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  • FlametheSeraph says:

    McDonald's in France actually designed their menu to be more local, and also less fast food, as they usually will spend more time eating breakfast then compared to America. For American's and canadian's, it's probably equivalent to how we view like a panera bread or Starbucks/Tim Hortons.

  • In YouTube the transcript is often left uncorrected. The closed captions are, therefore, off as well. I recently had to transcribe this video for an online college course. I hope this might help someone who needs help understanding what the speaker is saying.

    0:07Most of the Japanese has high
    preference to what the animations and figures that’s all.0:12
    McDonalds in Japan tend to have more
    animations related advertisement. Especially the Happy0:18
    Meals with free toys. The screening
    of animation features attract not only the0:23
    young kids attention also the
    teenagers as well as a young adults. The audience were0:29
    communicated with the Japanese
    language in the advertisement. 0:54
    Entertainment industry in Taiwan is
    very well-developed. Artists and celebrities0:59
    are often the spokesperson to brands
    and product. In order to capture the1:04
    attention of the local consumers
    McDonalds in Taiwan practice the celebrity1:09
    as the ultimate strategy by getting
    the famous pop star like Wang Leehom,1:15
    Jody Chaing, Anthony Neely will
    promote the benefits of their products made 1:20
    in Mandarin.
    Mandarin McDonald’s commercials
    It is always the Malaysians culture
    to be caring and grateful to their parents2:15
    and family members. McDonalds in Malaysia
    adopted the culture in their advertisements.2:20
    Therefore the advertisements of
    McDonalds in Malaysia are emphasizing on the family2:26
    experience in McDonalds. Societies
    and communities of Malaysia have become the most2:33
    appreciated and welcomed value in
    Malaysian culture. McDonald’s2:37
    emphasis on good values will draw attentions
    of the local customers.2:41
    The audience were communicating in
    English language for understanding of2:45
    audiences from various … “ and it’s
    that time of the year again.2:49
    This time it's harder to choose. Just
    give me both. Mmmmm too delicious tastes …that we can2:58
    both agree on.
    Some things are better when they're
    double-double happiness double the choice.3:08
    The only double Prosperity burger in
    beef and now chicken.”

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