MCU’s Phase 5 Confirms Marvel’s Netflix Universe Isn’t Canon! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

MCU’s Phase 5 Confirms Marvel’s Netflix Universe Isn’t Canon! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

– Sorry, Marvel Netflix fans, but it looks like that universe
isn’t canon in the MCU. We’re now a few days removed
from San Diego Comic-Con and while we’re all chugging vitamin C and worrying about how much spent on pins on the show floor, we’re still reveling in how we got our minds blown by Saturday’s Marvel Studios panel. Details are still tickling out about the future of Marvel at large, specifically the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the new Disney+ tie-in shows. But the one thing that
Marvel fans more excited than our producer Aaron was about Natalie Portman
returning to the MCU, was the prospect of Mahershala Ali playing Blade in the upcoming phase five. Despite the fact that he played a villain in the Marvel Netflix series Luke Cage. While that was especially exciting, the announcement raised a few eyebrows. What does it mean for
the Marvel Netflix shows? And with the new slate of Disney+ shows seeming to take precedence, how do the Netflix fit into the MCU? It’s been a long running debate as to whether or how
the Marvel Netflix shows are set within the MCU, despite the various
episodes making reference to the universe throughout. However, it looks like we
finally have our answer. With Blade’s imminent arrival in the MCU and his being played by Ali, who played the baddie
Cottonmouth in Luke Cage, it seems clear that there
is definitely a delineation. In fact, when Kevin Feige,
the king of the MCU himself, was asked by the cats over at Collider if there was a connection
between Cottonmouth and Blade, he delivered a very emphatic no. – He’s not connected
to Cottonmouth, is he? – No. – Well, tell us how
you really feel, Kevin. Of course, Feige’s never
been the biggest champion of the Marvel Netflix shows
or Marvel TV in general. Many speculate that
this is due to tensions between himself and chairman and former CEO of Marvel
Entertainment, Ike Perlmutter. Despite that, Feige always maintained an interest in these characters. Earlier this July, he
mentioned this to BET and how he’s aware that due to the way the Netflix contracts shook out, the MCU won’t be able to include faves such as Daredevil and Jessica
Jones for another year or so. There were a lot of great characters that were on those Netflix series, and I think there is a period of time. It’ll be a while before
we could any of them based on what the contracts
were, so I’m not sure. And also, even answering
that question is a spoiler. But there are some great
Marvel characters there. Speaking of great Marvel characters, Jessica Jones’ most recent season dropped on Netflix in June, making it the last iteration in the Marvel Netflix universe. Couple that with the fact
that many of the props and costumes from all Marvel Netflix shows were put up for auction last month, it appears that Marvel
is no longer defending– See what we did there? Its Netflix street level TV heroes. IT’s also worth mentioning
that while not a Netflix show, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will also be wrapping up with
its seventh season next year. That show, along with Agent Carter, were the most directly
connected to the MCU, but as the years went on, that connection became
more and more tenuous, and now it seems like they
are closing that tie for good. As for the other Marvel shows, like Hulu’s Runaways and
Freeform’s Cloak and Dagger, they appear to have shied away from including references to the MCU. And while those shows
do have their devotees, they have never received
the same level of fan fervor in regards to their
connection with the MCU. So it seems that, like Tony Stark, the Marvel Netflix shows are dead and no longer connected to the MCU. While we’ll miss the
standard of excellence set by Daredevil, the social
commentary of Jessica Jones, the stellar cast of Luke Cage, the grittiness of the Punisher, and the hallway fights of the Defenders, we think we’ll miss getting to dunk on Iron Fist most of all! – Let’s go, you don’t belong here! – I’m Danny Rand! – All right, P, Marvel Netflix universe, make way for Mahershala Ali as Blade. But what do you folks think? Were you hoping to see
Marvel’s Netflix characters in the MCU? Do you hope those characters will get their own standalone films at some point? And which Marvel Netflix
series was your favorite? And why am I wrong that
mine was Iron Fist? Let’s discuss. (warm electronic music)
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100 thoughts on “MCU’s Phase 5 Confirms Marvel’s Netflix Universe Isn’t Canon! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)”

  • Nizar El- Naboulsi says:

    I think they should keep the actors that play Daredevil, William Fisk and the Punisher if they want to put them in the MCU

  • If Ali can play both Cotton Mouth and Blade, does this mean that Chris Evans could reprise his role as The Human Torch? He's free these days.

