McConnell, Schumer Announce Deal Reached In Coronavirus Relief Bill | NBC News


100 thoughts on “McConnell, Schumer Announce Deal Reached In Coronavirus Relief Bill | NBC News”

  • n 2008 we witnessed saving Wall St over Main St. Now we are witnessing saving Wall St over American lives. Greed is a bigger pandemic than Covid-19 in United States of America and wherever Capitalism is ruling. Even $100 trillion "Relief to Corporations" will be failing due to greed of Wall St. How many times we have to employ this failed strategy?

    This so called relief bill is only serving Billionaires, whereas common American is only receiving couple of bucks. It is the common American who will be paying back through cruel taxation for generation to come.

    In Capitalism, only capitalist has right to live. The solution is not to save capital (or so called wealth) but to save people. Capitalism is doomed to fail, just like Communism or Socialism and many other man made systems have failed in recent times.

    What is the Solution? Stop dealing in Interest. The solution is given in God's holy book Quran, Bible, Torah and Zabur. In Quran, God has declared Interest based economy (Capitalism or its offsprings) as enemy of Almighty God and His messenger. How this can survive?

    The only way to survive is to stop all Interest accrual and nullify all accrued Interest immediately. The lender can collect their Principal, but absolutely no Interest. All funding for businesses should be on Partnership basis (sharing in Profit and Loss as well) instead of guaranteed profits for lender and no share in losses. All loans for basic human needs should be Interest free or even forgiven if borrower is unable to pay.

  • What about those receiving Social Security that only takes care of 1 cars insurance not two, rent along with utility bills while working as self employed making nothing under the table. They need help.
    And what about the many who can't afford to get married, but live with their partner who works Full-time but that partner chooses to protect themselves and their loved one with underlined health issues from getting COVID-19 by staying home from work now only have barely any money to cover essential expenses. Having to take of work and by doing so that partner and other employees at their company have been denied any relief, or vacation pay because they are ( blue collar workers and not their white collar higher ups who will get paid leave),now only thing they have is a SS check which means now no food on the table choosing which car will have insurance paid, choosing which utilities will and can't be paid over others because they can't without the fulltime workers company refusing to help them and others with any financial help stay afloat now in lower middle class. Even after the company dragged their feet for a whole week, a whole week before telling them and other employees that their and their loved ones health is at risk as someone tested positive for COVID-19 at their place of work and that an employee can be easily replaced if they died from it after coming into contact with the infected person.
    The company now still stays open after workers are testing positive and the White Collars receive paid leave, but not their backbone Blue Collar workers.
    No Accountability and the CEO have a written up letter while lawyering up to keep their business open after people tested positive in their facility company here in Michigan. My Fiance and I can't afford to get married without lossing my necessary benifits to stay afloat, now he is receiving no help from his business while his higher up White Collars will simply because he is a Blue Collar worker. Now we must choose insurance over food, rent over utilities for the next month because his work won't help employees who have to stay home to protect loved ones with underlying health conditions. The buisness he works at lies and twists their words to stay open when everyone there knows they are none essential and putting workers and their loved ones at risk.

  • I don’t know about this. I never feel any honesty. There’s never any sincerity in their voices. They read a script, motivated by arrogance and selfishness. I’ve never been more ashamed of our leaders.

  • Defenuttly Uh rerun says:

    The virus is doubling every 3 days but checks issued in 6 weeks. Most people are going to succumb to virus including bank employees, so at the end of April beginning of May we can knit checks into masks

  • The best news for America would be that you and the rest of the worthless dinosaurs rotting in the halls of Congress are leaving the planet.

  • It would be nice if states, cities and counties could temporarily do away with sales tax. It may not seem like much but it adds up over time.

  • ….unemployment compensation on….steroids…………….. im really unsure which is truly my enemy…. CoViD-19 or these political a$$hats who focus more on their disgusting poetical rehearsal of information and seem to enjoy the sound of their own voices!?!? Im not trapping myself indoors from a viral outbreak, im doing it because im alergic to stupid people and america seems to be doing a good job of proving it's the epicenter of STUPIDITY and IDIOCRACY!!! 🙁

  • heres a link to the bill .pdf, here is another link to the senate website where I found it

  • Maynard Williams says:

    I knew the repubs would change their tell(lie)  and keep low income SS  (below 25K) by putting restrictions requiring tax filing rules to qualify. George bush sent checks to ALL SS people.  We already knew how sorry munchin and orange rat are. whats so afwul is chucky used the old "worship the workers"  line.  I fault Nancy for going along with this BS. lets get AOC as a true progressive leader.

