Maybe We Should Be Concerned About Qanon? – SOME MORE NEWS

Maybe We Should Be Concerned About Qanon? – SOME MORE NEWS

(upbeat music) – Ahoy news mates! Welcome to the News Cruise! Or here’s some more news
about us, Some More News. It’s been a whole year
since we last addressed the self-perpetuated hero
complex that is QAnon, otherwise known as the
rare Reversed Ouroboros, an ever-growing serpent
that vomits its own testes. So, happy anniversary, you
guys, what did you get me? Oh, the original video has been removed due to a copyright strike, okay. Well, in that case, here’s
a sweet gift for you called, Oh Dear God We Have To Revisit QAnon? Can’t The Sun Explode Instead? Why can’t it be both? So, just to recap, QAnon is
a far-right conspiracy theory that Donald Trump, a President somehow, is quietly fighting a secret
plot by the deep state to harbor a probably-satanic ring of underground child sex traffickers consisting of high-level
politicians and Hollywood elites who all conveniently
are politically opposed to Donald Trump specifically. Their only evidence of this, besides countless Twitter
photos covered in red circles, is a series of anonymous posts on 4chan, an anonymous forum with a
long history of credibility, by someone calling themselves Q, and claiming to be working
within the Government. From this, what some would
describe as flimsy foundation grew a depressingly
large structure of memes and social media hearsay, doing
their best to wrap tendrils around any available straw
in the hopes of preventing the shoddy theory from toppling down. And thanks to a little mainstream support, those (beep) tendrils grew thick, somehow keeping the whole worthless husk rolling like a dead owl
in a concrete mixer. (transition music) In other words, it’s a
collection of Trump supporters who know, in their deepest of cores, that our President lied
about draining the swamp, and is in fact, bad at
his job and very corrupt. But have managed to shield
their egos from embarrassment by jumping on an elaborate explanation that conveniently justifies their support in the face of an obvious
scam from an obvious conman. And when you mix this
with actual news stories of sex trafficking and
high-profile sexual predators, they can easily merge their
wild theory with reality and declare it a victory. Specifically, the case of Jeffrey Epstein and the depressing
invigoration it gave QAnon despite being overwhelmingly incriminating for the President hero they claim is Neoing the entire world. We’re certainly going to get to that, and how the morning we filmed this, Epstein was found dead in his cell after failing to kill
himself weeks before. But for the sake of this initial recap, just imagine building an elaborate
narrative of conspiracies to justify why it was
okay that you gave $1,000 to an email scammer. That’s basically what QAnon is. And the denial itself has turned into its own cottage industry,
with various grifters selling Q-themed products to
the easily dupable masses. Like how great for scam artists
that all their best marks have agreed to congregate in one place? And we know they’re just insatiable marks because of all the times this dingus horde has been hilariously wrong about
their Q-themed predictions. Instead of detailing every single one, we’ll just put a list on
the screen of all the dates that QAnon said there was
going to be mass arrests, or some kind of exposure
of Trump’s enemies in the deep state, or just
anything happening at all. Only to have nothing happen, at all. Like sometimes Q will literally just post that something, anything,
will occur on a certain date, and somehow still be wrong. Other times it’ll post
extremely specific things, like Mark Zuckerberg
stepping down from Facebook, and will be extremely, specifically wrong. It really doesn’t matter what
kind of wrong QAnon will be, because it’s every kind
of wrong every time. Constantly wrong, all the time. (upbeat dramatic music) And while it has lost some
true believers because of that, it amazingly has yet to stop existing. Because like any good scam,
there’s a built-in justification for why it’s so clearly a scam that saves the people getting scammed from admitting that they’re scammed. And that is the motto Trust The Plan, seen here on a snazzy long
sleeve T, which basically means that despite Q having failed
to predict anything, ever, it’s all a part of an elaborate
plan that we must trust. So to recap, QAnon, the belief that Donald Trump’s incompetence is all a part of an
elaborate game of 7D chess, believes that Q’s own incompetence is also part of an
elaborate game of 7D chess. Because this is definitely
what rational people think. Rational people like Bill Mitchell, who explained away the QAnon
(beep) show by tweeting “If they are ever inaccurate
it is because plans change.” See, that, that’s all. It’s not that QAnon is
just blindly ass-pulling these predictions of
Trump’s imminent strike on a secret cabal of
pedophiles and satanists, or that Trump is just an obvious buffoon who is way too old and racist
and can’t even spell words and seems to attract sex criminals and is openly one himself, but rather that Trump just
keeps pushing the date as part of his elaborate
