Matt Gaetz kicked out of impeachment inquiry hearing


100 thoughts on “Matt Gaetz kicked out of impeachment inquiry hearing”

  • If these hearings are so secret and sentive then one would think that a selective and one sided leak is a form of obstruction of justice.

  • So predictable that Fox News pumped up a non-story on a holiday Monday … a very slow news day. Boneheaded Florida Republitard Congressman stages a “made for TV scene” about crashing a hearing in which he’s not involved, nor invited. (Other Republitard committee members WERE in attendance, however.) Meanwhile, loyal middle-American Droolers take the bait and get all pissy over nothing! My beloved country is teeming with poorly-educated morons.

  • FreeandFighting says:

    The Republicans on the Judicial & Intel Committees Should Storm the doors of the proceeding before it starts & ALL go inside & REFUSE to leave. Let AS issue an order to remove, which is REFUSED. Let them arrest? Well then we Republicans can get our case in front of a Judge who should CONDEMN the Whole process! imo, FREE

  • The Safe Journey says:

    this is a republic and the minority needs to be there! the democrats cant just make up rules, dumbest thing to come out of fox!! our republic needs to be restored in the house!!!!

  • Heather McBride says:

    House Parliament RULED that Gaetz had to leave not Schiff. Get your FACTS straight, FAUX NEWS. Gaetz is a joke, he thinks Kangaroo Court refers to Captain Kangaroo. Idiot

  • FreeandFighting says:

    The Republicans on the Judicial & Intel Committees Should Storm the doors of the proceeding before it starts & ALL go inside & REFUSE to leave. Let AS issue an order to remove, which is REFUSED. Let them arrest? Well then we Republicans can get our case in front of a Judge who should CONDEMN the Whole process! imo, FREE

  • Christopher DeLaCruz says:

    Where did all the subs for fox news go?

    I know shep was loved a portion of the viewers but I didn't think he took THAT many viewers with him

  • Ramón Sánchez says:

    some how this circus remembers me the movie the untouchables and this time insted Al it's trumpty dumbty the president of all them republicans.

  • ihaveachihuahau says:

    Congress should be 24/7 live streamed. Nothing Our legislative branch does that affects the lives of americans should be done in "secret". Congress doing things in secret means Congress is doing things that the people don't agree with.

  • Michael. C Crawford says:

    It's really pathetic that they can't just answer the questions asked. When you're innocent there is no problems. And dudes not even a member so quit your sniveling about it .

  • Brett, this has nothing to do with being on Trump's side!!!
    The Dems are making up lies, shiff already has a reputation for being a lier. Shiff is corrupt and so is Nancy!!!!!

  • This is all WWE in front of our face. its all a lie. Wake up people. This is all a ploy to get you distracted, angry, stressed, to control your minds. Main stream media is all a lie and its all misinformation and mind control. Stop listening to this BS. Our government is pre planned and controlled. We do not have freedom of choice.

  • Just so you know there are no witnesses. They just want the public to think there are and that’s what they’re running with.

  • Steven Bronchak says:

    Why is it so difficult getting rid of schiff . Just ask Hillary how she would do it .He will be committing suicide in a day .

  • Thank you thank you leftist, socialist Democrats keep on doing it so that I have more videos like this is to show to all my Democrats friends in CA so that just like me they would be walking away. I tell my friends its either you're in or you're out to be a part of helping making and keeping our country great. God bless President Trump and his family, God bless America. In God we trust. Amen.

  • Jeff's comments says:

    The Democrat liberals have not thought this coup through. Justice is coming in a legal form for the coup plotters but Americans are beyond pissed and they still have their guns and I don't know what they're going to do when they find out what the Dems did to try to overthrow the government.

  • I am no lawyer however even I know if you are not on one of the committees then you have no place in the room. Without these understandings there wouldn't be a room large enough to hold everybody. Matt Gaetz wants face time above all else. He never has anything to contribute that isn't some Republican lie . In my day we would call him a stupid blowhard. Still fits.

  • He had no business there in the first place and clearly only showed to cause as much trouble as he could and then cry when he was sent to his room for being a 4yr old. A lot of cool-aid being passed around in this comment section.

  • This should make everyone in America shutter. Today’s lack of representation for the President is tomorrow’s lack of representation in court for average Americans. Talk about unprecedented in history as I keep hearing Democrats say, I watched the Nixon debacle and you, Adam Schiff, are no Sam Ervin.

  • Barr should whalz in and arrest Schiffy Shitser and Pelosi and interigate them, they have no evidence to stand up on and wasting taxpayers dime, The democrats are crooks and dirty they should be hauled into legal consequences, that they inflicted on republicans and Trump campaign had experienced, Why is it ok to do this to one and not the other. Comey and Clapper and rest should be detained for spying and deceiving and wasting taxpayers money. Surely Barr has sufficient evidence as it has been playing out over 3 years + Or is he also a democrat too.

