May 2017 | AI News | Intel Software

May 2017 | AI News | Intel Software

Hi, I’m David Shaw. And welcome to AI News. In this episode,
we are bringing you into the classroom
with an Intel engineer who will teach you more
about deep learning, what to expect at PyCon 2017 and
where to register, learn more about Julia, the
programming language for numerical computing, and
have you ever heard of a MOOC? Well, stay here to learn more. Also see the links below
for more information. Deep learning techniques
can be used in many spaces, even in things with
funny names like MOOC. If you don’t know what a
MOOC is, you’re not alone. A MOOC, or massive
open online course, has become a popular mode of
online learning among students. You’ve probably taken a
course like this before. During the student
developer AI workshop, PhD student Stephen
Tang states that MOOCs, although popular and
effective, have some issues like massive dropout rates. As he puts it, there is
room for improvement. Find out how he used MOOCs as
a data modeling opportunity with a deep learning
approach, and get inspired by his research
by tuning into his talk. Next, you can join the
Intel engineer John Lakness as he teaches us about Intel
Nervana technology and the Neon deep learning framework. He walks us through use
cases and tech solutions using Neon and highlights ways
to train deep neural networks. Julia’s gaining popularity as
a programming language that helps HPC Coding
Practitioners solve challenges specific to high performance
and high scalability applications in machine
learning, deep learning, and numerical computations. Join us on June 14 for
an hour-long discussion around the benefits of Julia. During the presentation,
we will showcase how developers are using
Julia in finance, bioscience, astronomy, and even
autonomous vehicles. We will also demonstrate
how performance libraries like Intel MKL and Julia can
boost developer performance and productivity. Register for the discussion
in the link below. Python is coming to Portland,
Oregon, May 17 through the 25. It’s the largest
annual gathering for the open source Python
programming language community. Put on by Python
Software Foundation, the nonprofit
organization is committed to the advancement of Python. The conference will have
five different events, starting with
tutorial days where you can go and learn something
new during the three hour sessions. Next is the
conference days where you can see what is going
on in the Python world and be able to network
with other Python users. Additionally, you can
attend keynotes and panels around programming. The last three days
of the conference will have development
sprints where you can work to
make some progress on your favorite
open source projects. All you need to bring
is your brain power and they will provide the rest. Lastly, there are also
summits and even a job fair. Make the most out
of PyCon this year and get involved by
registering below. Don’t forget to like
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