Media Hype Questionable Gun Control Study

Media Hype Questionable Gun Control Study

You’ve probably heard that America has the most mass shootings in the world. That’s often given as a reason for more gun control. But economist John Lott looked into that claim and he says it’s a myth based on one bogus study. The United States has the most mass shootings by far the most public mass shootings You don’t see murder on this kind of scale with this kind of frequency in any other advanced nation on Earth. Where’d that claim come from? Obama, and everyone, base it on — A study done by University of Alabama Professor Adam Lankford University of Alabama Professor Adam Lankford This is Adam Lankford — I studied 171 countries for more than 40 years, 1966 to 2012, and essentially the answer was, not surprisingly, the United States has by far the most public mass shooters. His claim received coverage in hundreds of news stories. But all these people were misled by Lankford. Lankford’s study claimed that since 1966 there were 90 public mass shooters in the United States – more than any other country. Lankford counted 202 shooters in the rest of world. Lankford claimed, “Complete data were available for 171 countries.” But how did Lankford find every shooting in all these countries most of which don’t speak English and how did he find all the cases in the years before the internet? Few governments collect this data. Finding complete data for mass public shootings in just one developing country, say, India in the 1970s, would be an incredible feat. Many of the shootings would have been reported only in local outlets in the local language. That shooting at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. On the other hand, United States mass public shootings are well-documented and hard to miss. If Lankford undercounted foreign cases because he missed finding old newspapers or had trouble with language barriers his paper’s entire conclusion that the United States had the most mass public shootings would fall apart. Many journalists and researchers asked Lankford for his data. Not only did he refuse to share a list of his cases or even the number of shootings he found in each country, which are nowhere in his paper, he even refused to share an explanation for how he found those cases. That’s academic malpractice. Asked if he used foreign languages to search for these shootings, Lankford stated, “My data were not limited to English-language searches.” Asked what languages he used, Lankford refused to provide that information. “This is all the assistance I can provide at this time,” Lankford said. Look, I’ve researched crime for decades, and I’ve published dozens of peer reviewed academic articles on the subject. Lankford won’t even respond to my emails with simple questions. Now maybe he doesn’t want to talk to me because I’m well known for my research, “More Guns, Less Crime”‘ but Lankford has refused to share his list of shooters and methods even with strong gun control advocates. This all seemed very suspicious to me. So the think tank that I run, the Crime Prevention Research Center, researched it. Unlike Lankford, we took a lot of time to find all the foreign cases we could. We even got translators to identify cases. Using the same definition of mass public shooters Lankford used – 4 or more people killed in a public place, not just part of some other type of crime – we found that he grossly undercounted foreign attacks. We counted well over 3,000 shooters. At least 15 times more shooters as Lankford claimed “31% of total shooters despite the fact that we only have 5% of the world population.” Of the 86 countries where we have identified any mass public shootings occurring, the United States ranks 62nd. Norway, Finland, Switzerland, and Russia are European countries with significantly higher rates of murders from mass public shootings. The explanation is firearm ownership rate. When Lankford’s data are fixed, there is no relationship between gun ownership rates and mass public shooters. There is a lesson here. Lankford’s critical but simple error could have been picked up if journalists had only demanded his data and methods before publicizing his study. Journalists should learn to be skeptical… and in the meantime, we should all be skeptical of news coverage of studies like this that simply confirm what journalists and people want to hear. Before releasing this video I also asked Lankford for his data and methods for finding shootings in foreign language media. Lankford would not provide the information.


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  • So much of the "undisputed science" we hear about is thinly veiled political propaganda. It started back in the 50's when we made "science" a religion in this country

  • You can make polls say anything you want and you can make your research say whatever you want. the truth is criminals fear law abiding people who are well armed. It is unrighteous to deny a man / woman the means to defend themselves and their loved
    ones .

