Mean Tweets – Music Edition #4

Mean Tweets – Music Edition #4

APPLAUDING] “Nick Jonas was cute back when
he was in the Jonas brothers. And now, he looks like
(LAUGHING) a ferret.” [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] “Usher seems like he’ll stop
in the dead ass middle of sex because he got chilly.” [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] “P!nk makes music for
obnoxious white bridal parties that drunkenly walk into
a Denny’s and (LAUGHING) ruin everyone’s evening.” [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] I would have said Waffle
House, but whatever. “Watching Alice Cooper,
and all I can think of is that he looks like a ball
sack with face paint on.” [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Well, that’s fair. “The Lumineers are the musical
equivalent to a triple venti half sweet iced
caramel macchiato. [BLEEP] them and this.” [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] “Common is the Pottery
Barn of rappers.” [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] What the
[BLEEP] you know about rappers? “Like honestly,
saying Blink-182 is your favorite band
is like saying I’m OK (LAUGHING) living with herpes.” [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] “Used anti-frizz
shampoo on my pubes, and now my penis (LAUGHING)
looks like Steve Aoki.” [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] “Waterfalls by TLC
has to be the worst song about waterfalls ever.” [INAUDIBLE] That’s– you know
what, that’s just some like natural earth bitch,
you know what I’m saying? That said that. “Fallout Boy is the
Comic Sans MS of music– they’re both (LAUGHING)
entirely overused.” [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] “Zendaya’s skinny
A-F. Damn, looking like a (LAUGHING) whole spaghetti.” [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] That’s awesome! That’s awesome. “I’d rather be homeless and
watch two cats bang in an alley than to go to a
Ludacris concert.” [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] “Adam Levine is if a flaccid
penis could kind of sing.” Bro. This is riddled with mistakes. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] “Niall Horan is ugly. Good night, everyone.” [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] “Erykah Badu tits
look like [BLEEP].”.” [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] [CHUCKLES] I had three babies.
– “LOL. Meghan Trainor looks like that
girl my parents would force me to listen to If I were white.” [AUDIENCE LAUGHING AND GROANING] “If you’re a guy
and you’re listening to Depeche Mode,
reach into your vagina and pull your balls back down.” [AUDIENCE LAUGHING AND
APPLAUDING] “I left more
talent in my toilet this morning than
Green Day has ever had. Green Day sucks [BLEEP].” [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] I’m glad that you’re
thinking about us while you’re taking dumps. We’re doing something right. We’ll think about you
while we’re sucking [BLEEP].. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING AND
APPLAUDING] [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] Congratulations on making it
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