plan that’s ever changing. – Whenever President Trump does something that you can’t understand
or I can’t understand, I always try to give it a few days, because his actions don’t
always make sense at first but if you give it a few
days and look into it and do some research, it
always makes sense in the end, this man’s brilliance. The plan has been in place for 20 years. – I mean sure, prosecution
of sex trafficking has gone significantly down
since he became President and it was his own Labor Secretary, you know, the guy that gave sex trafficker Jeff Epstein an extremely
good deal back in 2007 resulting in only 13 months of jail time for sex trafficking. Anyway, it was that guy
who plans to cut funds for combating trafficking by 80%. All of that, but you gotta trust the plan that changes 10 to 20 to 50 times before things will happen, you know? Trump, seen here eye (beep)
women at a 1992 party with Jeffrey Epstein the
child sex trafficker, is just waiting for the
right time to strike. Hey, let’s watch for a second. Let’s watch Donald Trump
totally playing 7D chess back in 1992 by groping women at a party that he had with Jeffrey Epstein,
the child sex trafficker. (upbeat music) It sure seems like our
President is a sex criminal, but whatever, let’s just keep
having him as our President. Or maybe, this is all part
of his 20-year long plan to catch these pedophiles. – The mainstream media
never would have covered Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest,
if they couldn’t align him with President Trump. And having Alex Acosta, who has been aligned with Jeffrey Epstein and it looks like covered
up for Jeffrey Epstein, that enabled the mainstream
media to attack Trump due to Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest and that forced the mainstream media to cover Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest. – You see, Trump got involved
with Epstein back in 1992 because he knew that 30 years later when he became President, the media would try to attack him by connecting him to Epstein,
thus taking Epstein down and exposing the child prostitution ring that Trump was absolutely
not involved in himself but knew about, but also
let happen for 30 years. And in fact, documents reveal that some of the underage girls were recruited by Epstein at Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s favorite
place that he owns. And then, this just in on
the morning we filmed this, Jeffrey Epstein after
being put on suicide watch was taken off suicide
watch and is now dead by allegedly, suicide,
making it way more difficult for his victims to achieve
any sort of justice or for the many wealthy elite child (beep) that were involved with
Epstein, to face justice. It’s so brilliant that it, that it’s not. Anyway, this is the level of
denial we are dealing with, which is probably why Q supporters can eat pounds of blatant (beep) and somehow not vomit it back up. Like did you hear that
JFK Jr. is not only alive and living under the
fake name Vincent Fusca, but going to reveal himself
on Trump’s July 4th event? But if you need all them deets, here’s a nearly two hour video with over 130,000 views explaining it. There are also several
tutorials teaching people how to make JFK Jr. masks for the event, which if you are keeping up with the news, didn’t feature the return of JFK Jr.. But that’s okay, trust the plan, guys. Wail on that Subscribe button. Also buy these shirts about
how JFK Jr. faked his death, and is the Jason Bourne of Q. They make great gifts for your grandkids, you isolated and vulnerable person you. And be sure to check out
Adam Sandler’s new film “Murder Mystery”, which
heavily features the letter Q monogrammed on pillows
and is therefore connected and hiding QAnon clues in plain sight. It certainly couldn’t be
that these scenes take place at the home of a wealthy
character named Quince . Here’s my point, QAnon
is obviously a sad grift aimed at the most susceptible
Trump supporters out there. We don’t need to spend all day
digging through the theories and explaining how very
clearly wrong they all are. What I’d rather focus on
are the people enabling and profiting from them. The ones using the Q hogwash
to either make a quick buck or gain favor with this
fringe conservative group. Because the idea that this
is just a harmless collection of dupes isn’t true. It’s easy to laugh at them. But there are real,
disturbing consequences as this chunk of Americans
drift further and further away from reality and into cult status. When the leather jackets over at Vice looked into personal
stories of relationships with QAnon believers, as well as joined the various QAnon Facebook groups, they found the majority of stories either involved lonely boomers complaining about their families or people clearly suffering
from mental illness or PTSD. When QAnon believers show up in the news it’s usually due to some sad crime, like this guy who killed his brother because he thought he was a lizard man, or that mob boss murderer
drawing Q symbols in court and claiming that he killed
specifically for Trump. I know that’s all anecdotal
evidence, but at this point, it’s really hard to
imagine a rational person being able to ride the Q train considering that it’s so far off the rails it’s now hurtling through outer space. When James Comey used the
