Matt Jones on Breaking Bad, getting naked during Drunk History

Matt Jones on Breaking Bad, getting naked during Drunk History

(synthetic airy music) – Dwight has a sister? – Yeah. – Oh! – Scotty beamed his guts into space! – No way! – [Man] I spiked the
punchbowl at the adult table. – There’s only one punchbowl. (rock music) – Eh, kids grow up so fast these days. Sometimes I don’t wanna be
on a show ’cause I enjoy it and I don’t wanna get taken out of it. Like me on Game of Thrones
would not have been great. It would be like, that’s weird
that he’s on Game of Thrones. I mean, maybe I could have
made the last season better, but (laughs) I do look like I’m loosely
related to Peter Dinklage though. I do. (man screams) Yeah we’re hungry! – Jackson, Jackson! – [Crowd] Jackson! – My very first job ever
that got me my SAG card, was I had one line on the Gilmore Girls, but that was like a fluke. I just could not get an audition no matter how many commercials I booked. It didn’t matter. And I met a lady who
said she knew a manager who was looking for people. I met him, and he was like, “you know what? “I’ve seen your commercials, “I’ve looked at some stuff,
let’s just, I’ll send you “on a couple auditions,
we’ll see how it goes.” First audition he sent me
out on was Breaking Bad. Yo forreal, this is all you? – All me. – Vince cast me off tape and
I flew out to the desert. Albuquerque, apparently, they
were shooting a show there on this new network
called AMC with the guy from Malcolm in the Middle
and the show is about meth. Like, nobody knew anything
and then I shot my episode, and I still didn’t understand it. (laughs) and Aaron Paul was living there and he was like, “Hey, come over.” I went over to his place and
we watched the pilot together, and I was like, “oh my god.” This was way before it was released. I was, “this is like
an independent movie.” Like, I had no, I’d never
seen T.V. like that. Then nobody watched it for three years, and it almost got canceled
over, and over, and over again. Then it got on Netflix and became this phenomenon. I ever tell you about my Star Trek script? – Star Trek script? – Yeah, I gotta write it down is all. The Enterprise is five
parsecs out of Rigle Twelve. Nothing’s going on, Neutral Zone is quiet, the crew is bored. So they put on a pie eating contest. Lot of people love the Star Trek scene. That scene’s directed by Bryan Cranston. Which is funny enough. In that scene, I’m
wearing these gloves here, we got them right here. That I wear still cause I came to Chicago for a Bear’s game, and these are the gloves that I’m wearing in that scene. And this is a Chicago Bear’s reference that nobody knows about in Breaking Bad. Bryan Cranston is more
intimidating than he is inspiring, to be honest. I remember one day he
was making fun of me. We were at craft service and he’s just, he likes to make fun
of me, cause you know, he knows I’m a comedian
and I can handle it, and he’s also kind of a
jerk. I’m just kidding. (laughs) No, but he’s making fun of me and then he walked on to camera like thirty seconds later, and was incredible. Like I was watching on the monitor. I was like, he went from
there to Walter White to like, crying, and
like angry, and all that. In thirty seconds. I was
like, I can’t do that. I can’t do that. So, I don’t know if it’s
inspiring as it was soul crushing. (laughs) ♪ Oh that’s the way ♪ ♪ These things go ♪ – [Narrator] You ready? – Yeah. (daunting music) – It’s like going to like a
high school reunion, you know? If your high school was like really cool. The premiere was insane, the premiere. They didn’t tell us anything. We were just getting
delivered there in a car by yourself, and I’m not very
cool, so, you get delivered and you’re like, you know,
you’re out on the street. You’re like, “oh where do I go?”, and that’s what usually is. We got delivered there
and the car opened up, we were projected on a huge video screen and there was nine grand stands filled with fans cheering
like it was the Oscars. I nearly had a panic
attack, it was insane. And then it took us two
hours to walk through. Just walk the red carpet and talk to all the news
outlets and everything. It was the most insane
thing I’ve ever done. (car crashes) Morning.
– Morning. – I think I might need some better brakes. – You need our new Midas Secure Stop– – I did commercials
before, like, 2000 to 2004, and then like 2007 to 2010, so like, yeah I did about forty
commercials overall. And I’ve done a lot of, I did a lot of, it’s not an easy game. It’s worse now, now it’s like, not sustainable because of
the internet and everything, but yeah I did a lot of commercials. I did beer commercials, Midas commercial. I did an insurance commercial. I did a Sync commercial once, Wrigley’s Gum commercial. Everything I had done, some point. Yup, cellphones. (upbeat music) ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ Here we go ♪ ♪ It’s intermission, so don’t spoil it ♪ ♪ Smoke a cigarette and use the toilet ♪ When I started Boom, 2004 I was 22. The only person that was younger than me to get that job was Jordan Peele. Was 21 when he started. And I came in right at
when he was finishing. Yeah, and there was,
it was just I knew that all these guys from SNL
and MadTV at that time, writers on Daily Show and Correspondence, and all these like comedy gods, a bunch of them had done Boom Chicago. In the late nineties, early 2000’s. So, I auditioned, and I was like in an
unofficial comedy college where you’re paid to
do improve and sketch. Like Second City kinda style show all over Europe. I did it for 3 years. And that’s how I lost my voice. I kept doing that show over,
