3 thoughts on “Maroon 5 will headline Super Bowl halftime show”

  • I really hope the NFL dies! Let them kneel together in the unemployment line! Along with the sponsors! RIP, Nothing last forever.🀣…..if you were to protest in front of the business that employs you( if not on welfare) while you are on the clock getting paid for your services, I think you might get fired or disciplined.Β  If not let me know where to apply. And it has to pay more than 500k a year…the PGA has more balls than the nfl!…most all other sports do! A 10-year-old boy who often uses a wheelchair and requires braces on his legs managed to stand for the national anthem at a Tennessee fair on Sunday night. That makes the nfl players look like shit! These over paid idiots could pay to advertise their cause or donate to a good cause but they dont because they are greedy and expect everything for free because I'm a star. And all you idiots support them…not me anymore! Grow up or wake up.

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