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  • i just dont like the "our kids are none of your business" part. the opposite is true and it actually serves the narrative better: all kids are everyone's business, they have to interact with society to some degree no matter how much you isolate them. also not everyone has the luxury of having the resources to isolate their child from society as much. if you're middle class or below chances are youre not homeschooling your child. they get thrusted into society (school) at age 5 (kindergarten). so the whole point is: it IS corporations' business to NOT capitalize on the feeble minds of young children. but leave them alone? no. neglect is abuse. instead of aggressively marketing at them aggressively teach them! we need education reform AND more regulations on advertising. AT THE SAME TIME!

  • I want translate for Japanese!!!!!


  • I dont want to watch this but its for homework so I kinda have too and I hate it also I have to take notes this the worst.

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  • Rosa Mendoza says:

    In my school (I am an English teacher), we are studying the effects of marketing to children, and we are writing expository essays about it.

  • She's dumb for thinking junk food companies should give a fuck about her opinion. She should make this talk to her government, which subsidizes junk food and animal products. Criticizing junk food companies will accomplish nothing. You can't shame them into putting ethics before profits. Focus on making kids strong enough to resist such marketing, too. Her advice is pretty useless.

  • LoveGuruBlaire says:

    They should be ashamed of themselves. There should be laws banning the way they are marketing… but the govt is in bed with them, so there you go.

  • Get good grades or read x amount of books and get a free personal pan pizza from pizza hut. Sounds charitible enough, but you get kids wanting the pizza, and the parents take their kids and probablly buy more food or drinks while there. And then the kids and parents probablly want to go back again in the future.

  • TED talks are always brilliant. Anna had some interesting points. 
    +Integraphix — #CharlotteMarketingAgency

  • Don't drink sodas or eat those Twinkies or other junk foods or you will be obese, develop heart disease or diabetes or cancer. Avoid McDonalds and Burger Kings, eat organic foods and take vitamin supplements. That is all. Herbs won't hurt and minerals and exercise too.

  • Danny Benson says:

    Anna Lappe is such an idiot, if your kid has a weight problem you don't blame the food industry for advertising to kids, you blame yourself.  It is up to you as a parent to provide a healthy diet for your child.  People like her are what is wrong with this country, blaming everybody else but themselves.

  • Adults are so easily led when it comes to advertising…children so much more so. And…this speaker is incredibly narrowly focused on the sugar aspect of fast food. What about the health effects of the big animals kids eat in such massive quantities due to marketing? I hope Ms Lappe will wake up and notice feeding,advertising kids big macs is child and animal abuse that our children/teens are pawns in perpetuating.

  • Beate Glenne says:

    Thaaaat's it, just waiver all responsibility for your own health and your children's health and blame the food industry for your diet related problems. It's not as if you don't know that too much sugar/fat/carbs/salt is bad for you, and it's not like you can say "no" to kids when they're "pestering" you.. Is it cunning to market these products to kids? -Yes. Should the schools choose non-sponsored products for your kids? -Yes.
    Is it the food industry's fault that you and your kids get fat and unhealthy? -NO!
    If you can't eat healthy, teach your kids about how to stay healthy and how to exercise self-control, then you really shouldn't have kids.. Advertising isn't magic, and no one is forcing junk food down your throats.. smh

  • Kids aren't idiots, they just don't know any better. I saw a car commercial once when I was really little, it convinced me real quick that the car was super awesome with cool gadgets and features, but once I knew that companies just try to fool you into thinking its super awesome so they can make money, I knew better than to believe commercials. You can't just act like showing a kid a coke commercial is gonna make them drink more coke. First, you gotta tell them why companies have commercials in the first place. Then, you gonna tell them why soda isn't healthy. Don't assume kids are all idiots who can be so easily manipulated. There are a lot of smart children out there, but no one has told them that coke and mcdonalds is unhealthy so they have no way of knowing! 
    Besides, kids don't even have the money to buy coke, or happy meals. The only way a kid is gonna end up consuming a whole bunch of junk food is if someone gives it to them. Companies should be allowed to market their products. The problem isn't some dumb advertisements. The problem is the lack of education and the fact that people don't have a whole lot of time and money. Its cheap and quick to get fast food. Not everyone has the time and money to get better food. They eat unhealthy because its all they can afford, or because they don't know how to eat healthy, NOT because Ronald convinced them to. Instead of telling people that they can't advertise their product, how about focusing on teaching kids how to make healthy snacks and how often to brush their teeth? Instead of hiding products from kids, how about you educate them about the products? 