  • Whirlwind Production says:

    So nothing for me. On SSDI, unable to drive in winter – no heat in car, bald tires, I waited to get back to work in hotel industry part-time… now I have to put off work because I am high risk, at 47 years old in Italy I would be a 6 … 5 or less they help you . Now no one over 60…. I would be left to die. Finances are bad for me. And I fall through the cracks on this aid… I am fk’ed.

  • Corey Shrewsbury says:

    How nice of US Americans to give the "leadership" of this nation a much deserved bonus on top of their ridiculously over paid salaries. Thank you my fellow Americans for your endless amount of FEAR, without your compliance these crimes would never come into fruition. Now stay inside and enjoy your well earned mass amounts of debt………….

  • So sick of the greasy slimy Democrats throwing a wrench into everything for the good of the American people. But no, Peloci and her boy Schumer have to load a bill with tripe with nothing to do for help for the people. How can a nation not be divided when we have subversives like this. Peloci & Schumer are a stain on this nation that needs to be removed

  • George Ramirez says:

    But Not Good For People Who Are Single Self Employed Handicapped and Do Not Pay Taxes.I Have No Medical, Get No Food Stamps. Self Paid My Broken Arm. Boy That Was Rough! Can Barely Afford Rent&Food.Don't Drive Can't Afford It.

  • These are some challenging times we are facing. If anyone is in a situation where you are considering selling your house for fast cash to pay bills or move or downsize let me know. I work with a firm and we’re still making as-is cash offers for homes in FLORIDA AND GEORGIA regardless of condition.
    We will pay you a reasonable price and close as soon as you need us to even as fast as 15 days.


    If there is a God in heaven please let coronavirus contract Nazi Pelosi schmuck Schumer and the rest of the corrupt Democrat a-holes

  • America just gave 2 trillion dollars to the people that gave us TAX REFORM FOR THE RICH.They gave us the bank failure of 2007. Failed trade wars and phony peace deals.They took our healthcare..Trump dismantled or cut funding for offices that would have addressed this, WHY? These are not loans as they will be forgiven. Why call them loans? We get a $1000 to do what, go to dinner? Most goes to big businesses, were they laying off workers? NO. The wall, Trump hotels, Boeing, cruise ship lines 80% registered in other countries.. Anyone feel played?

  • Priscilla Carbone says:

    Why aren't more senators present? This is the most urgent of all cases in the history of the USA and the world.

  • stephen schneider says:

    "Democrats have succeeded in making the bill better" Wow Shoomer is such a slimeball for trying to get politic points and credit at a time like this. The left really is slimey.

  • ????????McConnell is quick to bail out wealthy corporations and special interest at tax payers expense,Americans have witnessed this in the past. Well! Mitch McConnell! Americans!! Want! Their ! Bail Out! And they Want! It! Now!??????

  • Evan Matsumoto says:

    This is them putting a bandage on a bullet hole, and expecting us to praise them for all the "hard work" they did

  • The problem with people today is that they are never happy with what they get and always want more. If you lived 100 years ago this would all be on you. Be thankful that you will have medical care if you get Covid 19 and you are getting enough money that you won't starve. A little prayer never hurts either.

  • Robert Marable says:

    Here is my question. We know that this virus is very contagious. Why are any of these elected leaders wearing at least gloves on their hands in case they to have the virus or has come in contact with it? This is very concerning to me.


  • It took way too long because of the democrats, but I'm glad that they didn't immediately cave to McConnell's original package that was loaded for corporations and with Donald Trump as the overseer of funds.

  • It would be great if this tool gets the Corona virus. It's because of lap dogs like him that the Rich gets richer and the poor keep getting poorer.

  • Christiane Carson says:

    OMG! Did Moscow Mitch actually do something good for non-wealthy people and big corporations at last? Now that's my new, strange reality!!!!

  • Large companies ( over 500 employees) get government loans not bailouts, think of it as an FHA loan.
    (Smaller than 500 employees) it can be a grant if the company hires back all their previous employees if not it is a loan.
    You should read before you speak.

  • Where has he been. It was the president and the republicians, not you Schumer or Dems. Pelosi didnt want any money to Americans

  • Also I do not believe you should make more money on unemployment than when you work (ie. Pelosi plan) Just the way I was raised I guess…

  • Pelosi stopped the proceedings again. NO STIMULUS FOR DEMOCRAT POOR CHILDREN STARVING. ????????????????????????????????????

