Media is Salty: Joker Nominations, Ricky Gervais and Female Indiana Jones

Media is Salty: Joker Nominations, Ricky Gervais and Female Indiana Jones

what’s up everybody and welcome to trash
culture video number two a while ago I did talk about how this trash culture
you know the fake progressive Hollywood has been destroying our favorite
franchises Terminator star wars charlie angels Batwoman Ghostbusters and the
lists keep going and one thing I said over there is that this all of this is
in the name of diversity because they’re so concerned about that but it is all a
fake I like to call this the fake progressive because if they were really
worried about diversity they wouldn’t be spending time swapping gender swapping
races what they would be doing is spending time and creating original
stories because people don’t really have anything against diversity but people
really have a problem if you keep swapping original characters just for
the sake of diverse this is called the forced diversity that’s not what people
people are just for so how many more movies are we going to see reboots and
Rehab people are sick and tired of this fake progressive Hollywood so today in
this video I will be talking about three things that you know really proves how
our culture you know pretty much led by the mainstream media has really become
this trash culture you know so one thing we will address here is the media having
a meltdown over the Joker’s Oscar nomination you got 11 we’re also going
to talk about the female lead Indiana Jones TV show oh yeah that is coming
apparently according to we got this covered and also we’re gonna talk about
the backlash that Ricky Gervais got from the from the media for you know
exposing the hypocrisy of Hollywood so let’s start with the Joker right so this
shows how much of a trash culture and how delusional
these people in Hollywood are you know these people writing these articles or
you know man okay first and foremost even before the movie came
out the media was already attacking this town because this movie is about a white
male oh my god the man is so evil we cannot make a
movie about that but to this day I’m still trying to understand what is their
problem with this character because this movie is about a comic-book character
that has been around for a very long time and if you know anything about this
characters that they’re scared to like scales this character likes violence
this character is a cycle so if they’re making a movie about the Joker we can
all expect those things and yet the media no critics were complaining that
these things were present in the film I was like I mean these people are crazy
not only that like the performance in the film is beautiful the cinematography
is beautiful the script is great it makes you understand how he falls into
madness and you know but the critics are like oh my god this is such an absurd I
can’t believe this movie as 11:11 on my nation’s this is absurd I mean let’s
have a look over here at what is this CNN CNN is just saying the headline is
this year’s Oscars are a joke and it’s just kind of signing over here the
reason why it is a joke and one of it is just saying that you know complaining
about the Joker’s 11 nominations most of any movie and then we have slate is also
saying Joker Oscar nominations are a joke stop the madness this movie is dumb
as hell oh my goodness and then the other one a washington post is saying
Joker dominated the Oscar nomination because it captures our age perfectly
and it was like this is a perfectly normal headline but then when you read
into the article it is saying from it’s dumb yellow title card to its antihero
dumb delusions of grandeur – it’s dumb absolute belief in its ultra restiveness
dhoka is thus just as stupid as can be and then the writer of this article says
Khloe’s eloquently stated perfectly capturing the hyper articulated rage
that Matt Todd Philips movie success anyways
pretty much what this article is doing here is trashing the film and you know
it in my mind I was like dude are these people they can really call themselves
critics because nothing can be made nowadays unless is it has some sort of
political statement unless it’s about a strong female lead and you know it’s
unless it’s about some sort of like race here at this in there you know it don’t
get me wrong I’ve already said many times people don’t have a problem with
female led films or diversity that is not the problem itself the problem is
that these studios use those things to pretend that they care you know the
changing a character gender in the film does not make this movie progressive any
it is in fact throwing crumbs to the females and saying look we love you so
much we just stole the story from the guy and gave it to you and people are
applauding and the problem that people have with this particular film is the
fact that it is a guy that has mental problems that is going psycho but on the
other hand I’m thinking over here don’t they know that this is the Joker
what kind what were they expecting when they went to see this film I mean maybe
they didn’t want the movie to be make because that’s the only explanation I
can have this is a fictitional character that came from comic books you know he
is crazy he’s a psychopath he is Batman’s biggest enemy and you know what
is the deal with the media complaining about this film the film is fantastic he
has beautiful acting oh yes it’s because it makes you sympathize with the villain
I mean that is not exactly what I got from the film I wasn’t sympathizing with
him but I did understand his madness and what took him there but most people
normal people would not react the way that he did when people are doing
