McCarthy: Pelosi answered only two of 10 questions on impeachment


100 thoughts on “McCarthy: Pelosi answered only two of 10 questions on impeachment”

  • Pelosi, Schiff, Hillary are all unhinged and the left is just like them and those who aren't, are too stupid to be discerning about the behavior these people are exhibiting. If Trump saved an orphanage on Christmas Eve, they be insanely trying to impeach for how he did it. It's sick. The final straw to me was Schiff reading line after line of made up comments and he gets away with it. Anyone else with this kind of job performance would be fired and held accountable! But this elected official can bold-faced lie – about something we can absolutely KNOW he's lying about, simply to try and add fuel to a weak impeachment effort – and NOT be censured at the very least – is just plain sick.

  • Remember the movie lion king?
    Democrats are like pack of hyenas!
    Republicans are forgetting they are lions! They need to start to assert their authority over these pack of wild animals!

  • The agenda of the Left, includes Democrats, is to overthrow sovereignty and align with the global agenda, which is COMMUNISM. They hate anyone who opposes their agenda and will use lies and deception to empower their goals and overthrow anyone who gets in their way. Their goal is power, global domination, dumbing down the masses so they will choose their own enslavement. That job of public indoctrination is accomplished through the media that supports the socialist agenda.

  • Karen Reddinger says:

    I think Nancy is showing early signs of dementia. Her behavior is erratic at best. She is the best example of why we need term limits.

  • So Pelosi is basically an old Millennial… because thats how my 27 year old acts, which explains alot about the Democratic Party and why our kids are the way they are since the Liberals run our schools.

  • How does a politician getting barely 250,000 votes, like Pelosi, control the entire country? This great plan of brilliant men written centuries ago is not working.

  • Their impeachment process is so illegal, how can it be allowed to continue? It is a coup. Why are they not arrested for treason? Immediately?

  • Reading the comments on this thread tells me that Trump is not out real problem. We have millions of idiots walking among us who believe that a 2-bit grifter and mental midget is qualified to be their commander in chief. Trump has the education of a 8th grader and the vocabulary of a 6th grader. The letter he wrote to Erdogan looked like it was written by a third grader. I'm surprised Trump didn't write it with crayons. Since Pelosi has taken over Congress, their approval rating has gone from 12% to 26%. Pelosi is winning the war.

  • As a house leader She a desgrace… she hasn’t lead. Anything for 9 months. I mean zero I don’t understand WHY people keep voting for her as a leader. Something She is not

  • RepublicRAT leaders! What a joke. Spineless and gutless. I wonder how many RepublicRats writing comments here realize that Minority Leader McCarthy (in this video) just threw the President under the bus concerning the President's tweet today? McCarthy would not stand up with the President and defend his accurate tweet. Oh, and now I am hearing that the Gobbler in the Senate (whatever his name is….McConnell, that's it), he is also showing his spineless side (again) by not standing with the President. And millions of RepublicRATS will remain in that sickening Party. They just won't leave.

  • No more of this crap , Corruption is so deep in the Democrat party leaders. This is what happens with corruption- wake up America.
    Get elected-special treatment for them and their families (Biden), and then THEY get RICH ….think about that…and it's your money!

  • Why isn't Pelosi not being removed and evaluated mentally physically for her abilities to conduct her duties for interest of our country she needs drug alcohol and mental exams with brain evaluations she's danger to American safety as she has too much power to undermine our smooth functioning of government she's definitely abusing powers and its for herself and her crimes as her friends she must have years in years of corruption she's hiding !

  • Kurds have been fighting 300 yrs. before the birth of Christ for land. They are now Maoist, commies Trump used them to fight ISIS. NO US brigades in combat, air power and special forces on the ground. Turkey has been a NATO member since 1952. Turkey president Erdogan  not a good person, he will not be there forever. Trump is breaking up the Russian, Syria, Turkey group.  as Syria and Russia are now backing the Kurds. And Turkey ready to blow the Kurds to hell and back. Kurds have killed over 10,000 Turkey citizens the last number of yrs. We have 50 nukes in Turkey. So Dimms you want the US to fight Turkey? declare  war. How about working with the Pres and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. TRUMP 2020. BTW, throw him out of office and keep destroying my country you have blood in the streets.

  • Carol Defenbaugh says:

    If the American people are not involved in pelosi's B.S., by her choice, then all of their B.S. is NULL & VOID !!! Says at least one American that is tired of the dem /lib/left doing everything behind closed doors, making decisions on things that involve everyone in America, but we the people don't have a say in it…sounds like we need to have more voting going on, about everything !!!

  • I know the background picture well, that's Concord, CA. I worked in that multi floor white building just about his right shoulder. That's gateway Blvd. Good to know Mccarthy is representing that area!!!

  • It will not happen but, if they ever get close to impeachment this country will explode. Not complain but explode, and there will be blood in the streets.

  • The attempt to impeachment is all they have, all they can talk about and all they think about. The liberal's have nothing can do nothing and are nothing. We need blood in the streets and socialist bodies in the morgue.

  • Pelosi is hunhinged. What aboit the border, lower drug costs, infra structure, and, Americans trust of the electipn system. We fvote, and thatis ignored inspite of the vote, impech rvery president , pelosi, needs togo now! Another 2 yrs of dong nothing is uaccdptable

  • Nancy Dub! Dub Dub! Pelosi is crazy! She is insane and can't stand that Trump won. Suck it up butter cup! Your loosing and will continue to lose if go against TRUMP!!!

  • Pelosi and the media needs to come to the realization that PELOSI should be showing respect to the President not the other way around. If you disrespect the President, GTFO! Let the grownups get something done. Go outside and cry about it to your friends.

