Markets Tumble After March Report Shows 701,000 Jobs Lost | NBC News NOW


83 thoughts on “Markets Tumble After March Report Shows 701,000 Jobs Lost | NBC News NOW”

  • Crystal Meserve says:

    How come when dump gives the oil billionaires our tax dollars for welfare to the rich, we have to pay more for gas??? Screw that!

  • Michael Jeffries says:

    Trump properties always lose money. The only cash influx has dried up as all profitable ones are closed.
    Income from legitimate sources cannot cover interest payments on huge debt load. Trumps
    own nothing Deutsche bank does.

  • I’m sure this is also Obama’s fault. Somehow. Trump will find some way to insist that’s a fact, and he takes no responsibility, and some big boys did it and ran away but it wasn’t his fault, etc etc etc.

    Moving on, and we’re reading reports on this side of the pond about that hospital ship that was sent to New York, which Trump made a big song and dance about, and it can take on board 1,000 patients – it currently only has 20. It’s apparently all but deserted, with navy paperwork and obstacles preventing virtually anyone from being sent there, so the hospitals are still just as full, while that hospital ship is basically just parked there, all but empty, as yet another sign of how badly the crisis is being handled over there. More’s the tragedy.

  • David Bozanovs says:

    NO NO NO NO!!! Give it two days and our "CHOSEN ONE" will be singing the praises of all the millions and millions of big beautiful coal and steel jobs, oh and don't forget all the manufacturing jobs he brought back to this country also, and how if all these jobs weren't created (they weren't) the country would be far worse off. And of course to finish blame it on Obama.

  • 9 meals away From anarchy says:

    Imagine a Great Depression the worst you have ever seen. No job to go to it’s easy if you try imagine all the military in your streets today it’s not hard to do sing along.

  • Lyin Donny wants your vote, but he don’t care you lost your job he’s just bummed that the failing trump motels arent turning a profit anymore.

  • Way to focus on a symptom rather than the disease. Such a lack of perspective explains why the stock market has become completely detached from reality in recent years.

  • All gloom and doom from the liberal media, they want the economy in the dumpster and you to lose your job so they can defeat Trump in November. They will do or say anything to get what they want.

  • This is why the president wants to open up the economy again Americans are going t osuffer because they can’t go to work and pay their bills,how many small businesses need to go under because we open up again?

    At this point economy devastation Will be worst that the virus.

  • Claudy TheArtist says:

    Had Trump not fired the Pandemic Committee and did nothing as Coronavirus spread across the USA, our economy would have been fine…

  • Have no fear, Progressives! The fetid and malodorous stench that emanates from your yeast and chlamydia-infested reproductive parts, and the despicable coagulated slime trail upon which you slither, ensures an involuntary and violent gag reflex of everyone within yards of you. Love Is Love! Detach, dismember and discard the uterine parasites! My Body, My Choice! Men are Women and Women are Men! Kindness, Always! RESIST!

  • No one is questioning why trump Is sending tons and tons of medical Supply/ equipment out of The United States to other countries and causing a bidding war Between the States here for medical Supplies?????

  • We all know it's going to get worse before it gets better. We all need to hang in there. The blame game recently is just appalling. Let's just focus on our healthcare workers and all those who are supporting us through this crisis. For our main stream media showing little on the deceptions of CCP, here is the latest.
    Please people look at other world outlets to see the whole picture.

  • This is professional players cashing in.
    The market doesnt move because small investors buy and sell !
    They are busy earning their money, not stealing it from you.

  • A Crazy Lady Killed her Husband with Fish Tank Cleaner & NBC promotes her & helps her Blame Trump ? This Woman should be Investigated & NBC should be her Codefendant, CNN & Co r The Enemy of The People ?

  • Sheldon Cooper says:

    Only 701,000???!!! What about the tens of millions the furloughed workers (my coworkers and I included) and record numbers of unemployment claims?

  • As long as you plan on holding for a 3, 5, 10-year term, it is a great time to buy blue-chip stocks at bargain prices.

  • You reported over 3 million filed for unemployment. Now you report only 701k jobs were lost. Keep your lies straight. Not everyone is as stupid as your leftarded followers.

  • sillyrockstar1984 says:

  • Trump tweets “oil deal?” There is no “oil deal” between Russia and Saudi but oil market shot up 17% 17 minutes later. One tweet from one moron should not affect markets. But here we are. Something is broken.

  • The left are still hurting because Hillary lost even at a time like this.
    Politicising a crisis shame on the Democrats.


  • ADolpus Turdmanus Antichristus says:


  • The International Bank of Settlements has scheduled 2020-2021 to be shock years for the world. Seems to be on schedule.

  • Bob Dobbolina says:

    How can the economy only lose 700k jobs when 6.6 million new applications for unemployment were filed by March 28th? Even the bad news is candy coated for Trump's benefit!

  • American greedy lol traders I looked into this and it’s still happening during this time almost like keep in mind the strong will survive and the rich don’t care about the poor and say their hand are tided. Fock en losers care about the employees now and be true leaders. Don’t be mofos

    A wipeout of USA, is a wipeout for the rest of the world. Prolonged pain excascerbates and frustration builds up. People will be desperate and lawlessness will be substantially increased. Everything is Broken.

    This is the real truth with D.Trump
    I am horrified to hear from the United States that doctors and medical staff are being dismissed.
    Just because they tell the truth, warn of risks and won't be told what to say.
    I have always believed the United States to be a liberal country with freedom of speech. Unfortunately, I was wrong.
    The difference between this and totalitarian regimes is diminishing faster than the pandemic.
    But what is worse than the Corona Pandemic? Another term of Trump!!!

  • Ehhhh. I'm sorry but companies cannot fire people because of Corona virus. There must be something else going on here.

  • Seriously who frigging cares about the stock market. It surged after a 1 trillion tax cut. now the same companies are holding up their hands for bail out. The irony, government always stressing people need emergency funds, but corporations.. they just hold up their hands.

  • Beisner Poopsy says:

    Stock markets been propped up for quite awhile. There's no money left in Social Security or Pensions. This is a re- set. You will be repurposed in your employment. Food will be grown differently, or created in labs like meat, life outdoors will change. Permits to leave cities will stay. Should be an interesting future

  • A massive pandemic breaks out & the entire world gets shut down & all the world's economies come crashing down. According to a guy I know & millions like him, it's all just fiction & conspiracy theory & could never happen in real life. I've been playing THE DIVISION too much on my Playstation. But in real life that could never happen.

  • It also shows how corrupt the system is currently being used to report the numbers! Why are the current numbers only shown through March 12???????? March 12 is not the end of March????? Hey also pick and choose which numbers they want to use!

  • Frak the stock markets don't own stock never have barley making rent frak the rich elite millionaire's they zuk the big one

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