Media in the grips of 'Boris derangement syndrome'

Media in the grips of 'Boris derangement syndrome'

the new Prime Minister of Great Britain about to be sworn in is a former journalist long dismissed as a clown and serious a liar yet for all that Boris Johnson is a conservative who nevertheless managed to become Lord Mayor of left-wing London and it's now Prime Minister by a vote of Conservative Party members overwhelming win to do that takes intelligence and charm but his victory speech well he still couldn't help but seem unserious and the Conservative MPs there didn't seem that impressed and we know the mantra of the campaign that has just gone by in case you've forgotten it he probably has it is deliver brexit unite the country and defeat Jeremy Corbyn I know some waggles already pointed out that deliver your night and defeat was not the perfect acronym for an election campaign since unfortunately it spells dud but they forgot the final E my friends IVA energize and I say I say to all the doubters dude we are going to energize the country we're going to get bricks it done on October 30 good of a lease president Donald Trump was excited he saw a fellow spirit really good man is going to be the prime minister of the UK now Boris is a good man he's tough and he's smart this ain't Britain Trump they call him bring Trump and people are saying that's a good thing that they like me over there that's what they wanted what they need he'll get it done Boris is good he's gonna do a good job joining me from London a short while ago was the brilliant Brendan O'Neill columnist and editor of spiked thank you so much for your time is Donald Trump right is Boris Johnson the British Trump I'm not sure that's really particularly accurate I think actually Boris Johnson and Donald Trump are very different people it's convenient for the left to lump them together to present them as this kind of you know fascist duo double actors as the left lights to depict them but I think that's incredibly inaccurate I think there are great differences between Trump and Boris Boris is far better educated if I may say he is more liberal he has very liberal positions on numerous issues which everyone always forgets he wanted an amnesty for illegal immigrants in the UK which is not something in the Boris would that Trump would be particularly fond of he's Pro freedom of speech and there are big differences between these two people I think the attempt to lump them together is very interesting because I think it's really about trying to delegitimize Boris Johnson through linking him with Donald Trump well I see that Dee legitimization going on very pronounced there in a very pronounced way in the papers British papers today you know as a clown is a liar as a dis and as of that is he is e what the critics claim in that regard I don't think he is I say this as someone who has a number of criticisms of Boris Johnson particularly in fact in relation to breaks it I'm not a hundred percent convinced that he is going to stick to his brexit program I think that's why he's popular that's why he's getting a lot of support because people want breaks it to happen and he says he will make it happen I'm not entirely convinced but I have to separate my concerns from what we might call Boris derangement syndrome it's extraordinary the chattering classes in this country and the media classes in the grip of Boris derangement syndrome the way they talk about him is just completely hysterical as if hell has descended on the United Kingdom as if we've gone back to the 1930s as if as if he is kind of Hitler with blond hair I mean they really do speak in that kind of language and it suggests that they have completely and utterly lost the plot and of course what is lurking behind there Boris derangement syndrome is really brexit derangement syndrome the thing they really despise about Boris is that he has promised to deliver the thing that they hate most and the thing that they have devoted three years of their lives to trying to thwart and overthrow which is the vote for brexit so Boris has has propelled the kind of PC elites into this extraordinary meltdown yeah and I suspect they may do for him what in America they've done for Trump and that is United base around a person that otherwise might not command quite the loyalty that he would hope I'm just the you spoke of the BRICS are pulling Britain out of Europe he said he'll do that by the end of October I don't know that the maths has changed by his elevation I don't know that he can get any deal out of through Parliament or whatever I suspect and tell me if I'm wrong that his best hope might lie in calling an early election and getting a thumping mandate he would hope that otherwise he won't have and won't succeed without I think that's absolutely right i I think it is incumbent upon Boris Johnson to call a general election sooner rather than later firstly because it would give him legitimacy as Prime Minister it's never a great look when someone becomes Prime Minister without having gone to the public so he should rectify that as soon as he can and as you say it would give him the kind of mandate from the public that he would need to do battle more simply with Brussels but with Britain's own political class I mean we have this extraordinary situation in this country where the public wants one thing the majority of the public wants brexit and the majority of the political class wants something completely different which is to stay in the European Union you know 52% of British people voted to leave the EU but more than 70% of members of parliament voted to stay and 95 percent of Labour MPs voted to stay which is I think the most extraordinary statistic of modern times and what that really tells us is that the political class is completely and utterly cut off from public sentiment and that's why they have done everything within their power to thwart brexit and so you're right in Parliament Boris Johnson will not have the numbers to push through No Deal which increasingly looks like the only version of brexit that's left and therefore I think if it goes to the public and says look I'm standing on a platform of just walking away from the EU and if you win support on that basis it will give them a very strong footing against the anti-democratic political elite yeah they'll also give another point of comparison with Donald Trump it will be a kind of drain the swamp moment but apart from bricks that you know there seems to be this huge thing bricks it bricks it briskly with it's how many people don't even understand anyway it's overshadowing the fact that in the meantime it's got to govern Britain what kind of plan does he really have I mean is sold to many as you know the dream conservative the air of Churchill he wrote a fantastic biography of Churchill but as you say sometimes I'm not quite sure that he is that conservative that makes hearts go pitter-patter yes I think I mean it's understandable that at the moment all he's talking about is brexit because all that the country is talking about is brexit and so many different plans for the future of the UK itself you know whether we have more nationalization whether we more have more liberalization all those questions fundamental questions relating to the political nature of the UK are bound up with what happens to brexit first so so it's kind of understandable that that would be his focus but a lot of people are asking the question that you have asked which is well what is his broader plan what does he want to do in the future what is his outlook what is is what is his political view and that can be sometimes difficult to work and that's one of the issues I have with Boris I think a serious problem with Boris Johnson is that he suffers a little bit from political cowardice and if he feels under extreme pressure particularly from influential sections of the media and so on he does buckle sometimes he does give up on positions he previously held he used to be a very smart climate change skeptic he used to be one of those people who didn't deny climate change but asked questions about the politics of environmentalism and he stopped doing that and has now become a fully paid-up green effectively so there are things that he chops and changes which just makes me wonder how committed he is to his alleged view of the world but in the round he's more liberal and open-minded than certainly Jeremy Corbyn and he claims to be devoted to make him breaks it happen and for a great number of people in the UK at the moment that's just about enough but you go there Brennan to one criticism that I keep hearing that it's got no political bottom as it were that he perhaps likes to be light a little too much to maintain a particular position and I'm just you know I noticed even that how desperate little anxious he seemed to get in his victory speech I played a little bit of it before kind of whip up the crowd into a reaction that he wasn't getting they didn't seem very enthusiastic and then trying to crack some lame jokes at the end what what sort of character is he bringing to being prime minister of that great nation of Great Britain I think that's that's the million-dollar question I mean he has a number of character flaws he is as you say he's desperate to be light he's desperate to be popular he has this real sense that it's his destiny to be Prime Minister and he's thought that for quite a long time but you know in a democracy that's really not enough you need to convince the people you need to win the public to your point of view you can't just have this kind of hereditary view of yourself as being destined to go to to number 10 so he really needs to shake out of that mindset and he needs to check out the Churchill mindset because that is him also believing in the kind of the destiny of history as if he is the heir to all these great Britons who went before and that doesn't cut it with normal people what normal people want to know is where does he stand on the big issues of our time where does he stand on brakes it of course and is he going to stick with his principles those are the questions people are asking I think what he forgets when he's so desperate to be light he forgets that people actually want politicians who are not so spun and who are not so cardboard and who do not just spout all the kind of politically correct lines so for example when he criticizes the niqab and says that women who wear the niqab look like bank robbers and it's an oppressive garment and it's a ridiculous garment I mean he might get a huge amount of flak from the media class for that the ordinary people like a politician who shoots from the hip and likes a politician who says things that you're not supposed to say but which lots of people agree with so if he sticks with that kind of borås which is the outspoken Boris he could do far better except it's got a party to try to you know unite so we shall see look I think this is fascinating it's hard to believe you know to think of any politicians have been more closely studied over so many years and yet have so many question marks over what they're really planning to do I think it's just fascinating Britta and Neil thank you so much indeed for your time


