Meet The Tech, MIT’s Student Newspaper

Meet The Tech, MIT’s Student Newspaper

Welcome to The Tech, MIT’s oldest and largest
newspaper. The Tech is completely student run and publishes twice a week, covering topics
from food to faculty. The Tech has 11 departments — news, production, opinion, sports, arts,
photography, campus life, copy editing, business, technology, and online media. Tech staffers represent all majors at MIT,
and are involved in every part of the community. We have writers, designers, photographers,
videographers, bloggers, and system administrators. As a part of The Tech, staffers develop valuable
job skills and develop a strong and supportive network among Tech alumni.>>If you join The Tech, it’s a great way
to … I guess if you want to make a difference at MIT, there’s a couple different ways you
can do it, but I think The Tech is a particularly rewarding one because you’re informing the
community, and MIT is a healthier place if people know what’s going on, and people aren’t
getting one perspective be it from their living groups, be it from the MIT News Office, and
The Tech can kind of provide multiple perspectives, and I think it strengthens the community.>>I joined The Tech because I had a lot of
opinions, and I wanted to communicate those. So I joined the opinion section of The Tech
and wrote a lot of articles and get some very interesting responses for many of them.>>Well since I’m arts, I get to go to plays
and movies for free, which is why you should join The Tech.>>And since we’re sports, we get to go to
games for free, Red Sox, Celtics. We sent one of our staffers to a Celtics-Heat playoff
game last year. Super fun.>>So production is in charge of laying out
the paper and basically making it look pretty. We’re there for people who maybe don’t want
to write and want to see their work more visually. We routinely do infographics which more visually
represent some of the data from our news writers’ articles. And my favorite part of production
is when we get to do photo spreads. And basically like our recent PAX one that Connor laid out
is really pretty. Basically it’s just graphics and photos and the articles coming together,
and we get to use a lot of color, and it just looks so pretty.>>More generally, our job is to take all
of this content that people produce and turn it into a print product.>>I’ve been with The Tech, I guess this is
going into my fourth year — I’m a senior right now. I did news editing kind of stuff
in high school, but I felt like when I went to the activities [midway], that The Tech
really had a sense of community that a lot of other groups were really lacking.>>I actually originally joined to do photography
because they have some pretty cool equipment. You can pretty much go from any department
to any other department. As soon as you fulfill a few requirements, then you have access to
all the departments’ resources.>>My favorite part of The Tech is just meeting
people from all over MIT in all different majors and living groups. It’s just this great
microcosm of the university.>>Well, I think that it’s a really great
opportunity to just learn a lot about writing, and depending on what you’re interested in,
you can just focus on production, or comics, or improving your editing and grammar, and
just specializing in whatever you want to do.>>It’s pretty cool because the video department’s
new, and there’s just always room at The Tech to try new things, like blogging, videos.
We don’t have too much of a science department. Someone could come in and just start that.
That would be really cool. That would really help our paper.>>What I like about The Tech is that it gives
you a lot of freedom to start new things. So Ryan and I started doing video last semester,
and that’s been going really well, and I just started a new department doing blogs and interactive
infographics. It gives you a lot of freedom to do cool things.>>It does, and it gives you the freedom to
move around and join different departments. I’m in both opinion and video, and I enjoy
my roles in both departments.>>Everyone’s kind of frantic and working
towards the same thing, but then at the same time, it always gets done. The issue is always
coming out no matter what.


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