Marketing On Facebook - Get Massive Engagement With Facebook Ads [2019]

Marketing On Facebook – Get Massive Engagement With Facebook Ads [2019]

hey everyone this is Ron and in front of me you're gonna see here a paid ad that we did for one of our clients here and in today's video I'm gonna be really dissecting what's going on behind this campaign so you can really start to see what's going on behind my brain as soon as a client pays me and exactly what I'm gonna do and implement just to make sure that we get results for that client now before I begin this video if you're new to this channel my name is Ron Marino and I cover a lot of digital marketing stuff a lot of cool stuff like this where in this video for example I spent you know seventeen thousand dollars on ads and I'm gonna show you the result of it and I'm gonna show you the objective all of this and I'm gonna show you how to really explode a brand the moment you start working with them okay so if you're new to the channel go ahead and leave a comment down below tell me where you're from tell me who you are and I'll respond back let me know that you're new here and let's begin so the client here is called ez ID paddleboards they are one of my current clients and right now their goal is to collect email addresses onto their email list to start building up a nice remarketing list for when they do launch a Kickstarter etc they're gonna be able to launch so before we begin this video before I get into all the technical stuff on how exactly I would start off with this brand right here I first wanted to go ahead and say that anytime you're doing any type of marketing regardless if it's Facebook advertising regardless if it's Instagram influence or outreach regardless of what it is you're always going to want to focus on the objective now if the objective is not clear then you should never do marketing for a company or client if they don't know their objective if you know the objective then you've got to make sure that you're optimizing everything around that objective right so if our objective right now was email I would make sure that every second of my marketing talents are spent trying to collect an email address if my if my objective was sales let's say that they wanted to get product sales on their website sorry about that I would spend every second of the day optimizing for sales now if my objective was likes and engagement I don't know how to draw a thumbs up but I'm just gonna I don't know there's a thumbs up I don't know if that looks like a thumbs up whatever I'm gonna spend every single second optimizing for say engagement for sales for email now in this particular case scenario on this ad account that I'm gonna be showing you behind the scenes here I'm optimizing for email addresses right and the reason why we're optimizing for email addresses as you can see here it just leads over to a landing page that looks like this where the customer can actually enter in their email the reason why we're optimizing for the email address is because this product doesn't launch until March April May let's say and so by the time this product launches we want to have ten thousand emails on this one email autoresponder list and that's a very fair goal to say because if the board if the clients product is gonna cost us you know sixteen hundred bucks or if it's gonna cost the end user sixteen hundred bucks even if one percent of the people on this email convert we're still gonna make a decent return on investment for this product and it's also going to be a successful Kickstarter now with that being said now that you really understand the objective you've really got to understand the marketing gears and really the marketing automation that goes on behind this if you're trying to reach your sales goal of ten thousand emails or whatever your sales goal actually is if your goal if you don't have a clear objective yet make sure that you really understand what your objective is before you start doing any of this marketing stuff now I want to show you behind the scenes of the ads campaign now we're running a lot of ads for the client we're running Facebook Ads Instagram ads Pinterest ads and really anything that can drive traffic at a lower cost as you can see right here this ad set alone full-time we've spent about seven thousand five hundred sixty-eight dollars on this ad and we're getting a forty seven cent and cost per click and it's reached about three hundred and seventeen thousand people which is great and this is this ad right here now I'm gonna talk about the ad in a second and why I specifically made this ad and you're gonna be able to see exactly why there's a dog on this ad and the paddle boards going down like that it's all for good reason now with that being said there's a few things that I learned and Baha you know a few things that I've learned after spending this much for a client on in a few single months literally like two or three months then I'm gonna share with you in this video and it's really the difference maker in Facebook advertising in 2019 and Facebook advertising going forward before you were able to just send people to a cold landing page and not really do anything with it I'm gonna show you kind of like this viral effect that we're having and we're creating inside of this easy etiquette paddleboard campaign now I wanted to make it very clear that when we started out our objective was to collect email addresses which is pretty normal right so when you're starting a campaign like this and when somebody wants you to promote their project product not only should you know the objective but you should also know the best forms of getting traffic to the website right so one of the things that I really like doing before I start anything is I like use Google Trends and Google Trends is really really helpful because it allows you to put in a search phrase up at the top and then it shows you its interest over time so the more interest that the thing has right obviously the better it is to market as you can see right here it doesn't seem like this paddleboarding gets really