Market CRASHES 800 Points As Trump Visibly Clueless

Market CRASHES 800 Points As Trump Visibly Clueless

I know I told you this last week, but once
again, the Dow Jones has crashed. What is now another 2019 scene record. This time just over 800 points yesterday,
it wasn’t just the Dow crashing more than 3%. The Nasdaq fell more than 3%. The S and p 500 fell more than 3% and it is
starting to get very, very ugly in real terms. Uh, personally, although this doesn’t matter,
I looked at my mutual fund account last night, something I don’t do that often and it was
ugly, very, very ugly. I recommend, uh, most of you stay away from
those accounts if you have them as well. But the economic implications are of course
much more important and drastic than the personal implications. And when we look at the effect or the non
effect of the federal funds rate cut that we saw from the Federal Reserve, when we see
the continued impact of Donald Trump’s trade war, when we see continued instability in
the bond markets every, every day, we are getting a little bit closer to us saying we
are now in a recession rather than getting closer and closer to one and meanwhile, maybe
most disturbingly, because economic downturns are part of the status quo. But usually we want to feel good about the
person at the top, at least understanding what’s going on, if not necessarily being
able to do anything about it. Trump, meanwhile is pretending like his economic
policies make sense that everything’s fine, uh, unless of course it isn’t fine, in which
case it’s definitely not his fault. It’s everybody else’s fault. It’s Democrats, it’s Obama, it’s the Federal
Reserve because they didn’t do a big enough federal funds rate cut is trade war against
China. Oh, that’s very good. That’s definitely not the reason for economic
instability. Farmers going out of business or anything
like that. And Trump now personally attacking fed chairman
Jay Powell as clueless when it’s of course Donald Trump who has no idea what’s going
on. Take a look at this. Trump saying, quote, we are winning big time
against China. I mean that’s just not true. Companies and jobs are fleeing, they’re fleeing. The United States prices to us have not gone
up and in some cases have come down. China is not our problem though. Hong Kong is not helping. Our problem is with the Fed raised too much
and too fast now to slow to cut. Spread is way too much. As other countries say thank you to clueless,
Jay Powell and the Federal Reserve, Germany and many others are playing the game, crazy
inverted yield curve. We should easily be reaping big rewards and
gains, but the Fed is holding us back. We will win. Even if you believed this story, which is
a completely story who nominated so-called clueless Jay Powell to the Federal Reserve. Oh, right. It was Donald Trump himself. But personal responsibility obviously not
happening, and this may actually be a real problem for Trump. Obviously a recession is a problem period. And I don’t want one, regardless of the political
implications that some Republicans are saying, you left, these are hoping for a recession
to remove Trump. No, we have more than enough evidence to remove
Trump to warrant removing Trump already. Uh, we don’t actually need a recession and
I’m not hoping for one, but remember that Donald Trump’s rich friends, we’re all counting
on Trump at least boosting the stock market so that they could make a ton of money while
lowering their tax rates. The stock market is back down to where it
was about a year and a half ago, and they could continue to look very ugly for the next
year, for the next many years. Are Those Trumpists going to keep funneling
cash to Trump’s campaign? If Trump loses the stock market gains and
actually delivers losses, you almost can’t really even have an economic discussion during
the Trump administration because you have a completely reckless, clueless, petulant
child with no understanding of economics or trade policy or financial policy sort of feeling
around in the dark and making major policy announcements via Twitter while blaming everyone
but himself for what’s going on. I want Donald Trump to lose in a landslide
in 2020. I don’t want it to happen because of a ruined
economy that’s bad for everyone. No matter what I want though it might be what
we end up with at the rate that things are going. And once again, we may end up with a terrible
stock market during a republican president, a sensible recovery under the next democratic
administration, which Republicans will pretend doesn’t exist, followed by Republican saying
it was really Republicans that caused the recovery rinse, repeat like Bush Obama. And as we’ve seen many times in the past,
it doesn’t look good and it is actually starting to affect Donald Trump’s approval rating. Let’s talk about that next


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  • Trump economic policy is: Take a lot of someone else’s money,throw it at some project that you know nothing about because you know nothing and hope you don’t lose all the money.Of course you don’t really care if you lose money because it isn’t yours and someone else will give you more to play with. Rinse and repeat.