  • Sounds LIKE Lankford is a PAID LIENG piece OFF SHIT That's WHAT happens before s nation OR country fall's THE government's! And dictators always TAKE THE PEOPLE'S MEANS OF PROTECTING themselves AWAY

  • There you go. My father used to say other countries never document or tell anything wrong doing, specially socialist and worst communist countries.

  • You can hardly take over a country when there's a gun behind every blade of grass willing to do whatever it takes to stop you.
    Gun control is mass control
    Of the population . a disarmed america is an america separated from her Constitution.
    And in the hands of liberal socialist.

  • wake to the control technology says:

    100s of Homeless die on the streets in America daily, thousands of families children fall victim to street drugs that ultimately end their life in the most miserable hell on earth slow death. Everyday children fall victim in the hands of so called doctors that put them on mind altering psychotropic drugs…. leading to a a crippled mind. Hundreds of children fall victim to getting hooked on a new flavor of smokeless tobacco daily.

  • Universities are leftists indoctrination centers even the University of Alabama so of course they release studies that are out right fabrications of the truth the media loves to perpetuate certain myths that further their agendas

  • Langford was obviously paid for that study so it would show United States as being the worst it's all just propaganda it's the same old thing all the time take away all rights take away our freedom let's bring the United States down to its knees as I have said before there are people in our government that want to destroy this country and until the United States citizens take our government back it's only going to get worse

  • Matthew Jaroslawski says:

    He lied about the data.
    That doesn’t change the fact that next year some kids will die in school from legal obtained gun in USA.

  • these shootings are false flags thats why the corporate media reports on them….fear is a powerful weapon used by government to CONTROL the population

  • All data, all research, all statistics on guns (firearms) can be bent, twisted and homogenised to show whatever you want. The reality is that guns kill anywhere on the planet and it is the responsibility of every government to strictly control them no matter whether a country and government is first in a contrived list or at the bottom of the list. Guns KILL. That's what they're made for. Who gives a feck where the USA is in any list. It shouldn't be anywhere in the list in the first place.

  • Germain Gonzalez says:

    Guns are illegal in Mexico and so many people die from gun violence. If someone wants a gun to kill a lot of people they are gonna get it regardless if they are illegal or not

  • Doesn't matter anyway. What matters is finding a way to prevent psychopaths from shooting harmless strangers, especially before metal parts can be 3D-printed by anyone in their basement.

  • Treadstone Risk Management - Insurance and Risk Management Agency says:

    Did a podcast/vlog about mass shootings a month ago. It's more on the risk management side and doesn't focus on gun control. Appreciate it if you gave it a look!

  • I guess all the terror bombings, suicide bombers, and all the genocidal loss of life don't count because they didn't necessarily use guns.

  • Well, Obama did say”advanced” countries. Be that as it may, most are very suspicious to anyone with a little bit of experience in both firearms and combat. Besides that rendering good people helpless will not render bad people harmless.

  • That's because he is an Soy Boy Beta Feminazi Male that is bought & paid for by the Lying Leftist Liberal Marxist Academia that Sucks the big hard Hot one and should be fired for their Incompetence. Let me just say I watch Zero Corporate Fake Media and believe No one that can't layout every single piece of collected data because the Left is nothing more than lying Pond Scum & isn't worth my Time. Trump 2020

  • Taking away everyones guns will not solve the problem if someone is really determined to kill a bunch of people they will probably plan ahead to obtain weapons including guns but deterrents are worthwhile and reporting genuine concerns to authorities and expecting them to investigate is important too. You know how there are signs suicidal people have prior to killing themselves probably some shooters have signs too. There must be patterns in behaviour that can be studied.

  • At last! All of the shooters are criminals who broke the law. If we we pass more laws, than it’s the same as putting on extra band-aids. What if we make guns illegal? The criminals might break the law … oh no!

  • Mass shooters ARE
    Democrats. But yet they bitch about our guns and blame us for it. Stupid motherfuckers. Conservatives with guns stop Many crimes the Democrats do in progress and BECAUSE we have guns the crime rate is going down.