popular which is the reason why we're going aggressive and advertising here in December etc it doesn't really get popular until this July June phase so at this time right here when it starts reaching reaching its popularity and search that's when we're gonna go ahead and start running ads forget people to buy the product etc and hopefully that's when the Kickstarter launch will be but what I like to do is I like to just make sure that I'm working with a product that's not undie Klein right obviously you wouldn't want to work with a company like blackberry because regardless of how much you advertise it literally because of the search trend data the products just not popular anymore so this is something that you wouldn't want to promote you want to make sure you're promoting something that has a trend to it seasonality and can be easily influenced by other people and I'm gonna explain to you that in just a second okay so the first thing that I did was I looked over here and I checked out the interest by sub-region this is really cool because Google Trends literally tells you exactly what states and what areas are searching for this product or searching for information like it so I found that there was Florida Vermont Hawaii New Hampshire Idaho so these right here are obviously the five target markets that we're going to target starting out now when you're doing these ads you want to make sure that you're doing multiple ads at the same time so you can collect some data as you can see over here there are ads right here that we're converting or they were getting a higher cost per link click sixty-seven cents we're now paying 47 cents which is pretty good for a completely cold audience here is 56 cents here is 168 this is an ad that we're still paying for the only reason we're doing it right now is because we're retargeting using Instagram story ads and I'll explain that in just a second but you really want to make sure that you understand the data before you ever ever go into this this objective here so now that we know the objective is collecting emails well where are we collecting emails from we want to know a little bit of our customers so for this case scenario we see that our customers are in Florida Vermont they're in Hawaii they're in New Hampshire they're in Idaho so those are generally the speaking the areas that we want to target ASAP for our client campaign and the reason why we do that is because if there's a lot of interest in those areas it generally means people are looking to buy stuff that's why I really like Google Trends because it allows you to basically filter by search so you can actually see where people are searching that must be that they're highly highly interested if they're searching in those areas it's weird to see like up here where there's Vermont up north but that can make sense right because there must be a lot of water over here there's a lot of ponds a lot of lakes a lot of stuff over here going on a lot of ocean so you want to go ahead and make sure that you just understand your data before you even start to target the objective okay so now that we've got the objective we got the data what you really want to do is understand Facebook advertising like this and I'm gonna make this very clear for you to understand and you'll have very successful campaigns if you just do this understand that whenever you're trying to market for an objective you're going for a piece of pie right you're literally going for a piece of pie you're going for this giant circle here and hopefully that this is a blue ocean meaning this is where people aren't advertising as much you know this is why I like working with unique products products that are very niche specific right I'm not obviously not gonna target insurance with one of these states or anything like that because there's obviously a million insurance agencies but with paddleboards it allows me to basically go in here and get into a niche market and there's not a lot of moat that I gotta compete against with right so when you look at this market you want to do a few things you want to start running engagement ads okay and these are ads that basically just get people to like in comment right so these are engagement engagement ad number one okay engagement ad number two engagement number three right you want to run these engagement ads because unlike a salesperson who just comes into someone's house knocks on a door with a clipboard and tries to sell comcast cable you don't want to be that guy online it's the same concept you want to make sure that you're building a relationship first so what we did here was we built engagement and we basically literally just put out ads into this blue ocean and these ads were causing for a lot of likes comments dislikes believe it or not hate etc a lot of emotion which is really good because this is a very passionate audience as you can see and we targeted this was our little circle we targeted Florida Vermont Hawaii New Hampshire Idaho so once we started targeting those look that that little circle here what we then started doing is running start running these engagement ads that really look like this right they were just like hey we're proud to announce that we're gonna engage in a Kickstarter campaign you know we made a revolutionary board etc there's a bunch of different ways that you can promote content and I'll explain that in this video a bit but once we started marketing to this area we started collecting engagement right and this is important to do because if this audience size let's say is 50,000 well you want at least 50,000 of those people to see your ad and this is really good because now what you've done if you've taken them to the step 2 of the foot of the funnel right so now that you've created engagement what you want to do is you want to do the same thing but this time you're gonna target the different circle and you're gonna target the same circle but this time it's gonna be a lot smaller because not everybody's are gonna engage with your brand right not everybody's gonna want to click through not everybody's gonna