McCarthy: More people want to investigate Biden than impeach Trump


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  • President TRUMP, tho lacking in many ways and not always able to see what is right and best (because of the lies and distorted info that is fed to him), he is OUT THERE (what you see is what you get) — honest and fighting for the right — he has more courage and integrity than most of the rest of Wash DC.

    While he is standing in swamp sewage scum up to his chin — being attacked by almost everyone around him, and the whole MSM, etc., so very much ON HIS OWN, and barely able to see beyond his nose and function, he is STILL, finding ways to do RIGHT, and, EVEN challenging them (symbolically in chains) – is still telling all those Deep State / Dem bastards, "I'M COMING FOR YOU." – The best example of a REAL leader (real-life Rambo) we have had for decades for sure. And all the irresponsible, faithless, socialist slime who WILL NOT OPEN THEIR EYES to see this, will eventually open their eyes in Hell.

  • paradigm respawn says:

    Constitution of these United States Guarantees the Right to Keep & Bear Arms to Prevent a Hard Coup. 2020 is verging on Insurrection, but the Cops & Military won't back this move. Antifa Out!

  • Trump is right by using a foreign government to investigate his political rivals.   Obama used our own government to get dirt on his political rivals. and the liberals looked the other way.  And Obama did not get impeached.  This was totally wrong.

  • Kathleen Blachere says:

    Faux News – entertainment for the undiscerning. There is now a third whistle blower. No one can defend what Trump did in broad daylight on the Whitehouse lawn.

  • For people that claim to put no weight in poll numbers, they sure put a lot of weight in poll numbers… how deep did into the conservative extremist trash heap did they have to dig to come up with these statistics?! Can somebody give me a link to rhe numbers the guy on the right was spewing?

  • Wait what? Another whistle blower?? First hand knowledge. Ok this is. It good. And now the White House is shutting up willing witnesses?? And this douchebag is spinning like a tornado. Somethings wrong with this picture.

  • I gotta say, when the facts don't match your talking points you just stick with the talking points as if you do not have eyes to read or brains to figure out what the words mean. Real corruption is in defending the indefensible when it is right in your face …

  • You can tell who's pro-bankers and who's a patriot. Trump said we're leaving wars before the election, ending them and leaving. He said we're leaving Syria last year, we're done.

  • Welcome to Trump swamp and the catfish swimming and spinning his lies. The pit is bottomless. His sons are out talking about Biden and his son, what about Trumps sons, Drt and son in law dirty as hell. The pot calling the kettle black.

  • Where did McCarthy come up with more more people want to investigate Biden than impeach Trump, the Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh audience poll? What's going to tear this country apart is Republicans who continue to look the other way and support a corrupt and morally bankrupt president.

  • the dems are on their way out and they know it so like a spiteful kid will try to ruin anything they can…lol cant wait to watch the dems heads explode this election, last election they just went crazy and still are since

  • The big point here is that schiff has repeatedly acted without honor. He is not worthy to be a representative of the people, let alone run the house intelligence committee. He should not be allowed classified information or membership in the Bar Association after his repeated lies and shenanigans.

  • Nancy rushed it through, before the transcript….her goal was to impeach….if she had waited she couldn't impeached…..these are rotten dirty democrats, that should be charged with treason…..

  • We have every right to investigate the Dems especially their colluding and corruption. Other countries started dicing Obama they really were disgusted with him and Hillary. Countries had disrespect for our corrupt prior admin.

  • Isn't it weird only democrats and some tards online seem to think the transcript is proof of election meddling and treason or whatever they like to say? Remember when Obama used the IRS to target political opponents and Lois Lerner declined to answer questions? How come all the sudden they are the arbiters of morality?

  • While it may not be a 'crime' for Hunter Biden to score two very lucrative deals with foreign countries, where he has ZERO expertise in O&G production or private equity, in the two countries where his VP daddy Joe is the point person, and where Joe openly reveals a blatant quid-pro-co with Ukrane on camera, you have to admitt that THE WHOLE THING STINKS!
    Those were clear cut attempts to BUY influence with the Biden and in China's case it clearly worked with Joe. But If all of that is OK, then how is our President asking another President for help in investigating corruption and getting to the bottom of WHAT ROLE DID THE UKRANE PLAY IN the Russia Hoax an impeachable offense?

