Marvel Advertising Isn't For Me

Marvel Advertising Isn't For Me

[Applause] [Applause] hello everyone and welcome back for another episode of Setsu two cents and I do realize that I have not made a video on this channel and quite some time but I don't know I had some stuff on my mind and wanted to vent about it and this is this is the best way for me to do it so uh I know it's been a while but let's try to get back into the swing of things shall we so today completely out of nowhere we're going to talk about Marvel there's been a lot of news coming out in regards to future Marvel films and the one thing I'm starting to notice is this new wave of Marvel is a it's not made for me and I'm okay with that and honestly I don't really honestly don't care because I'm a little burnt out we've had all these years of Marvel movies and we've been able to see all of them and basically they have reached a conclusion as far as we're concerned so after in game I was pretty much done anyway because I you know whatever but just looking at the way these movies are presented and and kind of kind of a display to would-be fans of these new films I can already tell that they're just not for me like you can hear a pitch for something and just tell like they're not making this for you because when the MCU started coming together and all these characters started coming together you know you knew them for the type of things that they were known for so Ironman was awesome cuz he was super smart and had all this technology and these suits different suits that he can change out between and they were cool they look cool and they were badass they shot rockets and all this stuff and it was just like that's that's why Iron Man is cool and you see you know Thor you know Thor's gimmick he has the hammer and the lightning in that his eyes is glowing and all this cool stuff that you saw about them they just look like badass characters and it was what they did the worst the god of thunder his his manipulation and control over thunder itself is what made him cool like that was the draw Iron Man suits made Iron Man awesome and his intelligence Thor's Thunder and his you know charm made him awesome it was like it was like always about the powers and the the character traits themselves like what makes this character interesting but we have moved completely away from that now because now what makes modern day heroes heroes is external irrelevant factors so this person this new hero that we're introducing now is amazing but not because they're a hero not because they have a sense of justice or or or something like that or just this none of that matters it doesn't matter what their powers are we're not even gonna discuss what their powers are that's completely irrelevant get this though they're a negro mm-hmm yeah isn't that cool isn't that amazing this person is amazing because they are a negro that's why it everything else is irrelevant who cares about their powers or whatever's going on first black whatever in this that's what matters is it gonna be interesting I don't know what's the story gonna be about who cares like it none of that matters there's a dark-skinned person in a hero movie and that's what matters and that is what this movie is going to be about that is what the the basis of this movie is gonna be on and that is our draw for you to come and see it that's it they have dark skin like you do awesome movie right and I'm just like no are they are they a hero do they have an actual sense of justice does anything about the matter outside of their skin color because if not then I don't I don't want to see it I'm not interested at all and just a person who looks like me being on screen it's it's doesn't mean anything to me you're not telling me anything for example if when Iron Man first came to the MCU and that first movie came out and they were just like Marvel and his whiteness look how pleasantly white he is it's so awesome because he's white and we're gonna talk about we're gonna explore his whiteness and how that's cool then I'd be like I don't want to see that I'm not interested in this dude's whiteness I'm interested in a superhero that can do that normal people namely me cannot do cuz that's the whole reason for escapism stuff it's like I'm escaping from the normal everyday internal that I have to deal with now that's not to say that there can't be any issues or things within that story that relates to those external things because these people are presumably people with lives just like everybody else so of course their skin color their sexual orientation or anything else will play a factor at some point throughout the movie throughout their lives but that's just supposed to be a back-end thing that that's supposed to be some external like I don't want a whole movie about a superhero that happens to be a woman focused on the fact that she's a woman I just don't want it I don't want a hero movie on a man focused completely on the fact that he's a man and he has a penis and that is somehow more relevant than the fact that he can pick up a two ton truck and throw it clear across the city like I just I don't care it is the most uninteresting thing you could possibly make a movie about it just it's a superhero movie for that matter like if we're doing a character study or some like that on just some Rando person and for whatever reason their race is like literally the central focal point of their life and nothing else about the matters than short make a movie about that but I'm just not that's not a draw for me and I realized that you know going into these movies where they're like you got our first deaf person you got our first Asian person you got our first you know LGBT openly LGBT it's like so I don't care what did they do so I just I don't know man like when I see these movies and I see what's coming out about them or whatever in the things that they are highlighting I'm not hearing nothing about the film I'm not hearing anything about why I should be interested all I'm hearing is if you have some type of political affiliation if you have some type of you know social connection to these type of things then this movie is for you because this person in this movie fits that criteria and for me it's just like I don't care give me something else give me something entertaining something that I could get excited about other than there is a person in this movie that exists that match the identification of a person who you see every day I just does it's not it it doesn't do anything for me so in conclusion these movies aren't for me I'll probably end up seeing them because most of this pandering most of this pandering that happens before the movies it's not really ever as spectacular as some of the activists make it seem so when they say that you know valkyries new goal is to find a new queen whatever it's probably gonna be a super sort short irrelevant scene some throw away seeing that these uh these activists out here can fawn over and act a goddamn fool and act like it was the most incredible thing to ever happen to them and the movie will otherwise be just fine just like all the rest of them but I just I'm not gonna subscribe to any of this promotional crap I'm not gonna read any articles dedicated to them because they're not they're not focused on me you know they're they're not marketed to me or people who don't care about external features and and why for some reason that makes them significantly better than anyone else I just don't care I don't care it doesn't matter who it is why white people black people Chinese people Asian people blind people disabled people none of that matters to me unless it is unless it is like key for some reason if it's if it's key to their power like if if for whatever reason Valkyrie Valkyries powers like the actual ability that she has as a hero is somehow affected by her gayness then I don't give a I don't care her relationship with another woman is completely irrelevant to me she is in love with another human being so as most people in the world that means nothing but it means something to some people I won't ever understand it I don't want to understand it and I refuse to try to understand it because it's not for me to understand I just I just don't want to deal with it so if you would like to go see that movie you want to go see it you think it's for you then great but I'm gonna need a little more than this person scissors that other person so that makes them significant well this person can't see so that makes them significant or this person person has melanin so that makes them significant it doesn't doesn't make you significant it doesn't so yeah that was my two cents on that and I just uh just looking at all these trailers and promotional material and stuff well I mean I guess there's not a lot of trailers but just like all the articles writing about it and all this they just so so completely and utterly uninteresting to me and I just I couldn't care less but anyway as I said I think that's by design cuz I don't think they're for me anyway so thank you guys for watching I know I haven't made a video in a while and it was probably rambly and a mess but what else would you expect for me I uh this is the type of person I am so anyway thank you guys for watching I'll see you guys on the next one whenever that will be


8 thoughts on “Marvel Advertising Isn't For Me”

  • What ticks me off is their need to take established characters and twist them for their own agenda. They can't create new and interesting characters. They can only create characters solely based on race, gender or sexuality. When you develop someone hollow like that, nobody gives crap. It should be about who they are, not what they are.

  • Straight Sith Male says:

    So many established comic book characters that are (POC LGBT) why the gender and/or race swap. it doesn't make any sense. it's SJW's trying to put their foot in the door therefor trying to destroy another a fandom.

  • They didn't even get the purple man right. I can see this all going to shit really quick as far as the movies go. I won't even comment on the comic books because it seems like they are hell bent on pushing out crap.

  • Hold on Satsu. What you’re saying is you expect some kind of story telling or intelligence in your entertainment? I’m just trying to understand. You don’t like big visuals based purely on aesthetics?

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