want to like your product it's just the way it is we had a lot of haters comment down below as you can see here someone said shouldn't have to provide a basic email address that's fine we don't you know that doesn't matter there's so many people out there if you ever get comments like this online don't even worry about it I mean these people have time to comment on the post it likely means that they're there they're there thought really isn't meant much right so when you go into here you're gonna now once you've run these engagement ads you're gonna have a list of 15,000 people who have engaged with your ad these are people that I may be like these are people that have commented shared tagged a friend have even seen it multiple times right because you can set your frequency to have someone see the same ad multiple times but this ads gonna be a little different this ad you're gonna do link click so you're gonna basically try to get people off of the platform off of Facebook to your actual landing page so these are gonna be link click ads and these can be separate placements if you'd like these can be Facebook these can be Instagram etc and once you run these link click ads well now you're going to bring the target visitor right back to your objective which is the 10,000 emails you wouldn't want to go into a blue ocean automatically asking for email addresses that just wouldn't be viable and it wouldn't really work that well you've got to run engagement first people have really got to know your brand and this is where you're going to pay you know the average Facebook advertising cost per click is about a dollar let's just say a dollar eighty right CPC for a cold audience but if you follow this short little strategy on using engagement first as bait and then going for the link click what you're gonna do is you're gonna find your link clicks are gonna be around 45 cents cost per click and that's really good and that's what you want to get your marketing spend down to because if you don't have to spend a dollar on 80 cents per click well you can just spend 45 cents per click and literally you know six times the ROI per click that you're gonna get with the blue ocean just by spending a little money and building the relationship with the actual prospect and with the actual audience over here so now that that's understood this is kind of my social strategy with this I'm basically sending traffic from Facebook from Instagram from all of these social sites bringing them all the way over to here and having them collect an email address and inside of when we collect the email address there is an email automation sequence that follows if you want to check that out just go ahead and put in your email here and you can go ahead and see but I wanted to show you this kind of basic strategy here on social now there's a lot more that goes into this which I'm gonna get into now we've got this social part down right this is kind of like the social paid now keep in mind when we're working with different platforms we still have the same objective right if I go to Google Adwords or if I go to let's say YouTube or if I go to Amazon or do anything like that where I'm trying to source traffic from I still have the same objective I always understand that the objective never loses sight so regardless of the platform that you're gonna use you're still gonna have this the same objective so now right here we have a social ad strategy okay this is very simple this is a social strategy that you can see here running ads creating engagement bringing them over to the landing page now what I want to do is kind of show you search strategy which is kind of where my really big strong suit is but don't worry I also know a lot about ads too so I want to show you the search strategy behind this product behind this brand the search strategy is very simple Google app Google Trends shows us data here it even shows us what people are typing in in these areas that are really popular as you can see paddleboards for sale near me it works so what that means is people are looking for a store they're not generally looking to go to e-commerce stores they're not looking to buy a paddleboard online because it's gonna cost a lot of money to ship so with that being said I'm actually gonna screenshot that um with that being said our best bet for this is not to actually ship this paddleboard but it might be to find local partners that will allow us to stock our paddle boards inside of their stores this way when people type in paddle boards for sale endear me will ensure that we get a piece of that pie when the stores when the boards are ready to ship this is kind of the marketing intelligence that you must have when you're working with a lot of these brands and a lot of it comes down to experience so even if you don't have experience right now don't let this discourage you because you've got a old op that experience you've really got to make sure that you're building up to the point where you can literally wing it and you can tell a customer by experience hey I've dealt with this before and I want to go ahead and show you exactly what to do and you're not gonna build that unless you're actually doing it so that's why I always like make sure that I stress the importance of actually doing this stuff and not just going out there half asking a bunch of things and then you know thinking that you're the best because you've seen some courses online etc you know watching this video is definitely beneficial for you because you get to see behind the scenes but nothing will be greatest until you've actually done it yourself this is kind of like having a baby right you will never love another person's baby more than you would love your baby because you have an excuse you may like the idea of another person's baby which is kind of what you're watching right now you're seeing my baby but you've got to make your own baby man you've got it you've got to create your own baby you've got to fall in love with it and over time you will become a better parent you're not going to become a better parent by seeing other