  • SpiderboyN2Jesus says:

    Runaways and Cloak & Dagger have referenced the MCU MORE in their second seasons, not less. It's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that have acknowledged the MCU less over the last couple seasons. They just to have direct references to each Avengers movie, but then last season they mentioned that something was going down in New York vaguely coinciding with the Harbingers of Thanos showing up in Infinity War, then they just gave up. No snap, no blip, no nothing.

  • Daredevil personally was the best! They can at least make a soft reboot out of it and keep the same cast in their Disney +.

  • Things were going great before the snap.. ?.. now Im just sad.. from aos to marvel netflix ..

    just hoping in the future, Disney Plus will pick up aos and produce high-quality show with more closely tie in to mcu.

  • Joel Molyneux says:

    One actor playing two roles doesn't change canon. It's almost like the actors are pretending to be someone else instead of themselves when they film. The lady that plays Quills mom was also in Captain America. Kenneth Choi was in Captain American and Spider Man. One set of twins played Xey's daughter in Guardians, and then Hawkeyes daughter in age of Ultron.

    Is all that non-canon now, or did you guys just pull a click baity title out of your asses?

  • Joe Russo has played 3 different characters in the MCU: Fury's underground doctor in Winter Solder, the psychiatrist that Zemo killed in Civil War and the grieving man in Cap's counseling group in Endgame.

  • Mandalore The Mental says:

    The Netflix Marvel shows were the best thing for Marvel….damn Disney for not giving more money to Netflix to keep the shows going with the current number of episodes or letting Netflix lower the number of episodes to save money

  • Ali is a great actor, but I was hoping they would hire a fresh faced brotha to play Blade. Maybe kick start a career. Kinda like Simu with Shang Chi. Simu is a working actor but this will be his biggest career role. Ali is established already. But all good.

  • UrDutchFriend says:

    Wasn't this confirmed ages ago when they decided the Netflix series wouldn't be a part of the MCU and instead will be it's own separate universe? I don't understand why people suddenly act so surprised.

  • This doesn't disconnect the conan at all. Look whether or not they're in the same universe is questionable at this point, but this isn't even close to evidence. People have doppelgangers in real life and our universe is staying whole just fine.

  • William Biersack says:

    Not sure…Amy's claim is tenuous, at best. The only basis is the question to Kevin Feige about whether Cottonmouth and Blade are connected….and as characters, they clearly aren't. People have already mentioned, but if the question was given to draw a connection between the characters given the casting of Mahershala Ali, that doesn't have to be the case (c.f. Chris Evans' Marvel career) and doesn't have to mean that the Marvel Netflix series are no longer canonical.

    Personally, after they wrap up the terms of the contracts for the Marvel Netflix content, I would love to see the actors (Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter, Finn Jones) reprise their characters in the MCU in some capacity.

  • It doesn't fucking matter, it's just an actor playing two roles. They're still part of the mcu. Gosh you love making clickbait…

  • Sorry buds. This doesn’t prove anything since black Mariah already played another character. Actors play different character all the time. Like what happened to the original war machine and hulk? Shut your mouth mates.

  • Even though there is references it is important to note that not one cross over with MCU characters happened. There was always a separation that was palatable.

