Mazda’s Secret New Engine Technology – SkyactivX | The New Car Show

Mazda’s Secret New Engine Technology – SkyactivX | The New Car Show

– On the last few new car shows we got our hands on some
pretty cool new cars. This time, I got to drive a car so new that it’s not even technically made yet. That’s right my babies, daddy drove a prototype. – Aah. Fu– – On the outside, its just
a flat black Mazda three. On the inside, lives
one of the most advanced combustion engines ever. I want you guys to do me a
little favor really quick, forget everything you know
about combustion engines. This one goes: Suck. Squirt. Vortex. Compress. Tons of weird stuff; Squirt again. Lean out. Press. Bang I wanna point out that I didn’t say spark. Today we’re talking about Mazdas, Skyactiv- X. The future of the eternal
combustion engine. Zoom zoom muchachos. (techno music) First things first, this is by far the most expensive car I have every driven, or probably will ever drive. – Aah – It is a ten million dollar car, which they told me after
I drove it around Newport for about three hours. I could have wrecked this whole thing. It’s literally worth more than Donut. I could have put fifteen
people out of work. That’s like at least seven kids who aren’t getting Christmas this year. – Haha – Cause Mazda let Uncle James
drive a ten million dollar car and he bottomed it out on a speed bump. (car wheels spinning) The amazing thing about the prototype isn’t how fast it goes. It isn’t an amazing
rumbling from the exhaust, the craziest thing about
this ten million dollar car is that it feels normal. Must be nice. Feeling normal. It felt a lot like the
current Mazda three, which is exactly what the
engineers set out to do. They wanted to make an engine that was super efficient in any revering. You get great mileage, even when you’re ringing it out. That means you don’t have
to drive like your grandma to get the EPA claimed MPG. You can drive like my grandma. Zoom. Zoom. Mazda is sorta an outlier in the environmentally friendly high MPG, low MPG low emissions game. While most companies are focusing on hybrid and electric technologies, Mazda has decided to
make the most efficient internal combustion engine possible. I mean, what do you expect? These are the same guys who said hey, we should power a
car with a magic triangle. (cartoon music) Okay, so how doe this
ding-dong thing work? Disclaimer, I’m about to
use a lot of words I don’t know the definition of. At times it might seem a little technical or that I might be speaking outside of my
realm of understanding. – A laser. – But pay attention, because I promise it’s very, very interesting. Now you might now that diesel
engines are more efficient because it takes less
fuel to make the boom. The compression is so
high that it actually ignites the fuel without a spark plug. The thing is, their emissions suck. They shoot a ton of crap out in the air that causes cancer and kills
all the trees and stuff. The freaking glaciers all melting and suddenly I got a beach front property. Boom. Boom. Raise the rent. Raise the rent. Mazda set their sights
on diesel like efficiency from a much cleaner
burning gasoline engine with a thing called High compression combustion ignition, or HCCI. Basically a gas engine with no spark. Fudge. Until now, this was
impossible because gasoline is less stable at these
higher compressions. We couldn’t control when
the boom was gonna happen. Boom go too soon your engine goes kabloom. (engine combusting) It’s called ping. Pre-ignition. Bad news for baby. The engines the baby. – Haha – HCCI has a limited range of application. Its only dependable when the pistons are moving really quickly. Because the load
requirements are much lower. For things like idling or
accelerating from a stop, it doesn’t work. Kabloom. Nigh night baby. Mazda realized they could correct this using a thing called
variable spark ignition. Think vtech but with spark plugs. Sometimes there’s a spark, sometimes there isn’t. Sometimes there’s a spark, but it doesn’t ignite all the fuel. It just sets off a tiny explosion that pushed the pressure in
the west of the cyllinder past the spontaneous ignition threshold. Then, all of the rest of the gas ignites because of compression,
not because of the spark. Well, because of the spark, but not directly because of the spark. More in like a butterfly
effect sort of way. – Aaah. – When you’re driving, you might accelerate with spark ignition, normal car boom. Then spark control compression ignition and then cruise at the
super lean sparkless HCCI. So many big words, man I don’t know these words. So this is basically the gist. I think that most of it is correct. There is like ten million
other things they did to make all this work. Some of it they wouldn’t share with us, some of it I forgot, and the rest of it I didn’t understand. We were listening to the engineers talk for about three hours. I felt like I had to raise my hand to go to the bathroom. Turns out I didn’t. Jesse was super
embarrassed and I was like: hey, if you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best. And Jesse’s all: Dude, what are you doing? We’re not boyfriend and boyfriend and you’re yelling in the
middle of this press thing. Anyway, all of the tech that went
into this weird engine is truly mind boggling. The most impressive thing
is that it feels normal. It’s not the fastest thing on the road, not even close. But the fact that it’s so forward thinking and based on the idea of
having an efficient car that’s super fun to drive, that’s absolutely exciting. Yo, thanks for watching the new car show Hit that subscribe button. The more subscribers we get, the more cool stuff we get to do. You wanna learn more about combustion? Watch this episode of Science Garage, where me and Bart blow up some stuff and Bart talks smart things. You wanna know why I do this? It’s to feed my son Nolan. Check out this episode
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