people's babies that's just not reality so with that being said I just go in here and I kind of see exactly what people are searching and this is going to be really good for a few things one is it gives us great keywords to actually bid on for Google Adwords and two is it gives us a lot of search credibility and a lot of search engine optimization Kyrie's and then I start really creating a search strategy now a search strategy really comes down to a few things okay one is SEO which takes time so if you're working with a new brand don't even think about this yet just set it up properly and let it marinate number two is Google Adwords and Google pay-per-click now Google pay-per-click is going to be great once we have the actual board in stock it's not going to be great to collect an email address because on Facebook we're collecting an email address after all the cost per click cost at about three dollars and fifty cents with Google AdWords we're gonna be paying probably like $35 per email address because the cost per click is gonna be a lot higher somewhere around five to seven dollars on that platform so we want to make sure that the search strategy is not in to play with our current objective which is the 10,000 emails we wouldn't want to start sending search traffic to these opt-in page because it's just not it's just not ideal you want to get traffic from social the way I showed you here that's the cheapest way you're gonna get it so once we do this we really start to look into our search strategy you know what are people searching how can we get in front of them and how do we get them to click on to our website this is a few ways that you do this one is you have a highly highly SEO optimized website and you're targeting the right keywords if you're not familiar with the keywords to target you can use a tool like a href and just type in the keyword or you can use a tool like uber suggests same tool uber suggest is free HR FS is a little expensive but you get what you pay for and you type in the keyword let's say stand up paddleboard and we'll see that it's volume globally with it's all of its topics is about 17,000 monthly search this keyword alone though not in the keyword group is only about 450 monthly searches right but this right here as you can see only has a keyword difficulty of 14 which actually isn't that much right another reason why I love working in markets that are very blue ocean because when you're working in markets with our blue ocean and you're working with brands these types of things this keyword difficulty of 14 these types of things become very very easy for you to rank for simply because there's just not a lot of competition doing the search engine optimization regardless if it's they don't have a lot of money or they might just be stores locally that people already know that are branded sir they're not investing in the search engines but someone like this who gets to work with someone like me I can take advantage of literally going out there and just creating an online you know you know monstrosity here right so with that being said what you want to do is you want to go in and you want to find the different keywords that people are targeting inside of this actual group so for this example it's gonna be things like stand-up paddleboards this example it's gonna be like inflatable stand-up paddleboards paddle stand-up paddle boats for sale stand-up paddle boards for cheap if you're using a are EPS you can literally go in here you can see all of these different keywords and you can even do something that I love doing which is filtering them by keyword difficulty so you can go in and you can find the keywords that are the easiest to rank for right these are all keywords that are literally overnighters meaning I can write a piece of content or I can include these keywords into the clients site and by tomorrow they would be ranking for it so once you've really extracted all of these you can add this into your search strategy right you can put this in and say hey mister client not only we're gonna be focusing on the social ad strategy we're also gonna be focusing on you know the SEO the PPC etc and now that you have the keywords for it you can go in and start doing SEO optimized campaign or you can start doing a pay-per-click campaign that supplements the clients objectives of getting more emails to the list but this isn't going to be an implementation until we actually have something to sell now I want to make that very clear right I think that social media is great because you get to create a lot of hype you get to create a lot of you know a lot of attention you get to do a lot of media etc but social media will never compare to Google in terms of conversion rate optimisation if you're watching this video and you're gonna tell me that Facebook Ads work more than search you're out of your mind they don't work more better than search I'm gonna tell you that right now real sales come from the actual search engine regardless of what you're selling it doesn't matter if it's an e-commerce products but they do e-commerce products are the only exception to this right you can sell e-commerce products a lot but when we've seen businesses like this a lot of the sales do come from the actual search this is why when you type in a keyword such as paddleboards right you're gonna see four ads at the top because these people all these people here are paying to be at the top of Google search engine to make sure that they're getting the click and they're remaining relevant so this is exactly what a search strategy looks like you want to make sure that your client is at the top for all of these phrases all of this different stuff and this all comes down to budget so if your client doesn't have the budget let them know that you're only going to be able to follow one thing to meet their objective always remember always starts with the objective so this is all dependent on the clients budget if your client has clearly stated to you that their objective is to collect ten thousand emails well you should be smart enough to present them