  • This isn't news until people are getting laid off and companies are going out of business. The average PE ratio has been incredibly high for the past couple years due to the CEO stock buybacks. They were flush with cash due to the tax cuts, put their money into their own assets which increased the price, but did not increase the overall productivity of their businesses. Thus, the volatility of the market has increased, with a lot of stocks falling back to a relatively fair price.

    Tensions with China hasn't helped, sure, but I dont think we're getting near a recession. At least not yet.

  • Typical bs.make up more bs for you dumbacrats to believe.guarantee hes not clueless like yall.keep putting this out there for the idiots to believe.

  • Get Real Politics says:

    First he pissed off rural Americans — now he’s pissing off Wall Street. Those were two major factions of his base

  • The future is Unity says:

    4:20 that's the problem with 4/8 years terms. Most of the policies takes years if not decades to take effect or show results. Its why government and parties no longer plan for the long term anymore. What's worst is they try to maximize the profit for themselves and blame the next president when they take over the mess.

  • If you remember when GW Bush was president, his administration didn't admit we were in a recession for over a year until Obama won. I'm sure history will repeat itself.

  • these politicians on both sides are doing everything to cause a massive economic depression bigger than 1930's, 2008 was only a wake up of what's coming. You aren't fearing a recession, you need to face a DEPRESSION aka economic collapse. There is no recovery coming

  • Anonymous Sources says:

    Trump: "the markets volatility isn't me, it's Bill and Hillary Clinton, or Elvis, or Big Foot". No, it's your damn stupid ass trade war you idiot!

  • Asphodelflower says:

    Germany can't play any games on its own because it is a part of the Eurozone & the European Central Bank is responsible for developing monetary policy. Furthermore, the current President of the ECB is an Italian. 🙂

  • I was worried about looking at my stocks, only to realize that I'd sold off most of the most volitile stocks two weeks ago.

    Somehow I'm still up 3.05%.

  • So, if one point equals one dollar in the stock market, then this "crash" is only a loss of $800 on Wall Street which is valued at about $30 Trillion. That seems like a huge exaggeration to me. What am I missing here?

  • come on people! We've should of known, that Agolf Twittler does NOT know how to spell, he meant: I'm going to RUIN (instead of RUN) the country the same way I did my businesses

  • Use the internet to combat mainstream media. SHARE SHARE SHARE THE JOE ROGAN, BERNIE SANDERS PODCAST share with everyone you know. SPREAD THE WORD, BEAT THEM WITH THE TRUTH

  • I Told Everyone this would happen!!!
    Step by step I told you what would happen!!!!
    Get Him Out!!!!
    He’s Trying to do this on Purpose!!!!
    Check all financial affairs out of what is happening from the whitehouse!!!
    He’ll be getting money out of it in a Lot Of ways.
    He’s creating distractions, so you don’t see what he’s doing!!!

  • This administration just letting that ignorant buffoon do what ever he wants, says a lot more about the Right than I ever wanted to know. I had no idea the GOP was that weak, impotent and God awful greedy.

    I can’t stand the Dotard just as much as anybody, but if people want the economy to tank to make him look bad, y’all need to rethink that.
    There are a lot of people who will suffer. And it won’t be him or his buddies.

  • Oh man, how will the Democrats pay for all the free things if the economy breaks! FREAKOUT!

    Check it out, the market is not the economy.
    The people are.

  • While I agree saying that America is "winning" the trade war is incredibly silly at the moment, it is at least true that businesses have continued to leave China following similar, but now possibly sped up trends that had already begun prior to the trade war. Plus China is going to have to accept an at least small economic hit for a while if Trump really chooses not to budge on this. So while the U.S. may not be winning, China isn't necessarily winning either at least. I think this is a more complicated issue than can be briefly mentioned in an 8 minute video, or a couple of Trump tweets. Traditionally, if you wanted to tarrif China they could mess around with their currency a bit to absorb some of the costs, but currently they own enough U.S. based debt that this becomes more difficult. Meanwhile the U.S. faces its own set of problems when trying to waylay the fears of the various industries that rely on Chinese business. So both sides are facing some moderate to serious difficulties. It doesn't help that the values of the government's on each side of the negotiating table are so far apart either. It's not like either side can say they are negotiating in good faith. Sorry, I know this wasn't really the topic of your video, but you did briefly mention it and it's a subject I find fascinating.

