Master of Science in Library & Information Science  (MS/LIS) Online Program

Master of Science in Library & Information Science (MS/LIS) Online Program

[ Music ]>>The master of science in library
and information science is today one of the most versatile, powerful, and relevant
master’s degrees in higher education.>>We have been highly ranked for many,
many years, and we have a very deep and abiding commitment to
librarians and librarianship. Specifically, our pathways include knowledge
management and competitive intelligence, archives and special collections, research and
information services, information organization and management, data and asset management,
and also youth and K-12 specialization. We have just so many different areas of
expertise that the students can partake in, and really, they can customize
what they want to do. And certainly, we have the LEEP program, which
is our online version of our master’s program. It is the same program same classes, same
faculty, just different delivery mode, and we have students all over the world
that take classes with us via LEEP. We have some award-winning faculty. We have faculty that are just on the cutting
edge of their disciplines and expertise. We have psychologists. We have computer scientists. We have several of us who have actually worked
in libraries for many years and bring a lot of practical perspective, and so I think
students have a lot of flexibility, in terms of taking both practical classes and
also taking classes that might inspire them to do research and to write and to
contribute to the field in other ways. And so we have lots of connections
with other units on campus.>>I graduated from school in ’77. I realize more and more how useful that
experience was in preparing me to do the things that I ultimately decided I wanted to do.>>The iSchool absolutely
promotes success after graduation. It starts in the classes. The professors are wonderful, all of them. All of them take a direct and highly involved
interest in your experience in their classroom and your experience within the iSchool. Student groups would be the second
foundational aspect of the iSchool. There are over half a dozen really active
student groups that all have professional and social events, that all participate
in the overall iSchool events. There are countless GAships
available through the iSchool. There are so many connections
that can be made at the iSchool. Everybody has an information problem. There’s no end to the usefulness
of understanding information in academics, in politics, in business. The information management
will always be useful. It will always be necessary.>>The School of Information
Sciences is a very special place. We’re not just giving you a credential. We’re preparing leaders in the field,
because that’s what the world needs now. It needs leadership. I’m excited to be here. I wouldn’t be anywhere else. You should think about joining us. [ Music ]


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