#FiveJobsIveHad hashtag in one of his tweets, Q supporters took the first
letters of his list, G, V, C, S, F, and decided that
it was a hidden acronym for no reason before matching
it to the only Google result, the Grass Valley Charter
School Foundation, and then promptly causing
so much conspiracy hype around their next event
that it had to be canceled. This (beep) is unstable. Because since there are some people who are never going to leave no matter how many arrest
deadlines get missed or how many over-the-top predictions
fail miserably, every time! There is now a growing
murmur by these people about taking matters into their own hands. – They need to do it before 2020 because I believe if he doesn’t
then he’s gonna lose support and people are just gonna get fed up and honestly, people will
start taking to the streets. I mean, I’m running now to physically go to John Podesta’s house
and drag him out of his house. – [Man] Well, I’m all for
citizen arrests at this point. – And so I’m I, and that’s why people are, it’s just this has
dragged on for too long, we need to start seeing
arrests of the real criminals and I just pray to God that
they happen really soon because if they don’t, I think that so much is coming out
about the sex trafficking, and what they do to kids, we are gonna start
seeing vigilante justice and that could get really dangerous and that could cause a
civil war in this country. – Yeah guys, with all of that evidence consisting of anonymous
posts on social media sites, it’s sure weird that nothing
is actually happening, the logical conclusion being
that we clearly must start dragging people out of their homes, because of all the evidence. Also, here’s a hit list
of Obama-era officials posted by a dude with the
Punisher logo as his icon. No big deal, nothing to worry about, totally normal and good. And also the Department
of Homeland Security just gutted its domestic terrorism team, everything is doing just great. This is the powder keg in
which Q currently resides. And along with being volatile
it is extremely susceptible, which is probably why
there are so many people fanning the flames in
exchange for neat blood bucks, also known as The Great Awakgriftning. Hey you, do you like
having your walls plastered with conspiracy-born gibberish but simply don’t have the
time to cobble together miles of twine into an elaborate web of thumb-tacked photos and scribblings? Well, luckily there’s not one, but two, no, not two but three, no, actually four, not four but five, or maybe six, QAnon deep state maps that you
can purchase for your wall. This website seems to
be offering a seventh but is also asking for our
email to even look at it, which we’re just not going to bother even making a dummy account for, because when you’re the true believer to what would be the biggest
conspiracy known to mankind, you’re going to need a commemorative coin to kickstart that revolution
for the low, low price of $17. And yes, while there are
multiple coins to choose from, that first Q-coin is
the only one you can get from Jordan Sather, a real thinker, seen here boasting about
drinking chlorine dioxide, something he regularly does, and also the host of
“Destroying The Illusion”, a YouTube channel where
he mostly just recaps unsubstantiated tweets like he’s reading newspapers headlines. – I’ve got some tweets loaded
up here to share with you. Links will be below, things
you can research for yourself. I’ve got some hit pieces on
Q in the mainstream media that we’ll also take a
look at, and let’s do it. So, first of all though, shout out to the sponsor of
this channel in VirtualShield. – Oh yeah, also shout out to his sponsor for sponsoring that. Boy, oh boy you guys, we haven’t even talked
about the “QAnon” book, a bestseller written by,
and this is real life, twelve co-authors, including
Scorpio Patriot, SpaceShot76, RedPill78, Radix, SerialBrain2, and Liberty Lioness. The final name revealing herself to be a self-described
70-year-old boomer lady in her chapter titled
“The Power Of Memes”. This book was in the top 60 on Amazon, and it was apparently
just cobbled together from message board posts. Here’s an excerpt that reads, quote: “Have you ever watched a
Michael Jordan basketball match “where at money time everyone
expects him to shoot the ball, “but he finally does not? “The coach intentionally
keeps him on court “to trigger a forced double team on him “so that the real
shooter can be wide open. “The coach has a predetermined strategy “and then picks his final shooter “from a wide variety of players. “Video.” A period, and then the word
video, and another period. (breathes deeply) It is hard, deeply, deeply difficult, to have faith in the
intelligence of humanity when this book exists
and is a best seller. But it is, and good for
them, and good luck to them, because the co-authors in the group are currently in their own personal battle about how far they should take the grift. Some of them refusing to
approve an audiobook version, which according to one of the
authors, is in high demand because so many of their
readers are too old to see. (beep) Seriously, seriously this is