  • Very good. Finally the truth is being said.
    Thank you.
    Seems like there is some kind of agenda to suppress the rights of regular citizens. This has been going on for years now. Slowly, bit by bit, lie by lie….

  • The CIA and Mossad are (likely) the ones behind the mass shootings. The media get their orders from the CIA and immediately exploit the shootings to rob us of our guns, which is the last thing that stands between our last bit of freedom and a completely totalitarian country.

  • When Terrorists under a radical belief happen, we're told not to take this as the normal and we need to be understanding and tolerant with these believers.
    But when it comes to guns used in crimes we are not to be tolerate with law abiding guns owners who didn't commit any violence at all.
    A double standard ..

  • KanadianSpaceProgram says:

    Canada has had 9 mass shootings since the 80s. Canada has 1/10th the population of the US, so it's very much on par with the US.

  • The US is more individualistic than many other countries. Our mass shooters tend to act alone. If you strip out incidents with multiple gunmen, the US leads in mass shootings. But, why in the heck would you do that?


  • I can care less about mass shooters, I am worried about people breaking in my house and mobs in the street however. good luck when that happens and all you have is a kitchen knife lol

  • This should be done with all "science". We'd be amazed at all the BS that's sold as truth. Here's one…
    "There are only two possibilities as to how life arose; one is spontaneous generation arising to evolution, the other is a supernatural creative act of God, there is no third possibility. Spontaneous generation that life arose from non-living matter was scientifically disproved 120 years ago by Louis Pasteur and others. That leaves us with only one possible conclusion, that life arose as a creative act of God. I will not accept that philosophically because I do not want to believe in God, therefore I choose to believe in that which I know is scientifically impossible, spontaneous generation arising to evolution."
    (Dr. George Wald, evolutionist, Professor Emeritus of Biology at the University at Harvard, Nobel Prize winner in Biology.)

  • Clearly bias against the second amendment , but that didn’t matter to the fake news , They reported it because it fit their agenda , that guys a liar was probably paid to be a liar , Should be a !aw against lying to the public like that . Media is losing more credibility all the time ,

  • He got his 5 minutes of fame. Does anyone know Langford's political ideology? Have there been any consequences for his dishonesty? Obviously, there have been little consequences to those quoting this person. Fake news! Dishonest politicians! Agenda driven groupies! Nope, they thrive.

  • Jessica Channing says:

    This is what MSM wants. They want to show us a story, where the headlines stick in our heads more than the need to find facts about those headlines. They find things that hit close to home, and they make a “click bate” article out of it… and all of the people who saw or heard this (ambit never questioned its availability) are now going to follow this line all the way down to a protest.

  • Afghanistan has mass shootings every day all done by our government not to mention all the other countries the United nations slaughtered

  • Like we thought he provided the left what they needed and the left fed this unsubstantiated information to its sheep telling them what they wanted to hear, and no one questioned it or studied it or even slightly looked into it because the lies fit their narrative. Listen up lefties i will fight to keep from becoming your modern day slave even to the death if i must. You will NEVER TAKE AWAY MY 2ND AMMENDMENT MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS EVER!!!!! You only think you will the rest of us think your in for a terrible fight.

  • first name last name says:

    because in America if you want people to believe your bullshit tell them a scientist or something discovered this or that and the sheep will follow

  • I hope we do something about fake stream new in the very near future. These organizations claim freedom of the press but that doesn't mean they can have an FCC license, our founding fathers meant printing press.

  • Wtf does it matter its problem in our country what the hell is talking point here not do anything at all who paid for this NRA John Stossel answer is do nothing

  • John stossel is a dirt bag only thing hes ever done well fall like a lil girl when that wrestler bitch slapped him for being a sleaze bag

  • Langford: I am scientist. My methods are <redacted>! Therefore, the US has the most mass shootings in the world. Believe me, I am scientist.

  • Journalists will never ask to many questions when the story agrees with their biases. Still waiting for Michael Mann to turn over his hockey stick graph data for apocalyptic global warming.