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  • Trump is a warrior fighting for freedom! I hope Boris will free the Britons from their tyrannical masters in England and the EU!

  • Wilhelm Geisler says:


  • Is that what passes for journalism in Australia? The interviewer was clearly biased and really offensive to the guest’s country and it’s newly minted leader’s speech. If I was being interviewed by that partisan clown, I’d have torn him a new one for his lack of objectivity.
    I guess we can write off Australia if that’s the sort of barnyard detritus passing for journalism that you’re being shoveled. In the first sentence he’s already deriding Johnson. Fuck Sky!

  • This guest is a bit of a joke. Since when is Trump anti free speech?! The only ones that seem to have issues with freedom of speech and individual freedom are leftists, journalists and big tech cor.

  • Mate, some of us Brits love Trump and are delighted to have our own version. DUDE! The Leftists are the same everywhere and hate both of them.

  • Digital Concepts says:

    What's   you  economy  like  in  the  UK?   Oh  they  lie  do  they  yet  you  don't  think  themedia  lies  on  POTUS?  You  idiots.  We  don't  lock  up  people   on  what  they  say  likeyou  do  on  such  issues.

  • Michael Marshall says:

    The EU is like all big company mergers where a big Mob merge (take over ) and swallow up the latest acquisition and ruin what the other stood for . The EU was draining the UK of all its economic wealth and then using it for their UN NWO agenda . Wake Up get out of the EU and stay out and they will regain what they once were .

  • Michael Marshall says:

    Boris is long overdue and after the disaster of May a breath of fresh air. The UK will regain some great pride and power and become another economic force . Trump is showing the whole world how it is done . The CHAOS that has reigned in the USA under The Demo Rats and Obama Bin Lazy has been getting unravelled . These analyst are nothing more than Psychics !

  • Just more PANIC among the Libs…deal with it, the socialistic one world order controlled by the elitists is collapsing

  • Gareth Austin says:

    Asking questions, weighing your arguments against those of others, willingness to seek compromise, and open-mindedness are not necessarily signs of political cowardice. And digging in your heels and stubbornly refusing to budge is not always a mark of confidence or strength. Blair, for example, could have taken a leaf out of his book.

  • That's not cricket old boy ..Dragging the Spiked dude away from Das Audi Auto window (tinted) licking for uber kool with a "K" hip trendy volk with a "V" down ze local bunker, have you no shame let alone a sense of decency sir/madam ?

  • The Flying Hamster says:

    I really wish New Zealand had a Boris / Trump instead of this delusional Mother Earth Feminist we have here!

  • Shame on you for saying President Trump is not as educated as Boris Johnson.  He is rich and educated, and he stands for free speech. You need to get your facts straight.

  • The media will start accusing Prime Minister Boris of collusion with Russia next! So sick of they're negative shit!!

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