Marvel’s Kevin Feige Reveals New Updates to MCU Phase 4! (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

Marvel’s Kevin Feige Reveals New Updates to MCU Phase 4! (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

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Brad Pitt’s Ad Astra. Marvel’s Kevin Feige reveals new updates to the MCU’s Phase 4. Brazil’s Comic-con experience
was this past weekend and it was everything that
nerds and fans of pop culture could possibly want in one place. They got a trailer for Wonder Woman 1984. They got a first look at
Ghostbusters: Afterlife. And they got a massive showing from the Marvel Cinematic Universe
courtesy of Marvel Studio’s head honcho, Kevin Feige, including updates about
Phase 4 and beyond. But not the beyonder. So, what did Kevin Feige say exactly? Well, we’re gonna break
it all down right now. Now, fist up, fans of the Marvel
panel got their first look at some footage from The Eternals. It’s gonna be the next MCU
movie after May’s Black Widow. He acknowledged that a
majority of the audience might not be aware of the team, somewhere to how many were introduced to Guardians of the Galaxy
back in the 2014 film. But that lack of awareness
about The Eternals also translates onto the screen as well with Feige revealing the
fans and news outlets “The Eternals know about the
existence of The Avengers. “The Avengers don’t know much
about The Eternals…yet. “Celestials are a big part of it, “you’ve seen a little of the Celestials in “Guardians of the Galaxy. “Nowhere is the severed
head of a Celestial. “We will see the Celestials in their full, “true enormous power in The Eternals.” No severed heads, though? I’m outta here! But, wait, there is more. He also had a lot to
say about the upcoming MCU series for Disney+ as well. On top of showing off some new photos of the Falcon and Bucky show
that’s currently filming, he reportedly revealed
that She Hulk, Ms. Marvel, and Moon Knight shows will
all be ready by next year. And if this is true, this hopefully means we’re gonna be getting some
casting news awfully soon. Now we know there were
previously leaks about auditions for Ms. Marvel, so the
process is definitely underway if this roles haven’t already
secretly been decided. This also means that, to account
for post-production time, this shows are close to being
ready to start shooting, or already shooting in secret. If we had to guess, we’d
suspect we’re gonna hear a great deal more about this properties somewhere between Wondercon in the spring, Comic-con in the summer. But, wait, there’s more more! One of the other things that
really got Con-goers excited is the confirmation of
something that fans, including Kevin Feige
have been wanting to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
for quite some time now. Multiversal shenanigans. According to the folks at, Feige said, “I always
wanted to do time travel, “which we finally got to do in Endgame. “The multiverse is the
next step in the evolution “of the MCU and Doctor Strange
in the Multiverse of Madness “is gonna crack it open
in ways that’ll have “repercussions for a Disney+ series “before it that’s not
WandaVision and for movies “after it in a big fun way.” Now this ties into reports that Loki will also dip his
toes into the multiverse in addition to the upcoming
WandaVision series, which will directly tie into
the Doctor Strange sequel. Now, knowing that multiple
series and movies could tie into how the multiverse
is explored in the MCU sounds like a pretty great
way to really open things up for different types of stories in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, it also means we’re
gonna have to get used to saying the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse instead of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yikes! But, wait, there’s more! I know, I know. The ghost of Billy May, anyway. The final bit of news that really stoked the fires of fan speculation is when Feige said this, “The MCU is all interconnected, “but we really focus on
one movie at a time.” He went on to say, “Then,
yes, it is always fun “to see them come
together in a master plan. “Which, I promise you, is well underway.” (laughs) Crossover alert. So, what does this mean for the future of Marvel movie team ups? Well, it’s not clear if this
new Avenger style team up could be a loose adaptation
of a comic book event, somewhere to Avenger’s Infinity War, or it could be a brand-spanking new story. Now, it’s hard to
speculate on this too much, especially when you
consider the added wrinkle of how mutants are gonna be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Maybe the multiverse is the answer to all of these questions. We’ll just have to wait and see. But, whatever happens, it’s
comforting for us to know that Feige and company have a plan. But what do you folks think? What new bit of Marvel news
has you the most stoked? And what kind of new crossover
event do you want to see? Something from the comics? Or something completely new? Personally, I want like
Doom War, or Secret Wars. Give me that inter-dimensional
Game of Thrones with a god king Dr. Doom. I just wanna see Latveria. And, were you one of the fans who said that you knew about The Eternals or Guardians of the Galaxy
before they became a thing? Are you lying? Are you trying to sound cool? Because it’s working. Let’s discuss. Thanks again to Ad Astra for
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