  • Donald Trump: "Putin is a good guy."
    Matt Gaetz: "There are no rules."
    Rudy Giuliani: "The truth is not the truth."
    Me: You got to be shitting me… :/ :/ :/ 🙁

  • Blanchard Charles says:

    What a bunch of crap….Rep.Gaetz has proven over and over again he's is not looking for the truth. In past testimony of other witnesses he uses the committee time to spew his fabricated conspiracy
    theory that have been proven wrong or false multiple times over. If your looking for who is making a Kangaroo court and limiting access to evidence and witness look no farther then TRUMPS ADMINISTRATION. Just be happy that someone as crooked as Mr Gaetz is even allowed in the building. We are looking for the truth here, and a well known Trump stooge who's only job is to muddy the waters so democrats cant find it is not welcomed for good reasons. Since Dems won the house and are allowed to pull Gaetz , he's on Fox news bitchen and whining that Dems wont let him run his regular interference. This administration and the soulless republicans that have sold out american democracy for a big tax break to it's big donors are the animals in the white house circus.

  • Matt Gaetz, Devin No nuts and, the man without a suit shouldn't be on any committee, they are riding so hard for trump, that they have no skin left on their asses.
    If the whistle blower would come in to give testimony, he or she would be exposed before he raised his hand to be sworn in.

  • It's not their choice!! We pay there salary. This is another example as to why we do not have representative government

  • It's not kangaroo the correct term is criminal lol. They just dont want to disclose it.
    They are planning for after Impeachment.

    Yall still believe king trump tells the truth lol . By the time yall wake up trumps gonna be in prison or Russia

  • Hey dumbass Adam Schiff the Constitution says that you have a right to meet your Accuser so where is our president right to meet his accuser you are breaking the Constitution I took an oath to Faithfully defend preserve and protect the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic I wonder which one you are

  • Pure idiots they need to invest there time in something else and stop trying to stop our President Trump from doing his great job .. Trump 2020

  • How can Schift sit an say fabricate testimony when hes the one who does that over an over. How is this crap ACTUALLY HAPPENING! How does having majority in congress let u lie, cheat, commit TREASON with no recourse? TRUMP2020

  • I live in Georgia, it would have been Democrat.. remember.. Mr. Collins??? I'm ashamed of your work.. supporting a criminal president. Obstruction emolluments, section code §30121. Contributions and donations by foreign nationals, if not out right obstruction of Congress oversight. Twice the President had his branch of government obfuscate in court about his taxes.. And is to be deposed on activity from before he was elected.. It's rediculus for you to support him. He's not GOP.

  • So basically a bias chairman who has made a name for attacking Trump and fabricating lies calling a republican bias because they're defending Trump and cross examining a witness.

    Makes sense. Right? Do as I say not as I do.

  • There is a precedence that they should follow, however, and if the Republicans were the majority in the House of Reps. behaving this way, I can assure you it would never fly!!! I stand with President Trump! Covfefe!!

  • No buddy, you wanted to try and interrupt the proceedings. Just to get on the news. Nobody plays politics better than the GOP. Yet they try to play the victim.

  • Will there be a day soon, when the marines have to be called to remove these criminals from our government once the FISA report comes out that proves this was an attempted coup to overthrow a duly elected President?
    Drastic measures must be applied to save our Republic !

  • Is there any real AMERICAN who can punch hard this disgusting face of that AdamShit??? So hard that he will not be able to stand anymore in front of camera????

  • What's the problem? Gaetz is not a member of that Committee, and shouldn't be there. Other Republicans are on the Committee or Committees that are hearing this. He didn't need to be there and was escorted out. Does he not trust those Republican Congressmen on those Committees to tell what happened?

  • Don't worry, no big deal. When the Democrats have their gotcha monent, tell them to go and fu** themselves.
    Dismiss the crooked Democrats ad they are. Stop playing along with their
    " what everyone knows " bull sh**.
    Business as usual, they and msm have tried to sabotage and undermine this president from day 1.

  • I truly hate to say it, but Schiff needs to be hanged by the neck until dead for treason… Most of the Democratic party is guilty… I'm saddened by such infighting in our great country…

  • William Barr just had a visit with Rupert Murdock at Murdock's private residence. Very interesting. Perhaps they worked out a deal of increasing their propaganda against the truth. This administration is so corrupt and the republicans are cowards because they fear Trump's fanatical supporters. Pretty sad.

  • The democrats are acting like the elite ruling class in a communist country.Which is what they would have been if Hillary would have won.

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