and over, and over again, and I just kept losing my voice and it stuck this way. – And I think the wrong person just left. (slow gentle music) – Perfect, that’s a wrap. (gentle upbeat music) – That guy was your dad? – The Russo Brothers were running the show and they directed me in
a Domino’s commercial, and the Russo Brothers
called me and they’re like, “Hey, do you wanna come do just like “a day thing on Community?” and I was like, “Yeah, sure.” And I came and did it. And then they would just call
me every once in a while, like, “Hey, do you just
wanna come for the day?”, and I was like, “Yeah.” It wasn’t like I got cast, it was just them asking, like, if I wanted to come sit in for the day, and sometimes I could,
sometimes I couldn’t. So, I ended up doing like two, three? Three times? – Hey, where am I anyway? – Why this is the famed
Kingdom of Huge, of course. You fell through that crack in my ceiling, and landed in a normal sized pie. – Cartoons are the best job in the world. V.O. is the best job in the world. You work maybe two hours a week. especially kids shows, you just get to have fun and do the dumbest version of everything. It’s the height of comedy for me. People are like trying to
do subtle, cool comedy, I’m like, no, I want
some Rodney Dangerfield. Hit somebody in the balls. You know what I mean? That makes me laugh. You were the aunt to my cousins. Most of your life you were 5’4″, at the end you were 5’1″. – I actually auditioned for
Thomas’ part many, many times, and then they ended up giving
it to Thomas last minute. As the story goes. But then they added a
character on the show. They added a whole new
character just for me. Then they brought me
into a bunch of episodes of The Office which was cool, but yeah, we shot the spin-off as an episode of The Office. And it didn’t quite work. I had so much fun. It was insane, I was on
the finale of The Office and the finale of Breaking
Bad within like, a month. I got to go to so many cool parties. (laughs) Even being in the finale of The Office I kept being like, “Why am I here? “Why do you guys have me here?” I mean, I’m not gonna leave, but this is great. He was not only a good pitcher, but he was a good batter. He would hit home-runs. It went over and over. It’s like, I throw this
(beep) ninety miles an hour. In the ’80s, the year 1980s, not in the ’80s of speed ball. Oh Jesus, I gotta start that again. Yeah, Jim Abott was just
a fascination I had. Derek and I had talked ’cause
I knew him through UCB stuff and he was like, I knew when he was making the Funny or Die version of Drunk History which was just a couple sketches. Then he started making
the show and I was like, “Hey man, I’ll drink on the
show, please, I wanna do it.” Then he calls you and you just kind of, both kind of decide on the story together, and then you kind of come
up with your own telling. Then they come to your
house and you drink a lot, and just tell the story
over, and over, and over for like five hours. But they make you take a physical. They have a nurse on set that gives you electrolyte
shots every 30 minutes, but you are aggressively drunk. I drank three full
bottles of wine by myself. And apparently, Jeremy, the director said that I was naked
towards the end of it. Like, ’cause I got hot or something. I started taking off all my clothes. I was trying to help them move equipment. And they were like, “No,
you don’t have to help us.” Like, “No I got.” ‘Cause they were in my house. “I gotta help you.” “I’ll lift the camera.” They’re like, “Don’t lift
the camera.” (laughs) “You drunk idiot.” And then I, like, waving
like just in my underwear. Thought I was dead, I’m
not dead, I’m alive! (crowd laughs) You been crying? God, I’m so touched.
– Yeah, right here. (karate chops)
– Oh! (crowd laughs) – (chuckles) I got a
call and they were like, “Do you wanna go do a movie
in Oklahoma for a month?” And I was like, “Yeah, I’d
like to get out of L.A.” Ryan Hansen from Party Down
and a bunch of other stuff. I knew he was doing it, and I knew that we had mutual friends and I
thought he was a funny guy (mumbles) from what I heard, I was the
reason he did it as well. So, we went and did it. In the movie, there’s a lot
of football players in it. Actually, there’s a bunch of guys who used to play at
Oklahoma State University. University of Oklahoma
’cause we shot in Oklahoma. They were hitting us really hard, and couple of guys had to be like, “Hey man, it’s a movie,
you can’t hit me like that. “I’m gonna die, you have
to stop, that really hurt.” But it was fun. – [Narrator] If Brexit’s
taught us anything it’s that Britain is a proud country. Home to respected politicians. – From Nigel Farage, how thoughtful. – [Narrator] And has a relaxed
attitude to immigration. – Oh c’mon man. – I directed a whole season of a T.V. show in England called Borderline. It’s on Netflix. Directed the whole first season. I helped create the show and cast it. One of my best friends
growing up, his name’s Mike OT, and his partner,
my now partner Chris Gau, all three of us kind of
made this show together. It was similar to the office, but about border agents in the U.K. I didn’t act in it. I just directed it, helped write and produce,
and we made this show for no money and no time. I’m really proud of it,
I think it’s really good. (gritty rock music) I appreciate you giving us
the best show of the 2010’s, but also, of course we are. Have you seen the show? C’mon. It’s amazing! Take that, Game of Thrones. (laughs) I think Breaking Bad is
the best show of the decade because it got better
every single episode. There was never a dip. And every other show I’ve seen dips. That one, every episode
gets better, and better, and better, and better. (sustained musical note)


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