  • i font give a god fsm about gun this gun that. shut tje fuck up about guns. trump must order everybody yo have guns. mandstory thst everynody carry guns. if not i will trade in your guns and extirmanate every body with poision.
    nuke ur ass es. a big civil war all over again only this time we will kill all dems. and relitives. time to kill all females. too. with or with kut thier cunt caps

  • Isn't it obvious that they won't use the data from The Crime Prevention Center, but jump like a teen getting their first new car when the data meets their agenda? Journalists can simply say "confidential source" and get away with writing a bunch of BS. The worst part is the idiots who believe in the news without getting the actual facts. When did society stop questioning the news or even worse trust politicians for that matter.

  • But I thought right wingers disavowed academic types? Now you completely put all of your eggs in just one basket based on the study of an academic? Jesus, pick one! It's hard to be wrong about anything when you take EVERY position on an issue!


  • Антон Твардовский says:

    Ok but what if we take like, last 10 years? everything will be avalible from the internet for any country since mass shootings are hard to miss, and there are like several mass shootings in US each year. How exactly the fact that one guy probably lied about his study contradicts the statement about lots of mass shootings in the US?

  • He says "journalists should learn to be skeptical". Well, they are so focused on the left's narrative that being skeptical and questioning the data doesn't even enter their minds. Exactly like climate change. Whatever the IPCC or NASA release to the press is aired, no questions asked.

  • I wish Lott weren’t so naïve and polite about things. That foolish sense of civility and grace with a bias towards innocent error absolutely belie the truth of the matter that these people are tyrannical propagandists that will have to be controlled, removed, or even exterminated if it is to be prevented they do that to free people.

    You are a fool if you believe they will have the same qualms and doubts about doing that very thing to us. This is not a drill, fools, this is the very same prelude that led to the French, Russian, German, and Chinese revolutions.

    The ironic reality of the matter that has got to be acknowledged is that many people who were involved in the American Revolution ended up engaged in fomenting the French Revolution and that rippling on from there. The AR was essentially the trial for the Priti-Communist French Revolution, which morphed on from there into what became full on communism.

  • DefinitelyNotDan says:

    The more interesting question here in a general sense is how does someone like that degenerate get a PhD, let alone any degree. Our whole education system and all it’s degrees are essentially worthless

  • We've been disappointed by so many liars that I've lost faith in everything unless I see it for myself. If this guy was capable of passing a peer review process and published complete bullshit I can only imagine what else is going on. Is climate change a total scam to get money into the hands of people who "care about the planet"?

  • Even if his data was off a lot, the difference is still a massive one regardless. Ignore it your own risk.

    Next time you or someone you care about could be a victim. Then how will you feel for supporting their murder?

  • They aren't trying to take guns, they're trying to sell them.
    True story. The big question is why? The easy answer is because most of these gun grabbers including Beto, Obama, Clinton, etc… are in hedge funds that are heavily invested in Gun companies. When sales spike, profits soar, and hedge funds pay out huge dividends.
    What's the end goal?
    There's something bigger at play here me thinks because they are arming us to the teeth. It can't just be about dividends. That is just the side bet for who ever is really pulling the strings. There is a reason that this is happening and we need to figure out what it is

  • Patrick Milewski says:

    John Stossel….do the world a favor: DIE.

    We dont want or need your toxic, archaic, and dangerous ideological cancer infecting our younger generations and enabling future mass murderers. Please just die so the rest of us can live.

  • Charlene Robertson says:

    I'd never shot a gun, until recently when my husband bought me a handgun, a shot gun, and an AR15. The AR, although extremely loud, is my favorite. It doesn't kick as much as the shot gun, the sights are a lot better, and I can hold it better since you can make the stock shorter or extend it. We can both comfortably shoot it. Guns are necessary. We're teaching our children gun safety with bb guns, and when they're responsible enough, we'll move to real ones. What are we gonna do in 5 years when there's no more Trump and these psychos try to take our freedom?

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