  • As for Adam Schiff, who has yet to produce his "clear and undeniable evidence of collusion", that even Muller could'nt find… here we go again – the boy who cried and has zero credibility. Schiff is a bold face psychotic lier who should not only be removed from office, but also be put on the island for misfit people where he can do no further harm to our Country.

  • USA DEMOCRACY is a circus in world eyes. Should we thank China and Karl Mark utopia? Without foreign capital investments, China would still be having rice once a day to feed her people, like they did before the West let them into the WTO.


  • Fox News is fake they on trump side News shouldn’t be like that all other news talk about a total different situation fox is not neutral . They are repubclan party side News should be neutral . Sorry trump is Guilty he said himself I went to Ukraine and talk got hem to investigate and now trump doesn’t want to go to court or his lawyer . So as long as they don’t go to court that’s it the process of his impeachment is over these is corruption trump does what he wants he needs impeachment asp .

  • really, mccarthy wheres the polls that prove that ,stop being a lapdog for trump its just plain embarrassing for you, trump released 11 minutes of a 30 minute call the rest must of been even worse

  • save it for the senate the house is not trying him bring your evidence to the senate did the people of california really vote you in, unbelievable

  • sorry the dems will easily win the house again oh by the way so kevin the 4 in the house made the other 226 vote to impeach

  • @Leslieoo7

    The Kurds didn't help us in Normandy, says a five-time draft dodger whose father, grandfather, and two adult sons never served and definitely were not in Normandy.
    Do you know any family who has gone four full generations without anyone having served?
    I don't.

  • Jeffrey Epstein should have start running for office….you can’t investigate him cuz that’s “conflicts of interest”.

  • Hold on to my knowledge neither whistleblower was reported to be on the call. They are both operating on hearsay.unless one of them wants to step up and admit that they illegally accessed the president's call transcripts which most likely would result in criminal charges.and also will be one-hundred-percent trackable given where the call was stored.I mean you don't access data in a system like that without there being a track footprint I mean there's a reason he started storing his transcripts in that system. He made it hard for the rank-and-file to access the transcripts of his calls and I guarantee you there's a tracking method.and why in this day and age is there an actual textual translation or transcription of these calls anyway why aren't they simply recorded. if they were only recorded there wouldn't need to be anyone listening in to transcribe them only authorized parties to the call would be present and obviously they know who all those people are.seems to me it would be a much more secure way for the president to have private conversations that don't f**** get leaked to the press all the time

  • Nancy u are tooooo old there is a door open go out give others a chance retirement age is 64 just now your skin is going 2 fall off thats not fare how much money do u want 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😍

  • I think going from an extreme to a moderate in mid stream, like nutty nancy did, is like going from dumbacrat to republican in todays political atmosphere, how can you ever be trusted again.

  • Fox News Poll: Record support for Trump impeachment. 100% true you brain damaged dumbed down alt-right white nationalist racist cult following trumptards

  • Yeah no. Every major poll, INCLUDING Fox's show that not to be the case. I guess Trump emboldens people to lie in public when the facts are obviously not in their favor.

  • Patriots have to remove liars and dems who stack the deck and try to force an unfair decision. That is KLan and Nazism on steroids. Russia and China are less oppressive and unfair than democrat leaders.

  • Person 1 tells Person 2 about a phone call…Person 2 tells Schiff and becomes whistle blower 1 and then person 1 comes forward and becomes whistle blower 2….because more people saying the same thing makes it more "True"….forget about the fact that a transcript of the call is available to everyone and that ALL parties involved in the call reject the claims of TWO anonymous "whistle blowers"…..ANOTHER WHISTLE BLOWER CAME FORWARD!!! MULTIPLE WHISTLE BLOWERS!!!

  • The Dems leadership are demons personified!!! Demons are known to be liars accusers and operate in secret. That’s just what the Dems are doing. !!!

  • Investigate schiff and Nancy!! Traitors!! Obstructionists!!!
    If Republicans wouldn’t release the transcripts they would freak out

  • FullFightAnime 92 says:

    Trump won’t get impeached but I feel you Fox for trying to boost the rating to fill the credibility void CNN left and the rest.


  • Watching these three buffoons is hilarious. Half of the time, their look is so pained as they know the Dump is a crook! They know Dump is going down!

  • Adam Schiff is totally crazy. He's always been nuts when it comes to Trump. I think Adam has done some really bad stuff he doesn't want out. He looks like he's scared stiff.

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