the solutions to collect ten thousand emails as you can see here this is one of the solutions here which is using Facebook social ads another solution is search which costs its own amount of money so I just wanted to make that very clear for you guys now another strategy that I really like doing when working with an e-commerce product or working with a product like this as well is starting to search on Amazon Amazon's great simply because it has all of the buyers intent so people that are coming here are really starting to buy things so from Amazon you can determine a few things one is you can determine the price you can determine how much these paddleboards are actually selling for now as you can see all of these are inflatable so these are not our target products these are not our competitors per se these are actually products that are inflatable ours is a solid the product of the client is a solid paddleboard so you're not going to go in there and you're not going to use these as an example so you'd want to go in here and you would might want to just do like solid paddleboards right and then once you go in here you can see that the competition really isn't crazy and which is a good thing because now you can see that these boards are selling on Amazon so even if you wanted to do a third objective right let's say the objective turns into sales when the product actually does come out well now that the objective has changed make sure that you supplement that objective one of the ways is by listing the clients product on Amazon FBA many people don't talk about this but Amazon has a program called fulfillment by Amazon or you can actually send them your products prepackaged prepaid everything and they will take care of the shipping the customer service they will took care of though everything the only thing that they won't take care of is your pricing and that's extremely effective because you can price it how you want and leverage Amazon's already millions of visitors existing visitors onto their website and by doing this you're gonna give them a completely different strategy another strategy that you can do to implement and/or supplement the actual objective of ten thousand emails is by creating YouTube videos now a lot of these videos are old as you can see here there's one at the top five years old there's one under here it's two years old is one four years old but all of these videos have a substantial amount of views on YouTube this is a traffic source that everybody is ignoring I can promise you that and nobody is taking serious advantage of using this as a traffic source now when we create a video which also gives my agency the opportunity to offer video we're gonna create video and basically try to get it to rank on the YouTube search for the keyword paddleboards or whatever it may be and by doing this it's gonna get the client hundreds of thousands of views without having to create a blog post without having to do aggressive SEO just by doing YouTube SEO this is what you've got to do when you're working with brands like this this is what you got to do when you're working with companies a lot of people ask me to make videos like this reveal some clients that I have but I simply don't just because of SEO haters out there but I just wanted to make it very clear that when you're working with a brand like this you've got to attacked it at multiple angles people talk about being omnipresent all the time look there's not one form of marketing that works and doesn't work you've just got to do them all if you're not doing them all somebody is right if you're the one that's just doing this social ad strategy I mean this is your thing right here this is the only thing that you're doing you're up big-time you're up big-time because you're not doing this and if somebody is doing this right if somebody's doing that and they're doing this you're out of luck all of this is not gonna mean anything anymore because the clients gonna out there they're gonna out advertise you they're gonna out there turn out smart you so it's really important that you're running this multi channel of distribution process when you're working with clients dependent on their objectives okay that's really what you got to do now I'm gonna end this recording really shortly but the last thing I wanted to really call out is the image in the ad you know a lot of people they may look at this ad and they may say well you know it's a bad job because the lady the board's like halfway on the ground and the doglike people probably feel bad for the dog well that's the case the reason why I put up this ad in this image right here and the reason why it's performing so well and getting us email opt-ins for three dollars and 50 cents every single day 50 to 100 at a time is because people see the dog people see the board underground and guess what they have to do if they have to make a smart comment so just because of that it gives us a lot more engagement on the ad because then people start commenting saying oh look at the poor puppy or all look how cute the puppy is or all look are shitty your board is under water that's what you want to elicit with a Facebook ad if you are running a Facebook ad and you are getting a lot of hate on your ad that is completely fine you don't have to actually have a bunch of positive comments it's unlikely right the first time you meet somebody you're very weary the first time people see you online they're gonna be very weary so you have to make sure that you play to that and you get the engagement that you deserve on this ad there are several comments of people saying things that you know sometimes the owners don't want to see but unfortunately that's just the way it is and that's what's gonna cause the thousand likes the 120 engagements etc so hope you guys have enjoyed this video if you want to see more Facebook advertising videos more omnipresent marketing videos not just SEO stuff let me know comment down below let me know your thoughts on this video and I will see you guys in the next one


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