  • It is just because they use the same actors doesn't mean anything you're telling me that not true people look alike in the world there's people that are pretty much twins they never knew each other you can't confirm anything this is all hearsay actually it is canon if you need me to point out a few things I will for you

  • It would be f***ing amazing if Phase 5 comes around and Luke Cage ends up trying to murder Blade over a case of mistaken identity, and it turns out Cottonmouth's body was just reused for Blade to inhabit, or something. The fact that Kevin Feige refused to answer the question is a huge indicator that the netflix shows actually are part of it, whereas if they weren't, there'd be no reason to claim spoilers 😉

  • Yeah, the only clue we had up till now was everything and all the information, lol. They half-heartedly tried to pretend, in the beginning, that there was some connection but there obviously wasn’t.

  • Runaways mentioned the mountains of Wakanda, Cloak & Dagger mentioned Rand and Stark in the same sentence. Pay attention and you'll see the connections. I don't talk about Lesotho very often, but that doesn't mean it's not there.

  • Because there is no connection between two characters played by the same actor, you have concluded that 5 entire shows are now non-canon. Wow. I usually like Nerdist, but this is just silly click-bait. I'm embarrassed for you.

  • Matt From The Internet says:

    Daredevil was a cuck I'm glad its over. All the netflix marvel was bad. "Oh this guy rapes a murders but I can't hurt him". Fuck you get real.

  • Loved what they did with the Netflix marvel universe, very sad to see it go. I enjoyed Punisher the most, but they were all entertaining. Shame =(

  • I don’t care long as they stay truthful to he comics we need these people to come to the mcu
    2.moonknight(aka marvels batman)
    4.namor the submariner
    5.the punisher
    6. Just more characters

  • Alonzo Richardson says:

    Well, they didn't explicitly state that the Netflix shows weren't cannon, so, until then, I choose to believe that they are. Bruce Banner went though THREE different actors, yet "The Incredible Hulk" is still cannon; therefore, casting choices are not a confirmation of what is or isn't cannon.

  • "Like Tony Stark, the Marvel Netflix shows are dead and no longer connected to the MCU."

    This sentence made me cry ?

  • Frank Kowalewski says:

    And what exactly was KF supposed to say to that completely throw-away question? "Yes, absolutely, Blade and Cottonmouth are third cousins on their mother's side in the MCU." I love you Nerdist, but what a stupid video.

  • Misleading title is misleading. Not canon would be if someone said. "NOPE" . Just means ali wont be meeting up with luke cage anytime soon…. not without deadpool pointing it out anyways.

  • The Comic Experience says:

    All Kevin Feige said was literally that Cottonmouth isn't connected to Blade, because why would they be? They aren't the same character… It's kinda BS to say that he confirmed the Netflix shows aren't canon because of that.

  • Salvador Prado says:

    I’m glad that the chick from Agents of Shield never got her wish for the shows to be acknowledge by the movies. She made Agents of Shield unbearable.

  • I loved the netflix marvel series (minus ironfist season1) but i'm eager to move on as as quickly as possible, so the new versions of those characters can appear in the MCU! (netflix's casting for danny rand was garbage lol! Iron fist could have been the best of the shows, but they ruined it form the start!)

  • It’s total bullsh1t … too bad. That was the wackiest SDCC EVER!!!!!!!

    “Part of the journey is the END.”

    So true Tony

  • Holden Mcgroine says:

    avengers events are mentioned in luke cage a lot. it would take peter parker going "i need to talk to mr. nelson" or some shit to make it canon

  • Gabe the Dead Fish says:

    Let me get this straight, if two different actors play one character (War Machine, Howard Stark), we should just accept that they’re still the same character, but if one actor plays two different characters (Blade), then it it’s so unbelievable that it requires the two characters to be in different universes so it can make sense? That’s odd.

  • Everyone has people who just happen to look very similar to them, celebrity impersonators etc, so reason why that can't be the case with cottonmouth and blade

  • Heinrich Krebs says:

    I liked references of Cloak&Daggers Bridget in Luke Cage and Luke Cage being mentioned in within Cloak&Dagger.
    With all the planning to tie together the MCU Movies, they could and should have gone the extra mile to include the TV shows more.
    I liked that Jarwis from Agent Carter made it into Endgame.

