23 thoughts on “Meet the People Building Their Own Internet in Detroit”

  • Matthew McGrath says:

    Now keep this in mind. They are in Detroit. And doing all of this. Half of the houses they are climbing thru are abandoned or condemned. The city doesn't keep up with the housing.

  • Socialism does not work. You need to do something about your economy and get out of the mindset of socialism.

  • Bennie Chadwick says:

    It does my heart good to see people actively seeking ways to improve society. That does not involve a goal of becoming rich. Just rich in networking of friendship and sharing. Helping each other is the key to getting out from under the thumb of big money companies.

  • I am surprised that the comment section is making fun of people trying to do good! Just because they should start trying to make detroit less of a hood, which would start attracting large companies, which then, of course, would give people jobs that pay money, and with that money they could then go on and pay for internet, doesn't mean that you should point it out!

  • Hey American, I thought Trump was making America great again? Seems like it's the suffering people are the ones making it great!

  • I'd love to see a 2019 update on this. Big up to the people involved and their amazing ingenuity. Let's build and move forward!

  • David Carroll says:

    Why does everything have to be about color, everyone has an affect on the people they train. leaders are great, black or white. I would love to have good, skilled smart leaders in my company of any race or origin.

  • Wish this would happen in my area of Florida. We can only get 4mbps here and the isp's won't do anything to give us better internet. They charge us $42.95 for 4mbps that is ridiculous

  • This is amazing what these people are doing. My understanding is that the Federal Communication FCC has a programs available to support open internet for the public. I really hope you guys get more support.
    Your good people for bridging the gap of a forgotten city such as Detroit Michigan.

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