Max Greenfield Failed at Being a Good Dancer on ‘New Girl’

Max Greenfield Failed at Being a Good Dancer on ‘New Girl’

Oh, that felt good. Did that feel good? Well, it’s nice to
dance with an equal. [LAUGHTER] I got to say, that
felt good to watch. Thank you. That was different
than the last time. It was a different energy. A different vibe. A different vibe. I want to come out here
and just feel free. Right. And that’s, you know,
equal participation with myself and with you guys. See, there was a little
more interpretive– you had a little bit more
behind and like how cool you kept it this time. It was good. Yeah, I was low key, man. You were low key. Because I was trying to come
in, get a little from you, and then have a back and forth. And I feel like we
accomplished that. Absolutely. I feel really good about it. Accomplished. Now, have you taken
a dance class before? Oh, my gosh. You know, I did very early on. I was in an acting class. And there were some dancers
in the acting class. And they went to
a studio called– I think it’s called– I’m sure you know Millennium. Yeah, Millennium. Yeah, and this is a very
serious dance place. Yes. And I went there and was– I’ve never been more
humiliated in my life. [LAUGHTER] It was about two
minutes, and I was out. Freestyle is the way. I’m just leaving you with that. Yeah, I know. Not like I’m trying, man. Look, I’m going switch
gears for a second. You just turned 40, man. Congratulations. Shh. Congrats. [CHEERING] I mean, that’s a big deal. What did you do? It is a big deal. We usually don’t
celebrate or we’re just low key about the birthday. But my wife, Tess, went
all out, and she took me on a four-day vacation to Paris. I had never been. It was outstanding. And it was– [LAUGHTER] Oh, wow. Yeah, look at that. That’s us. See that? Yeah, that’s the Eiffel Tower. Wow. So, yeah. So we went there and– Wow. Oh, yeah, look at that. Wow. Yeah, that looks beautiful. There’s Tess. No, you guys look good. You look like you’re
pretty much left alone. Did anybody recognize you from
the show over there or no? Yeah, we had a few people. Like, apparently, New Girl
is a thing in the world. That’s dope. Hey. That’s dope. We can clap for that. Yeah, that’s dope. [APPLAUSE] And it was really
funny to hear people with all different accents– I don’t know where they
were from because they all sounded different– but recognize me and
scream, Schmidt, from, like, across the street. [LAUGHTER] We walked into one store,
and this guy was lovely. And I’m going to kill his
accent, and I feel terrible. And I’m not sure
where he’s from, so it won’t be
insulting to anyone. [LAUGHTER] But he was like, my
name is Schmidt, too! And I was like, oh,
wow, that’s cool. That’s not my real
name, but right on. [LAUGHTER] And if you watch the show,
the character used to be– we did a lot of flashback
scenes and the character was really heavy. And he was like, I was fat. I was a fat boy. And so he felt like a real deep
connection on so many levels to this character. And– [LAUGHTER] –it was exciting. It was fun to know like,
wow, man, this show really– this made its way. Absolutely, man. That’s awesome. Now, let’s take it
back a little bit now. Today is Thursday,
so we’re going to do a throwback Thursday. We’ve got a throwback
Thursday pic. Let’s check this out. Boom. Get ’em. [CHEERING] Look at that hair. Boom. Get ’em. Now, how old were you then? How old is this pic
we’re looking at? That was last week. [LAUGHTER] Uh-oh. [LAUGHTER] Now, was yours a head shot? It was supposed to be. Yeah, mine was a head shot, too. Let me tell you something. We kind of have very
similar vibes, man. There was like something
going on, like– The mood, right? What is it about
a head shot that makes you go, get as
serious as you possibly can and hold your neck at
a really weird angle? Totally. There’s an angle where,
like, something about it is angled for no reason. And it’s just like– [LAUGHTER] –I’m here. But you know what? I can play a love interest. Exactly. Yeah. Am I serious or am I not? Right, yeah. Exactly. Like trying to be older
than you actually are. You’re like, one day, I
could play a doctor on TV. [LAUGHTER] Tell you what, man, we
got to take a break. But when we come back, we’re
going to play a game with Loni. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Let’s go. Man, let’s take a break.


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