    I hope when What If… comes to Disney+ that more characters from the TV shows get a second chance to be included into the MCU.

  • Jeremy JMIAH Williamson says:

    REALLY?!!? You didnt KNOW THIS ALREADY?!!? This is OLD NEWS!! lol Leave to someone to create DRAMA about something that was never nor even partially produced by Marvel Studios! really?! #DisappointedInNerdistKnowledge

  • I hope when MCU decides to make tie in TV shows they don't change the actors and rehire them but under the disney umbrella.

  • Blue_Wolf Productions says:

    I pray that the Marvel Netflix shows get rebooted or revamped in some way into the MCU. Now that Marvel studios have all the rights back. I say go all out with the characters recently acquired and the ones previously owned. I hope the Netflix shows are moved to Disney + if they don't get rebooted or something.

  • for the love of god all i read about the connection's to the mcu regarding all the tv show's is just speculation, can someone just ASK MARVEL STUDIO'S AND MARVEL TELEVISION WHAT THE OFFICIAL STANCE IS.

  • ArcadeRay Gaming says:

    A Daredevil reboot might be happening in the MCU. That was 100% confirmation that the Netflix shows are not in the MCU.

  • Emilio The Pixel Guy says:

    Lol edward norton was replaced by mark ruffalo and don cheadle replaced another mcu actor so actors dont really de canon the universe

  • Emilio The Pixel Guy says:

    If this is true then the only shows that are canon to the mcu is peggy carter and agents of shield which mean the inhumans and ghost rider officially exists

  • Rob Bob The Corn Cob says:

    Just because there’s no passion for the connectivity of the shows to the movies doesn’t mean they’re not in the same universe. I know the “it’s all connected” stuff is complete advertising BS, but it has been confirmed that they take place in the same universe. The shows made enough references to solidify itself in the MCU (no matter how small, it’s still there). Avengers Tower is even visible on a couple of the posters for crying out loud. All I got from Ali as Blade announcement was that Blade happens to look a lot like Cottonmouth.

  • 3:10 stfu. That actually pissed me off. My favorite character of all time, and my favorite show (Daredevil) are dead. Thanks marvel.

  • David Hernandez says:

    faves jessica jones and daredevil. NOOOOOOOO Iron Fist was my favorite. when marvel recast's him I'm going to be pissed. same goes with Luke Cage. i think they could find another jessica jones or Daredevil.

  • Sad day for Defenders fans. Blade would've worked as an ally against the hand, narratively and in action. Punisher would've been a savage addition to the MCU too.

  • It is not a surprise in my opinion. They were never mentioned in the movies and in the shows they never showed aftermath of any movies. Examples name a show that delt with the aftermath with civil war

  • Daredevil, Punisher, and Ghost Rider are some of the biggest Marvel characters still not in the MCU. I guess they'll push Eternals, Shang-Chi, and probably Namor as some of their lesser known new-comers alongside Blade, Fantastic 4, and Xmen as the major ones in the next few years.

    And then maybe in phase 6 they can introduce really obscure characters like Moon Knight, Sentry, and others. Punisher, Daredevil, and Ghost Rider could be the big names introduced to balance things.

  • Actually mcu already used actor for multiple role several times,its canon,this shit started because the greedy #FUCKINGDISNEY

  • So wait, they never actually did say that it’s not the same universe? All they said was that Cottonmouth and Blade weren’t connected. So, as far as I’m concerned, nothing changed.

  • nicolas mirallie says:

    He was’nt memorable in Luke Cage, he was’nt the main villain, and he is a famous actor, who won 2 oscars since Luke Cage and he played in the best movie oscar « Green Book » And it’s him who called Feige to have the role. I don’t think we must worried, and we don’t have the confirmation of what is going to happen.

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