  • Not a Trump fan but calling a 4% drop a “crash” is disingenuous. Also talking about 800 point drop being a record number is also not accurate. Let’s say the Dow was 100,000 and dropped 1,000 you could claim that’s a record drop in price but in actually the % would not be that significant.

  • He taken a strong growing economy and basically is turning it into one of his bankruptcies . No we do not want another recession. His people as well are not qualified either.

  • projekt casting says:

    The economic boost, the dumb Donald was bragging about, was Obama made. Now the nonsense the orange idiot is doing kicks in and the markets and the people suffer. He is incompetent and helpless. So sad.

  • The stock market crashing is meaningless to trumps wealthy backers. They make money when it's up and they make money when it's down by shorting the market. In fact they may even be very pleased with all this as everything trump does drops the market in a predictable way, which means they can secure short positions and know it will make money as he drives it down and down.

  • So what does Trump say "Aaah we'll see what happens, I'll do something so we'll have a nice Christmas." Gee, he's such a Sport! Trump is like a Fart in a hurricane; Nothing!

  • Trump supporters tied his success to the economy, and now they must be held to that. Don't let them wiggle off the hook they put themselves on.

  • chasin da'monee says:

    Once again the democrats are going to have to swoop in there and save America again thanks to an incompetent republican president… 😆 will they ever learn


    "I go to bed every night and I dream of a recession. I dream of a moment like this."

    The rich people will thank Trump.

  • You don't really need a Simpsons episode, just look at history. Bush won the electoral vote when gore won the popular vote, like trump and Hillary. Bush was handed a booming economy like trump. Bush took us into a recession, ummm do you see the pattern here?

  • Even IF (and I stress the if) you agree that Democrats etc are hoping for a recession, here's the thing. Hopes don't cause a recession and never will. Right now that takes the President Alleged and his minions.

  • You meañ the moron that ran through his Daddy's money, bankrupted his own Casinos, flew his airline into the floor and couldn't even sell fucking Steak to New Yorkers doesn't understand what he's doing to the World's biggest and most complicated Economy? That's unpossible!!!!

  • Roberta Gheller says:

    Trump is playing the game "RISK",IF YOU'RE familiar with this game it's about taking over countries…..hope he loses….scary we allow him to desecrate the world….

  • Today stocks Dow : 25,579
    Up 99.97
    Better then the libs god Obama
    Trump wins again
    What about Obama’s records?

    I am loving it

  • Who cares about the Dow Jones. I could care less how wallstreet is doing, I care about how WE THE PEOPLE, are doing. Typical liberal, shilling for wall street and selling our prosperity to foreigners. You are literally blaming the “trade war” for this. You want our jobs to get outsourced just because it will help the stock market and you want the stock market to be better so that YOUR mutual fund will have more money, you’re just a rich liberal elitist Jew who only cares about yourself. The economy isn’t hurt by the Dow Jones being low it’s hurt by the death of our industry which you are encouraging

  • This guy is a complete clone of TYT. What's the point of having your show if your just gonna word for repeat some else's shit. At least TYT has a hot chick to look at.

  • Here we have more fear mongering by the left liberal whack jobs. Smart Americans are tired of the constant "the sky is falling" rhetoric. Liberals are always doom and gloom. No wonder Obama had eight years of no growth in this country. Everything was all negative dismal all the time. We cannot afford to let another Democrat get into office. Trump 2020

  • So as an American , how do you think America could have maintained no1 position. Do you think America could have gone on the way it was forever? Whether you like it or not hard things have to be done to maintain USA . And this battle with China is a long term thing , it is to ensure a future whilst America is in the driving seat. Which is the position you want to do it in. Not when you are unable to fight. Or in a weak position.

