so this is my best friend his name is Jared and we've been friends for quite some time now but we've actually only met a few times because we both kind of live on opposite sides of the country maintaining a friendship through the internet has not always been the easiest one dude it's frozen but thankfully as of July 2nd we'll be together for an entire week but now the question is if you only had one week with your best friend what would you do what's up it's currently the next day last night we kind of just got jared settled in and everything and here we are now I threw up in the Taco Bell parking lot last night it's never generally reading until Jared throws up so I knew you're gonna jinx it soon the second I picked him up use I haven't thrown up yeah I'm like not yet buddy woke up this morning feeling so much better which is good because today we're gonna go to a waterfall called like so Huy Huy so it's called Sun falls aside the pictures are literally insane it's like ice blue it's like I mean it's like guys aren't the kind okay but the pictures actually look like what we were trying to say is that we wanted to start off the week by going to a waterfall about an hour away but before our little adventure you already know we need some coffee okay so before we go to the waterfall today we decided to go to a coffee shop and get some breakfast and everything and also we're really done we didn't charge our camera batteries last night so we're kind of just waiting on for them to charge here saving the sea turtles really vegans are gonna attack the vegans are mad Gong okay now we're ready to go to the waters I'm so high okay we just got to the waterfall it was quite the drive up here and we couldn't even find parking in the actual parking lot yeah we're like a mile away from actual Falls yeah it's gonna be quite the hike – yeah but it'll be worth it with all the shots and everything's me so yeah I hope so I just hope we don't get a parking ticket cuz with my luck that point we heard like not what happened my I drew in my back I'm really struggling David what did you do to this I don't know we've made the decision to just place it in here in Salida Paris [Applause] we're not even in the waterfall yeah and look at that view already at the waterhole we didn't just get video shots though we also tried to take some pictures have officially made it back to the house safely and everything we kind of just like stopped for dinner and now it's dark outside it but we cook today because these are gonna be so interesting you guys see the final result of a lot of our photo shoots and just Instagram photo shoots in general but you all don't see the reality it's so weird my jacket is so dark with the water soon I know it's like the perfect expose right here but it's so bright right now if all of the photography shots look like this and we couldn't even get that right what are the videos look like oh we decided to give it another shot the next day by going on another little adventure it's already like 1 o'clock in the afternoon and we're just now kind of like getting started on the main plan for today the main plans for today is going to a lake that's like 40 minutes outside of Bend I've never been there and Jared's obviously never been there either so we thought it'd be kind of cool to like experience it for the first time together you kind of just spent the morning sitting in Starbucks going through the pictures we took yesterday and trying to fix them with editing but it honestly didn't do much it still looks pretty bad but it's kind of tolerable that yeah it's better than what we were looking at last night obviously after yesterday's pictures my expectations for today's picture goes pretty low yeah we just came back to the house really quick to grab our battery packs cuz we left them here charging this morning cuz we're dumb again we didn't charge them less our brains don't work when we're together ok we're ready to go on the big boy [Applause] the attractions cut off because we no longer have service and now we're on this like really bumpy gravel road and we don't know where we are I'm gonna like drive off a cliff or something watch there was this one specific part of the like we were trying to get to but getting there wasn't the easiest er way dude we are completely off the trailer well there's so many dead end we're facing an obstacle right now oh of course you got out perfectly I'm gonna probably fall watch it's probably so many spiders I'm eating right now it should work I think we have something here yeah we had to go through so many thick woods unmarked territory to find this spot Oh God lots of bees were talking me of course I just don't do well outdoors but this view just makes everything so worth it what no we've been at the lake for like an hour now we took some videos we took some pictures but now we're just kind of like now what there's nothing left to do but look the view is beautiful don't get us wrong felt like we didn't really make any plans to like flow on the lake or like bring a kayak or like a paddle boarder that would've been really cool are you okay no all right no you're still paranoid literally we did you record my mental breakdown earlier yeah yeah I was having a full fledge like panic attack from the the bees earlier I'm recording your mental breakdown by the way in case you want to say anything anything you want to say the bugs keep attacking me I'm like dehydrated and there's no bathrooms around so if I drink a bunch of water then I'm not to piss in the woods and I really don't want to piss in the woods right now we're just kind of sitting here taking the last few moments of this view in and then I think we're just gonna head back cuz honestly there's really nothing else to do here's everything going on I guess I forgot to mention that it was the fourth of July and what better way to celebrate the fourth than lighting off some fireworks okay we got the fireworks and we're about to light them up there we go after a short couple of days in Oregon the two of us ended up back at the airport I tried to get a shot at the plane passing by I just did not work at all but this time we are saying hello or goodbye this time for the first time we're traveling together almost grab you guys it's not like I said I've got shot for like five minutes before hands the things we do to get aesthetic straw I didn't see you there guys welcome to my 4th of July fireworks all Jared got saltines good good choice I guess so judge


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