  • There is no place for propaganda in a Democracy ,Fox will face the consequence of it cowardice and lies. Enough is enough and this is beyond too much.

  • GetReady4LiftOff says:

    ProphetMikeThompson says, Satan pushes them "keep screaming & screaming," as psychological power over ppl. rebuke w name of Jesus.

  • Pelosi don’t wish to insult her, I’m listening to this in Australia,I don’t think she is there for all you lovely American people.

  • Pamela Martinez says:

    Free expression my behind fb keeps having somebody hack my accounts i had to replace my accounts more the twice now. And cant get back into the old ones.

  • Pelosi, Schiff can now be read like an elementary “Kindergarten coloring book”. Notice that the two biggest Democrats (prominent, if I may) in this meeting left but their “lower echelon lackeys” stayed behind to retrieve the substantive information. …what a motley crew !!!

  • Republicans are such wimps!! all the do is to complain about the Democrats and are so afraid of the press or being called a racist? There is never any accountability on the Democrats. Trump is working with a bunch of spineless cowards! Hey MCarthy how long are they going to push you guys around!!. GET SMART!! QUIK>

  • Tondalaya Whigham says:

    I would love to take Pelosi on and by that I mean beat the s–t out of her. I am 76 yrs old 90lbs. But I can promise you It can be done. Schumer follows her around like a pub by dog. If only she knew just rediciously she looks. High on dope and her booze. She will burn in hell! God have mercy in her. Wonder if she ever thinks what eternity would be like?

  • God bless Mr. President Trump who has been working hard for this country everyday without salary. Thank you very much. 🙏

  • Nothing going to happen to him we have to vote the Democrats out i hope the American realize this and vote them out 2020.

  • If CONGRESS refuses to WORK for WE the PEOPLE  then the SENATE should OVERSTEP CONGRESS as NOT EARNING they PAY and to DO the WORK of WE the PEOPLE      WE PUT YOU THERE AND WE WILL KICK YOU OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!  TERM LIMITS!!!!!!

  • McCarthy comes across as an irritating political hack. Why can't he answer a question without prepending it with praise for the interviewer, followed by a tirade? Did he actually answer any of the questions? It reminded me of an interview with Juliani a couple of weeks ago, the guy just couldn't shut up. I would expect this from mindless liberals, but why are republicans acting this way?

  • Catherine Jarman says:

    Schumer a Jewish Zionist dual Israeli citizen Pelosi married to a Jewish dual Israeli citizen – these two are working for Israel not the US – same as Schiff and the numerous other dual Israeli citizens who for some reason have been allowed to hold power in the USA

  • ●●●Adam Schiff must be CENSURED . A political scammer whose aim is to impeach the PRESIDENT for performing his presidential responsibilities

  • I want to help the Democrats but there is no rehab for narcissistic, arrogant and ignorance addicts. they do have a psycho ward up the road, wonder if that can help!

  • Angrage Macmuffins says:

    If the Republicans don't step up and stop this circus, I'm going to assume they want Trump Impeached as much as the Dems (just not brave enough to admit it)

    Republicans better back Trump! Now!!!! Or I will vote them out!

    The Rep. are all phonies! We have a Kangaroo Government!

    It's Trump (on team people) vs. Rep. & Dems. (on team Government)

    Trump was not supposed to win. We have a Tyrannical Government. (When Trump is gone, we are in trouble) vote these bastards out!

    The Republicans have such disdain for the voters they don't even both pretending like they're trying to stop this circus, their silence and inaction is deafening.

  • democrats didn't sell our country, democrats didn't pullout our soldiers from syria, democrats didn't hold the Ukraine aid for political gain, democrats didn't said there were fine people on both sides, democrats didn't promised that mexico was going to pay for the wall,

  • If this is all being done in secret with no one from the Republican side being allowed to have input, see transcripts or cross examine, and the American people are not allowed to see what's going on, then it should be thrown out as an illegal non-issue. I, as an American citizen, give their silly pseudo impeachment ZERO credibility. It's a waste of time and money and if I were their constituents I'd be mad as hell that nothing important is getting done!

    Rome burns and they don't even play a fiddle because they are too busy pretending to be huff and puffing mad. SILLINESS!

  • This is NO different from what the Republicans are pushing down the throats of the law abiding Americans with the Red Flag laws, Both are illegal and unconstitutional.

  • Jacqueline Campbell says:

    This is how a person reacts when they have already sold out The American way of life to others. Our freedom is on line.
    Nancy, Shift and others are very afraid because Hillary was not voted in.

  • Crazy eyes reminds me of that guy on taxi tank you vardy much he should have read the fake call in that voice I would have more respect for him

  • If Trump and Erdogan can speak peace ☮️ it will be great 👍,time will tell ,God Bless Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • Gongress must have new real American politicians that love there people and president 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️

  • Why does Pelosi deserve respect, she disrespects him all the time.aje started this division, and we want these corrupt clowns (dems) out of office. They so nothing but stir hate. They are using their majority to bully the President. All these long term Congress people out of the house. We all know why they want Trump out, they are afraid of corruption might begin to surface, as it has with Biden. Globalist, have been planning their agenda for over years, and Trump wasn't part of the plan. They cannot skim off of federal funding, hire their friends and families into high paying cushy jobs that they have no right being there. They do really think America is stupid. George soros took down the market in Mayalasia, by having had many totally sent them into a financial crisis. These protesters, an these idiots honestly think . Trump has a small army he can trust. I think anyone who defys him , or breaches info (leaks)shoukd be taken to firm.

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