our world, our whole world, because it’s not just the United States that are using QAnon as a meaty con, one far-right German nonfascist
group is using Q imagery to push their agenda on social media. A conservative politician in Canada is sharing QAnon YouTube videos. And then of course there’s Russia, who probably is responsible
for the entirety of Q’s posts and has used 2,848 troll accounts to push QAnon theories from the start. Remember that conspiracy about
the DNC murdering Seth Rich? You know, the one that
Sean Hannity and Fox News pushed on their programming
until the Rich family sued them? The baseless conspiracy theory
that thanks to Fox News, a lot of people still believe? Well, it turns out that, according to the U.S. federal prosecutor in charge of Rich’s case,
that conspiracy theory was created and planted by Russian trolls. Good job Fox, you news station that is somehow still legally allowed to call yourself the news, you. Way to have all the
journalistic fact-checking of a racist grandpa too old to see. – At the same time we have
this very strange story now of this young man who worked with Democratic National Committee who apparently was assassinated
at four in the morning having given WikiLeaks
something like 23,000, I mean, I’m sorry 53,000
emails and 17,000 attachments. Nobody’s investigating that. – Thank you, Newt, a person we should still
be allowing on television. And that brings me to
our next juicy segment: Qnablers Who Should Be
Qshamed Of Themselves. So, imagine that you’re a news
dude, or a dudette of course, and you’re trying to
show that our President’s recent executive order
has credible support. So, you go to Twitter and
find credible accounts to put on your extremely
popular news show. One would presume you checked
to see what other things those accounts have tweeted in the past, and perhaps even taken a moment to glance at the names on those accounts, right? The names that appear above
every one of their tweets. You are, after all,
giving these random people a huge signal boost while displaying them as credible opinions. I’m just making sure
we’re all on the same page before this happens. – Another Twitter user chiming in, saying, “Do not for a second underestimate “the significance of this executive order. “Thank you President for reestablishing “and preserving free speech
rights for all students.” – I feel like I’ve been
sarcastically saying this a lot, but oh good job there Fox News, way to make a major QAnon
conspiracy peddler named QAnon76, squee over your name drop, you absolutely non-corrosive, not-sludge that shouldn’t be abolished. Because it would be one thing,
if we were talking about a small group of internet nut
jobs here, sad and isolated, and in desperate need
for community and help, though they may be. But this is an ever-growing sycophantic and bad (beep) conspiracy based on, and I can’t stress this enough, absolutely no credible evidence. And it’s being supported by
major positions in our media and government up to and
including the (beep) President. In a sane world, anyone
who gives it credence would be intervened
and removed from power, and yet we now have several lawmakers openly promoting QAnon,
one in South Carolina, and the other currently
running for office in Florida. And while that first person
eventually walked it back, you know, after the damage had been done, the dude running in Florida
actually has a QAnon section of his campaign website that simply reads, and again, this is real life, “Who is Q?” The answer of course being: a completely anonymous source
on a racist message board that has zero credibility or sourcing, is perpetually incorrect,
and is being propped up as a shield against the obvious reality that our President isn’t very good. There, I answered your question, serious political candidate. So, maybe now you can take the page down and perhaps also your entire campaign. It’s actually the least
surprising that Trump himself has boosted QAnon on multiple
occasions because he’s like dumb, and generally seems to have no idea what he’s doing or what he’s
about to do at any given moment and just gloms on to
whatever is in front of him despite the implications,
whether it be some racist slogan or an adorable conspiracy baby. – Let them dislike, but
actually they respect us that’s more important. Look at that beautiful baby,
look at that beautiful baby, what a baby! What a baby! (crowd cheering) That is a beautiful baby! That’s like from an
advertisement, perfect. Look how happy that baby is. So beautiful, thank you
darling, that’s really nice. – In fairness, that baby
being used as a prop for a volatile conspiracy theory around child sex trafficking
is a very beautiful baby. Great baby-spotting, Mr. President. But again, not surprising
if he didn’t even notice the big stupid Q onesie. Because not only does Trump
have zero need to do anything to make QAnon snowball
any more than it is, but honestly, he might
not be aware of it at all. And the fact that lyin’
Sanders, one of the liars, specifically addressed Q, saying that the President is
aware of, and condemns QAnon. – [Reporter] Two quickies
about last night in Tampa, first of all does the
President encourage the support of people who showed up last night in these QAnon and Blacks