  • Why in the world would you have your money in the markets with Trump as president? It doesn't take an economist to understand everything this guy touches is ruined.

  • trumpty dumpty is the dumbest fuck living on this earth…..he will blame absolutely everyone he can for his failure…..GOD help America

  • He was shit at monopoly and cheated You put a delusional six year old in charge of the budget and this is the result

  • The President put blame on pro-democracy Hong Kong for a nonsensical reason–seemly only to put down a pro-democracy effort. Can it be any clearer that he is a puppet of the Kremlin and their anti-democracy intentions?!

  • I dont understand why reporters arent asking Trump basic questions? Something like "can you explain what an inverted yield curve is?"

  • Elias Håkansson says:

    Who here could read that tweet by Trump in one go and understand everything without re-reading a single sentence? If so, MIT wants to know your location.

  • Celebrate and rejoice, fellow Americans, for our economy is about to become Toadstool's 7th bankruptcy … 😰

    Side note, how many non-MAGA cultists actually believes the Orange Twitler knows what an Inverted Yield Curve means and looks like? 😌

  • Aussies are getting dragged into this sinkhole too due to our economic ties with the USA, and we can’t sack Trump. Some thanks for being your most constant allies since WW2 !

  • Btw, Germany is not winning if the US lose.
    On the contrary, Germany depends on global markets, especially the US and China to buy goods and not close off their markets.
    A crash in the US threatens the entire EU economy as the markets are intertwined. We are bracing for impact here with a US bust and Brexit coming sooner rather than later.
    Buy our cars, please.

  • It’s always everybody else’s fault except Trump, and his supporters believe every one of his words.. willfully ignorant POS.

  • What we're going to end up with is a failed economy, massive inflation and a dictatorship a-la 1930's Germany. The traitor in chief is following the handbook, "Dictatorship 101" to the letter. Read history.

  • Clueless is the right word for this moron.
    He has no political experience whatsoever.
    No disrespect to Orangutang’s but you wouldn’t put an Orangutang, for all its intelligence ,in charge of a battleship, let alone America !!
    That’s what you’ve got folks, an ape in charge of America !! 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  • Monetary policy is the way we have dealt with the economy since the depression. Keynesean economics involves cutting taxes and borrowing money in bad times. You raise taxes and pay back what you borrowed in good times. We borrow money in bad times, but we don't pay it back in good times, that's why we have a 20 trillion dollar debt. This time Trump borrowed money and cut taxes in good times, he has no arrows in his quiver to fight a recession with. The Democratic party may be the tax and spend party, but the Republican party is the borrow and spend party. Nobody likes taxes, including me, but they are the price of affluence. We are nowhere near the most taxed industrialized country like Trump says, we are near the least taxed industrialized countries. If you want to see a country with no income taxes, look at Mexico, they have no income tax. They can't pay police, teachers, etc a living wage there, bribery is a way of life. I wanted to beat Trump big time and retake the Senate, but not this way.

  • To be fair – it was a lot lower at the start of 2019 and we are still way ahead of the 2008 crash. I don't want to defend Trump here – but as I see it, I don't think this is a strong argument. At least at the moment. If it keeps dropping however it may become.
    I am not an economics expert. So maybe I miss something.
    But I completely agree, that Trumps economic policies don't make sense whats-o-ever (expect, if you try to make the rich – including yourself – even richer at the cost of everyone else, that is).

  • I watch the market you can follow me on TradingView(Shaungomez8). I predicted the Dow to be bouncing 24,5 to 25,5. Around this area will be a consolidation. During Obama it gained 137% by the time November 2015 came around

  • TRUMPISTS justifies TRADE WARS by saying CHINA needs the USA 🇺🇸 more than the USA 🇺🇸 needs CHINA. TRUMPISTS are SUCKERS!!!

  • The Last Free Apache says:

    Trump is doing an outstanding job. Agenda 21 was pushed back to Agenda 30. Trump said hold my beer. Part of the Agenda was to bring down America. No one wanted to fight it then, so whats the uproar now. Did you think they were kidding.

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