesses- single handedly taking all creds from the RF.

  • I am a dad of two week old twin boys and my fiancé's labour and delivery was just over 23 hours and she had a 100% natural birth and there is no way I would have let anyone pull her about after she had the boys doing her hair and make-up and then make her put on a pair of high heels to stand in, in front of hundreds of photographers flashing their cameras in hers and the boys eyes just because of some stupid tradition. I saw what my fiancé went through to have the boys, in fact I see what women have to go through to bring a child into this world because I am a midwife and for anyone to expect a woman to stand in front of the world after just going through labour and delivery and put on a fake smile when all she is feeling is exhausted and very sore is a disgrace.

  • JJ SingleLife says:

    I like privacy but just because Harry’s mom is deceased I would have wanted to have the babies first picture in the same place as his father….but sometimes you have to respect the individuals wishes

  • I dont like her. Accomplished actress? Never heard of her. I love the baby and i hope Harry is happy. I still miss Diana a lot xo

  • Andrea Baxter says:

    I have never heard any racist abuse about the royal family in Scotland. In fact they don't care what they do and I don't think any of the relatives do either. The only nonsense you hear is from these gossiping old ladies on TV. Blaming the press? Shut up ladies, go and join your local old folks home and have tea and biscuits with the oldies and have a gossip with the only people who give a **

  • Agatha Archer says:

    Princess Diana raised her boys to be who they are today, handsome, independent, above all….human. They will make mistakes as anyone would. The media seriously…needs to honor their wishes instead of bucking at the system that they are entitled first glimpse, name, date of birth…instead…a healthy robust boy was born. Chillax.

  • Considering how badly the Piers morgan, the press, Trolls & Bots have treated her she has handled being a Royal very, very well…none of the people who have bullied her could have done better…they are being mean to her just to get paid…which is horrible!

  • Cynthia Brown says:

    Gayle the queen does not rule over America in a White House two entirely different worlds Gayle🤨😒.

  • MaybeTheBest says:

    Yeah go to Africa, have a 3 year long break at tax payers expense. Meanwhile here in Britain taxpayers are complaining about a few measly quid that goes to the unemployed. STINKS.

  • Ties that Bind USA says:

    The royal control over free speech.. That's right, it's not America. Meagan definitely not royal material. She's lived as an American all her life. The Monarch will face royal pains with meagan becoming part of the family… Independent they say, puh….. She's actually ignorant.but I guess this is part of the liberal movement, to be ignorant…

  • Araceli Carbonell says:

    Did Megan Markle really deliver her real baby or just adopt a baby boy? If she has adopted a baby boy, that is A BLATANT LIE TO FOOL YHE WORLD? HRH QUEEN ELIZABETH II SHOULD NOT TOLERATE SUCH DAMNED ACT OF MEGAN.

  • lil xdreamer says:

    Their choice HOWEVER breaking a few traditions, go for it. But you’ve got to share some things with the public yknow since we’re paying for your nice things…. it’s a royal thing 🥴🤔 Americans probably don’t care but British people are the real people having to pay for their lavish lifestyle it’s not all tea and crumpets 🤥

  • Gloria Lewis says:

    Leave them the heck alone this is not going to go like Princess Diana Father in heaven and the Mother of the Son guide and protect Megan and Harry from all evil works of the demons.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🔥 She has a mind of her own. And she thinks for herself. 💖💖💖

  • The prince and princess are two people in love and they are now parents. Race biases have no place in the birth of an innocent baby and so too is any interference with the parents' wishes for privacy and happiness.

  • I just admire how Harry and Meghan continue to demonstrate maturity in dealing with the wickedness. They just keep excelling, leaving the ugliness at the bottom of their feet. I pray they stay steadfast.

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