for Trump fringe groups? – On the first part, the
President condemns and denounces any group that would insight violence against another individual
and certainly doesn’t support groups that would promote
that type of behavior. – Just makes me think even more that he absolutely doesn’t
know what they are. The people I’d much rather call out for their playful Q-curiousness, Quriousness, are the ones
that don’t already have 1,000 impeachable offenses
on the back-burner. People who, when the dust settles, need to be condemned by their own party and 100% (beep) off, for the rest of time. They got Notch, ’cause of course they did. Also in the no (beep)
bucket are celebrities James Woods and Roseanne Barr. Then there’s Curt (beep)
Schilling for some reason. But the scariest show of support has to be the click bait reaction
to the Epstein arrest, an actual wealthy sex trafficker
with ties to Hollywood. Despite Epstein not being on QAnon’s radar until he was already exposed
to the public, weird, this can easily be seen as a validation. So when New York Magazine
posts headlines like this, they should absolutely
be ashamed of themselves. And probably apologize for it. And not just because it’s on the section of their magazine called Intelligencer. Because the answer there
is no, New York Magazine, QAnon wasn’t right. In fact, they aren’t even right about the people who we know are rapists. You’ve probably seen this photo
on Twitter or social media of Bill Clinton with a woman
claimed to be Rachel Chandler flying on Epstein’s Lolita Express. And while the Lolita Express
absolutely had Clinton listed as a passenger in the flight
log books about 26 times, that specific picture, when looked at through a five-second Google image search, is from a 2009 Gawker
article about Bill Clinton on another billionaire
womanizer’s jet, Ron Burkle. It doesn’t change the point
being made about ol’ rapey Bill, and in fact, adds to it because Burkle is an entirely different scandal. But it’s important to note
that nowhere in that article, or any article anywhere, does it state that woman is Rachel Chandler, a real person who QAnon is now targeting as an accomplice to the
sex trafficking cabal despite having no factual
connection whatsoever. They’re taking an actual news story and tracing it over with misinformation so that they can credit themselves for it and get the added bonus
of terrorizing a woman. Pizzagate booster, Mike Cernovich who lies about not boosting Pizzagate, is already taking credit for the arrest by saying it was his courtroom win that unsealed the Epstein
files, while ignoring the fact that it was actually a
case by The New York Times that unsealed the files. It’s the journalism brag
equivalent of, I loosened it first, but by someone who didn’t even touch the metaphorical pickle jar. Cut the (beep), Mike! And according to documents
filed by the victim’s lawyer, Cernovich’s move to unseal the files was an attempt to intimidate the victim as a proxy for Alan Dershowitz who has been named as being involved in Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex ring. So cut the (beep) Mike,
into little slices, and eat it, eat the (beep) up. There’s this real pedophile sex trafficker who is now dead somehow, who had links to many very powerful people who deserve to be exposed, one of which is probably our President, another of which is an ex-President, who said he’d only been on
Epstein’s plane a couple times, when it was 26. And QAnon is going to
completely delude the narrative with their (beep). And attention-hungry news
sites are going to let them. And considering the dark
hole we’ve explored today, that these are, by all accounts, confused, lonely, and mentally ill people who are becoming increasingly
violent and unstable. It’s a cult, united across the internet, all centered around this
guy, and that’s just, it’s super wrong, this is all very wrong. And I hate it, and you should hate it too. And someone should do something about it. And, I don’t know what, but
if you have a family member or a friend that believes this
stuff don’t give up on them, no matter how frustrating it is, because once they’re fully
isolated from reality, it’ll get worse for them. And if you have a, maybe you don’t talk to a
family member or a friend because of this stuff anymore, maybe you’ve cut them off, maybe give ’em a call, it’ll
probably be very frustrating, but you’re better than
Q, we are better than Q. Also it’s weird they’re cutting the budget for sex trafficking by 80%. Okay, see ya. (upbeat music) (paper tearing) Hi, everybody, thanks
for watching the video. A moment ago, the President
of the United States retweeted a conspiracy
theory that the Epstein thing that happened was because of the Clintons the Clintons did it. And it’s gonna get worse,
and he’s gonna keep doing it, and I just don’t know,
this video will come out a week or so after this. Okay, thanks for watching. Make sure to check out our
podcast “Even More News”, and like an subscribe on the channel, and tell the Q people in the comments that they’re wrong and you can help them. And check out our the link is in the description, Patreon. Unreal. – [Woman] Want some water? – Kinda.
(woman laughs)