  • I began watching this video with a bottle of coke and a pack of  oreos. Now the coke's in the fridge, the oreos in the pantry and I have a banana in my hand and a glass of milk on my bedside table. That part about teeth dentures and leg braces really got to me. I already knew about the dangers of sweet drinks and such, but I really need to stop thinking they will never get to me.

  • Aiden Raccoon says:

    Here's an idea.  DVR your kid's shows and teach them how to skip through commercials.  McDonald's, Coke, and other fast food marketing really doesn't care about feeding your kids.  They want you to bring your kids so that now you are going to buy something for yourself as well.  Getting one kid in the store will automatically get a minimum of 2 people in the store and they make way more money from french fries and soft drinks that the adult will most likely buy.

  • miriam gomezcesar says:

    who cares about our children's health? at home all we could work hard on it but the reallity shows that things in the economy works against our effort.

  • not trying to ALARM YOU, the top companies are spending BILLIONS to get you buy THEIR product. they inlist everything they can to get your $1, not $100's of dollars. just a buck. and if you dont think that is true. 
    they lace cigarettes with chemicals to make them MORE addictive. HOW DID THEY COME UP WITH THAT CONCEPT ?. every major company on earth does it. wake up. think your eating something because you chose it. 

  • Peter Ogloff says:

    TED is very interesting and informative. However, I have a gargantuan problem in that it costs so much to go to one of them. To me that serves to drastically undermine it's effectiveness. If people of lesser means cannot attend TED then it becomes nothing more than a mutual masturbation society.

  • Brian Larson says:

    This video should only be produced to conservative idiots in Kentucky and Tennessee, Maybe Georgia and Illinois too. 

  • Brian Larson says:

    Yet no parent will ever blame themselves for setting their kids in front of the TV rather than spending time outside. I know they say its impossible to avoid. But its not that hard to teach their kids how companies con them. Really it isn't that hard especially after your kid gets that first crappy cereal box toy after being convinced by a commercial "Its so cool"

  • Brian Larson says:

    How is this alarming? by 5th grade I knew what was going on and so did all my friends. But I guess kids aren't supposed to like or get hooked to anything?

  • Brian Larson says:

    Within the first minute I was like "really? I remember my 5 year old niece asking me if dora was stupid and "How can she not notice a mountain right behind her?!"

  • post this on you face book page and share to public to get it shared to all only we can stop this madness or accept and accept the health consequences to our children

  • Erika G. Ballinas Niño says:

    The lady says something so true.. "leave parenting to us" my parents did that. They just have to say no, and that was it. I don't remember eat in McDonalds often. Now that I'm older I go from time to time.. but I prefer eat in a little restaurant.. sometimes is cheaper and you got better food or I cook in my home, that and I can't eat junk food like that cause I have a lot of chances to develop Diabetes. 

  • IwshIcldstrtover says:

    The problem isn't the availability of "junk" food. The problem is that parents allow their brats to sit on the computer, sit in front of the TV, sit and text their friends, and sit, sit, sit!  If anyone needs to wake up, it's the parents who aren't making their kids get off their fat asses and play outside like we did when I was a kid!  We had the same things available to us when I was a kid growing up in the 60's, but we didn't have an obesity problem because kids went outside and played and ran, and rode bikes, and all kinds of exercise!  Its as stupid as blaming guns for killing people. The food doesn't kill you, its the lack of activity in your life that does! 

  • Damodar Khadka says:

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