Media LIT: Overcoming Information Overload | ASUx | Course About Video

Media LIT: Overcoming Information Overload | ASUx | Course About Video

DAN GILLMOR: We’re in an
age of information overload. So much of what we watch,
listen to, and read is mistaken, deceitful,
or even dangerous. Yet you and I can take control and
make media serve us, all of us, by being active consumers
and participants. Hi, I’m Dan Gillmor, a
journalist and a teacher at the Walter Cronkite School of
Journalism and Mass Communication. In Walter Cronkite’s day, he told us
what the news was and we trusted him. Today we have to figure
out what to trust in a world of unlimited news sources. We’ve built a seven week course to
help you improve your skills in news and media literacy to help you use,
not just consume, news and information. We all need to be better informed active
contributors in a democratic society. And to do that, we need to navigate the
flood of information coming our way. These are just some of the amazing
people, journalists, educators, media entrepreneurs,
and more who sat down to chat with me about the evolving
world of news and information. They had a lot to say, as you’ll see. So what’s the plan for the course? Well, it’s a mix. Reading, watching, listening,
discussing, and creating. We’ll be doing this together,
and I’ll be learning from you, not just the other way around. If you want to add your voice to
the mix, please register today.


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