100 thoughts on “McDonald’s CEO Out Over ‘Poor Judgment’ In Relationship With Employee | NBC Nightly News”

  • Omg.. please share some real News??? Relationship? Are you for real? With all the crap happing in the world? We're making headlines over a relationship

  • Who was the employee, Ronald McDonald?
    – Full crown get-up or just the make-up?
    If you get married, will the Hamburgler be the best man?

  • Miriam Jiggetts says:

    Disagree on the Boards decision. At first I thought he was married but he’s divorce and the relationship is consensual. A legally signed document by the employee affirming this would protect McDonald’s. You spend the majority of your waking hours where? Answer: At work!! Board: Word to the Wise: Don’t throw the baby out with the bath ? water.

  • Wtf he is already duvorced with his wife and i thought foreigners are liberated in terms of relationship. Even some meet their wife/husband at their place of work, this report i feel is sooo discrimenating bec. He is a ceo and the girl is only an employee

  • He was in a relationship with an employee? Was it Susan the cashier from the McDonald's by my house? Not cool! She's married and I had already called dibs

  • A consensual relationship !How is this anybody’s business and how does it adversely affect business performance. It is definitely not sexual harassment and people do have a right to a private life … objectionable as it may appear to those who want to impose their moral values on others .

  • WildPhotoShooter says:

    He is a divorcee and it was a consensual so what is wrong with him having a relationship ???? Is it the American Christian religious fundamentalist nutters that the McDonalds hierarchy are frightened of ?????

  • 'The company's rules for managers prohibit them from become romantically involved with a subordinate.'
    Why??? I don't see what the problem is.
    So the only way a manager can become romantically involved with another McDonald's employee is if it is another manager with the EXACT SAME authority!!
    That's ludicrous.

  • People are laughing at this, but there is a more serious undercurrent going on here. It's a fact that many companies are now introducing policies such as this and it all comes back to the "Me Too" movement. Companies are putting this in place to protect themselves from possible scandals.

    Workplace harrassment is wrong on every level – but one of the consequences of this new climate is two consenting adults not being able to pursue a relationship because they work together…and how many people in the past have met their life long partner at work? I think you'll find it's quite a few.

  • First of all, who gives a ? about this guy, no one!

    Secondly, why the stock drop overnight when CEOs get fired? Its because that $3.5 billion drop was his payoff so he won't sue for being fired along with his parachute gift.
    It makes no sense!
    He is getting paid more for going against the company policies he creates and is liable to follow.

    All CEOs are crooked, lying, scam artists!

  • I have a real problem with the firing of a CEO because of a CONSENSUAL relationship with an employee, especially since to top it off he had to apologize and label it a "mistake". Since Mc fired him, why on earth did he feel he needed to apologize and call it a mistake, which makes the woman involved a victim twice or thrice over. SHAME on McDonald and SHAME on the CEO who caved in. I feel sorry for the woman involved. I do not agree with McDonald's so-called "values" if this is what those "values' are, when they close a valid venue for people meeting in the work place, especially if there are no spouses involved. In this day and age, with the work hours what they are, there more often than not is no room for much of a social life where you can meet someone. SHAME on Mc. I'll never use it again.

  • Half of the people where I work are married . Where else to you meet people ? Bars ? As long as you are doing your job so what . He dug then out of a home and saved them.

  • Ahhh what a shame . Bet he's worried where his next pay check is coming from considering the millions he's been earning. Why is this news even relevant these days , I don't know anybody who gives a flying f*** over what he's done .

  • The New York Times article about this firing indicates that McDonald's committed the violation called "DOUBLE STANDARD".  Guess why!!!!!!!!

  • I'm proud of McD for firing their top key executive who cross the line. Not like other company look the other way and protect their key employees, and treat differently for white collar employees.

  • He should have bought a TPE Love Doll because it a lot cheaper than hiring a escort for 24 hours. He could even stash it in a storage unit and forget about it. It's embarrassing but he would still have his job and make the millions and millions of dollars being CEO. Is it worth it now?

  • It better have been worth it. I hope it was a 16 year old blonde working the till in a legal age state. Steve Easterbrook McDonald's CEO salary is over $15 million per year. He should have bought a TPE Love Doll for less than $3000 and toss it in a Storage Unit for Storage Wars. Who knew being in a position trust applied to CEO.

  • Im an old looking dude and when I go to McDonald's I order the ice cream and stare at the crotches and bottoms of 16 year old girls who work at McDonald's. I lick my lips left and right and put on a smile with my mouth closed. Then make another order of mcdonalds. I'm loving it. I stopped once because she was serving food and said he checking out my ***. The second blonde teen hotty licked her lips too. I stop now because they could lose their jobs if another customer sees. I'm aware that its legal even when the age of consent is 18. I do this in front of security and police so it's normal now.

  • Phoenix Y37 Phoenix Y37 says:

    Wow what a big news. If bot of them was all right to have that relation adult with adult. It is ok.
    Why make a storm with that when even you Ptesident of United States was s….. by is secratary that it is again not shure that the secratary was ok with that. What happen with ypur President. He finish is 4 years.

  • Christos P. Tsonis says:

    It is laughable that McDonald’s board ousted its CEO Steve Easterbrook because of his consensual relationship with an employee! McDonald’s stock has increased 93% in the 4 years that Mr Easterbrook was in charge, while under the previous CEO Mr Thomson’s 3 year tenure it was -10%.

  • He was being paid over $15 million per year working as McDonald's CEO. The girl better have been worth it and it was her first time working and first time she enjoyed any type of cream sugar inside her chicken breast mcnuggets and ice cream without a cone or cup. It better have been all night and all day long and it the cream sugar maker was overloaded with ice cream and she was just 16 in a legal age state. Vanilla Ice cream and white meat with no patty.

  • I thought I was the only McDonald's pervert. Several months ago I was walking into a McDonald's looking like some old dude and checking out the teen white girls working behind the counter and licking my lips left and right as I was staring between their legs. She noticed and said out loud he's checking out my but. I did it again this time to some teenage blond white girl behind the counter. Its common behavior for me.

  • Has anyone tried telling a girl if it's ok to put some ice cream and sugar inside her patty or cone or burger or pita or anything else on her tray from mcdonalds. Say you licked it once and if it's still ok.

  • Wow- congresswoman, Kate hill used corporate media to slam the Republican Party and men yet, this CEO didn’t blame anyone and took full responsibility- awesome!

  • It's sad their stock is plunging now since this happened…but… hopefully this brings a new CEO who will revive the Value menu at some point and stop trying to appease a higher class of customers. ?

  • You always hear about the bad orange man, now here’s the bad yellow (arches) man. The “red man” (First Nations/native American peoples) were (horrifically and tragically) kicked out of their homeland a long time ago, the orange man started to get kicked out this month, and the yellow man was kicked out this week. That means the green man was kicked out today (whoever he is), and the blue man will get kicked out in the near future. Maybe the blue man is blue because he’s depressed he’ll get kicked out.

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