  • Asked the lardass Drumpf how many zeros in a trillion…
    He didn't know!!!!
    That must be because he only attended 3 weeks of classes at Wharton?

  • Dude if your just goibg to read off a script, just get a bot to do it.
    By the way why do we even need all these corrupted lawmakers when we can vote on the bills ourselves?.

  • print more money its all just a game so that greedy people can get rich…. money is paper only no gold or silver backing it up

  • All these rich, greedy crooks need to stop taking credit for a bipartisan bill passage. This is not a party problem, it's an American crisis.

  • ADolpus Turdmanus Antichristus says:

    Please bail hospitals out! They don't make enough money as Corona virus has buckled their system and profit scheme I mean scam.

  • Rafael Quinones says:

    Schumer quote: the two major goals for Dems is….enrich ourselves,enrich ourselves and enrich ourselves.lets just make it sound as humble as possible.i don't believe a single word of humility that Schumer spews.hes a con artist.

  • Ms Happy Apple says:

    People need to keep in mind not everyone will get this stimulus payment. There are stipulations in place that will prevent some people from getting anything. Don't count on that $$ until it's in your hand! They need to come out and tell us WHO will be eligible to receive this money. On one hand, they want people to get back to work but on the other hand, they are telling people to social distance and shelter in place! Which is it?? Seems they all are just as confused as everyone else and this thing is supposed to get worse in the weeks to come before it gets better! The biggest question for everyone is: WHEN are these payments supposed to be released???? I feel they should have stopped ALL international flights as soon as they learned about this virus. We basically invited that virus into the USA when we allowed people to continue to fly in here. Stupid is as stupid does!! jmho

  • God is in control. No fear here. It is time for payback on this degenerate nation. God bless America, no God forgive America.Repent and be saved.

  • This bill here is not for the Social Security people right unless you are working that gets Social Security is that correct

  • Harold Kerr II says:


  • It’s been said Moscow Mitch may have also did in side trading. If so he wants money for himself. I hope he did and hope he and the rest of them who is involved go to jail like Martha Steward did.

  • dont let the wall street ghouls scare into to choosing between your
    health and their profits. if they can print 1 trillion dollars for wall
    street they can do the same for working americans

  • dont let the wall street ghouls scare into to choosing between your
    health and their profits. if they can print 1 trillion dollars for wall
    street they can do the same for working americans

  • dont let the wall street ghouls scare into to choosing between your
    health and their profits. if they can print 1 trillion dollars for wall
    street they can do the same for working americans

  • dont let the wall street ghouls scare into to choosing between your
    health and their profits. if they can print 1 trillion dollars for wall
    street they can do the same for working americans

  • SingleEdge Sword says:

    Trump, feel the pain now? All these are the bitter results by praising Xi and all these years collaborations with CCP. Time to wake up and strangle this evil regime.

  • SingleEdge Sword says:

    Trump, feel the pain now? All these are the bitter results by praising Xi and all these years collaborations with CCP. Time to wake up and strangle this evil regime.

  • In case you wanted to know where what your tax money is paying for… In this bill is 25 Million Dollars that will go to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts…

  • The September 11, 2001 first responders didn`t worry about running into the breach. The senate didn`t pass a permanent bill for them until July 23, 2019. Those senators can risk a roll call vote. Give more money to people, less to big business.

  • It’s sad that this has happened not one thing goes directly to the people how is it helping the Americans as a hole family should have received real help no matter working or not so all the people that didn’t have a job don’t matter how sick

  • The Democrats dragged their feet & tried to fill the bill with filler like they always do. The money was to supposed to be able to help millions of us that cant work now stuck at home. No a lot and wont go far but it will help. It's a freaking crisis, Trump stepped up to do the best. Those of you that are complaining dont take the check. I'm self employed, zero work, sitting on a chunk of money to pay the IRS once a year and Trump extended that for me. The stimulus is our tax money and Trump is fairly sending out as much as possible. Had a Democrat been president during this event you can guarantee he or she would be hiding that money in their shoe or anywhere else they could to use it for their AGENDA instead of us. If a Democrat was president they wouldnt have been called a racist for closing the border with China and other countries. Instead by this time it would be severe chaos with massive infections. Just thank God Bernie or Biden wernt president, thank God Peloci doesnt have reign, thank God CNN is no longer leading the people. I know, I know, you Obama hold overs are saying that if Obama was still president you'd be getting free Obama phone upgrades and illegal aliens would get drivers licenses, free health care, welfare and park passes.

  • What's with the Dems and their odd gesticulations? 3:35

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