8 thoughts on “Marlee Matlin Headlines Panel Discussion on People with Disabilities in Times of Economic Crisis”

  • please put closed captioning what with the guy is saying in the video? b/c i don't know asl but i'm hard of hearing myself. Thanks soo much for uploading this. 🙂

  • International Labour Organization says:

    @sweetlikez Done! ILO TV has created a Playlist that includes videos with CC and some of them with subtitles in French and Spanish as well. Unfortunately we do not have the entire collection of videos there, but we want to let you know that we are working on the improvement of our web-based platforms in order to be consistent with our principles of equity, not only for the deaf and hard of hearing people, but also for Non-English speakers.

  • THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! 🙂 THANK U .. THANK U.. 🙂 Yeah that's true about the non-english part 🙁 but at least u did the english part.. 🙂

  • Alfred Gregory says:

    God ask to Iyo big the question your lie statements not true, God would not let the rich peoples and movie star could go his heavens, God's shedherd we are stand by Jesus Christ our Lord period. I was a working in the military for the Government in the two years. My doctor order that I can't work there anymore. If I keep work there that i could go died from heart attack.

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