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    Seeing the title, I thought this would be a story about something called (or pronounced, rather) Kwannon.
    Not being american and not being bombarded by american media, I've no idea what q-anon is, having only heard of it once before and then promptly forgetting all about it since.

  • @11:24– Holy shit, it's Buckey! Talk about a weirdo loner who thought he had everyone fooled, even broke his hand in a confusing situation, and then stabs his brother in the face with a sword. I know this guy, and can't say I'm sad to see him go, just sad to see him go like this.

  • Man I love this channel! I lighthouse beacon whilst we sail the sea of bullshit and the fog of lies hovering over it. Thank you Charlie Day!

  • Holy shit I’ve been watching you forever and I just now realized you’re the guy that’s always on Behind the Bastards even after hearing you plug this show time after time lmao

  • Q anon is the only thing that keeps Liz “eight fingers” Crokins’ YouTube channel alive. The people that follow her and take her seriously are the same type of people that watch soap operas and think they are real TV.

  • Redefine Masculinity says:

    You, yeah you. The person sitting all alone, detached from a supportive community. I love you. You’re valuable and deserve to be seen.

  • OMG! Cody is Q!!! … No, really. Look at his video: He sits there and to his bottom right is a logo. What does that look like? Like the figure Q

  • Georgette Peterson says:

    At 7:22 the story of what Ivana went through. I honestly cannot understand any of his children wanting to be around him.

  • It's been confirmed over and over and over that the President is working directly with the QAnon team. Hit pieces like this, jam packed with distortions and falsehoods, will only bring more attention to the subject. Streisand effect.

  • William Steeves says:

    Dude. It's like old news that Trump retweeted that conspiracy theory, and it happened less than 2 weeks ago. Look, Cody; you are right. QAnon is a dangerous cult. It is manufactured schizophrenia. My dude. I met this girl and I like her a lot and she is a conspiracy theorist from the far right. She scares me. I like her a lot still and I want to save her. It's her father that got her into this nonsense. It'll never work unless she comes to terms with reality.

  • I really feel like you called me out at the end. I've completely cut off communication with half of my family because of this stuff, specifically my grandmother. *sigh* I really should suck it up and try to get through to her, shouldn't I? It seems so daunting.

  • hmm you are protecting the child raping power elite. It shouldn't matter if they are left or right. But you protect left even if they rape children.

  • russian trolls… really?… hahahahhahaahahahhhahahahahha… haaahhahahahhahahahhhahhhahaaaahhahahhhaaaahahahhaaaa… hahahaha… haha… hahahhhaha… hahaha… ha… ha… haaaa…

  • Your snarky video doesn't change the fact that the QAnon info has caused 100s of millions worldwide to learn/understand that Satanic pedovores have run this world. We are all ready to create a better world — including the Satanic pedovores.

  • Patrick Daugherty says:

    Yeah–and so it grows. People grow more committed and convinced, not less. They become more informed, more alert and more awake–not less. They become more concerned, more loving and revel in a growing sense of community–not less. People are more optimistic, more patient and more at ease–not less. Meanwhile, you just get more frantic, more caustic and more disheveled–not less. I say "full speed ahead." I like where this is going. The fact that is scares and confuses you is very reassuring.

  • Say what you will about Qanon, they seem to be a lot more prescient than the apoplectic Russia-gate morons who were pretty mainstream. Sure they are wrong about the target and understanding of the hierarchy, but the Epstein case has shown that the subject matter is roughly correct.

  • Oh that blonde woman's clips are so sad. You can see her trying to have these crazy conclusions but the little logic part that's left keeps curtailing the nonsense.

  • It's going to be okay Cody. No I don't know how. Get away from the news and take a walk in nature. Yes you just got back from vacation. It's still okay to take a step back. It will do you good. You are headed straight to burnout lane if you don't.

  • You are using YouTube in the best way I have ever seen! (And I watch a lot of YouTube…)
    Thanks! Also, the stuff you're doing with small beans is awesome! Keep it up!

  • Yeah I tried listening for a good 10 min and it’s not happening. Look… all i know is that the FAA has 27 flight logs on bill clinton taking Epstein’s private plane… not a single log for Trump… did you know that Trump banned Epstein from visiting his Mara largo and EVERY other property he owns nearly 15 years ago bc of “rumors” of his child fetish? Y’all mofos need to stop watching these biased, self proclaimed “journalists” and use duck duck go instead of google. You will be amazed to see the amount of shit is being shadow banned, blacklisted and spoonfed to you. Thank me later and for Christ’s sake… do your own fuckin research and don’t listen to anybody… especially this asshat ^

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