bullying him and doing those things you know oh my goodness this is just so
ridiculous and then let’s talk about the female lad
Indiana Jones right so we got this covered is reporting that there is a
moving coming out and the movie will be with Harrison Ford but they are working
on bringing it to TV with the female lead Indiana Jones
this is exactly what the world needs right now a female lead Indiana Jones TV
show again if you want to know one thing about me is that I love movies you know
Indiana Jones it’s one of my favorite franchises the perfect combination
Spielberg and Harrison Ford I love those movies but one thing I really hate is
this kind of like gender swap things you know because the movie was so successful
so that’s the problem with studios as well you know the formula already worked
they know that the brand is popular but instead of expanding the brand what they
have to do they have to gender swap it you know let’s just you know the older
females are trending right now let’s just make a female Indiana Jones because
it’s exactly what people want to see I mean this shows their lack of creativity
but in fact it’s not really lack of creativity is lack of wanting to bet on
new ideas what they want is formulas that already
work and that’s why we have so many reboots and rehash and gender swap and
all this this and that because all they’re giving us is the same old stuff
with different characters and it’s just it’s just it’s it’s sad it’s really
really sad but that said this art was actually saying that the idea is to have
this female Indiana Jones to be her his daughter so in that case it could be a
little bit more except acceptable than acceptable than just making any and
female Indiana Jones because the way I see it we already have one you know if
you look at tomb Raider’s Lara Croft she’s kind of the female Indiana Jones –
she’s an archaeologist she’s pretty badass so as I see it this is completely
unnecessary and usually my problem with these things is that okay they’re saying
might be Indiana Jones daughter but you know they’re probably gonna make this
scare to disrespect the original Indiana Jones because that’s another pattern we
have been seen lately right we were promised what in Star Wars that it was
going to be a passing under torch film and what happened well they put Luke
Skywalker you know squeezing titty milk from a
alien what else not caring about anything and anyone
what kind of passing of the torch well that was that movie you know I didn’t
see anything close to what they promised us
I also saw Leia floating in space I also saw Han being killed by his son I mean
that’s the kind of pass you to Tory it’s my problem with these things that they
want to continue the franchise but they’re most of the time not doing in a
very respectful way and of course if you don’t know Indiana Jones is under
Lucasfilm which is under Kathleen Kennedy so this is not really something
that we could see it as a surprise and then another proof that our culture
became so trashy nowadays is people you know the media and all the Hollywood
people bashing Ricky Gervais pne’s for his speech of the golden rose because to
me what he was doing was exposing people’s hypocrisy but what people did
you know especially these articles that are saying stuff like this is that yeah
this was a political speech I didn’t see any political about that what he was
saying that is that these Hollywood elite people do not understand the real
world to be preaching to other people like it’s very easy to tell us go vegan
but do you know how much it costs to go vegan or order organic food do you know
how much it costs to buy organic food I mean they don’t understand that because
they don’t have these kind of problems they don’t have any like they don’t need
to think about having to worry about buying food you know or the climate
change for instance you know of course we should always do our part but then
you have these celebrities talking about climate change when they’re taking
private jets everywhere you know they should lead by example so what he was
doing that is really exposing these elites hypocrisy and people didn’t
understand that and the backlash was like oh my god he’s becoming so
political as if anything and he even had to go on Twitter and explain himself
that nothing that he was saying there was to be political but he was saying
that is pretty much exposing people’s hypocrisy what he was say with other
words was clean your own backyard before you go complain about your
neighbor’s backyard mess that’s what he was saying that nothing to do with any
politics but anyways guys trash culture is indeed something that
we should it’s up to us to deny these things you know people are making all
this crappy entertainment don’t support it you know people are just you know the
more we support these things the more we’re giving this to do money the more
that the things are never gonna change and you know what despite all the
failures and all these movies bombing for instance charlie angels what else
terminator all this movie you know those buster was a huge bomb it it still did
not teach them a lesson so honestly i don’t know what’s gonna happen but i am
sick and tired of this trash culture and i’m sick and tired of this stupid
mainstream media not really understanding what things are about what
they have no connection or touch with reality reality and they don’t really
understand the audience that they are writing these articles for you know but
anyways guys that is the end of this video please let me know your thoughts
on this trash culture i would love to hear it drop your comments down below
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