Mark Zuckerberg’s Secret Meeting with Trump & Peloton Ad Blowback | The Daily Show

Mark Zuckerberg’s Secret Meeting with Trump & Peloton Ad Blowback | The Daily Show

Facebook, the world’s largest
social media company and website that reminds you it’s the birthday
of someone you met once. Recently, it came out
that Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook
and boring Terminator, had a secret meeting with President Trump
at the White House. And now, for the first time, Zuckerberg is being asked
what that meeting was about. You don’t want
to take down political ads that people know are… false, that they contain
false information. What I believe is that,
in a democracy, it’s really important that
people can see for themselves what politicians are saying so they can make
their own judgments. You had dinner with the
president at the White House. What was the nature
of the meeting? Can you say? Uh… Sure. I mean, w-we talked about, um, a-a number of things that were–
that were on his mind and, um– and some of the topics
that you’d read about in the news around-around,
um, our work. Did he try to lobby you
in any way? (stammers) No. I mean,
I-I don’t think that that’s… (stammers) I think some of
the stuff that people talk about or think gets discussed
in these discussions -are not really how-how
that works. -Okay. I also want to respect
that it was a private dinner -and private discussion.
-Okay. All right. Oh, so now Mark Zuckerberg
believes in privacy, huh? Now you’re like,
“Oh, no, privacy is a thing. “Oh, I think
everyone should know, uh, what politicians
are saying.” “Oh, what do the politicians say
to you?” “Uh, I don’t think
anyone should know what the politicians
are saying.” Get the Zuck out of here, man! And, also, I don’t know
what’s going on with Zuckerberg, but he sounds less human
every time he speaks. Yeah, he’s like…
(robotically): “In a democracy, “we must share our voices,
and weather today is gonna be partly cloudy,
64 degrees.” It almost sounds like Siri
is his voice coach. You know,
like she’s trying, like, “Just speak normally,
like this.” “Okay, this is me
talking normally.” It’s like, “That was terrible. You sound like that Roomba
I dated.” And, also, let’s be real. There’s no way
Trump didn’t lobby Zuckerberg at their secret meeting. ‘Cause why else
would the president have him come
to the White House? What, did Trump need help
untagging himself in Eric’s photos?
Why was he there? Huh? Because if Trump didn’t want
anything, then you have to believe
that he just wanted to hang out with Mark Zuckerberg. Really? ‘Cause these two
have nothing in common. Like, what-what would
that conversation even be like? “I like models.
Do you like models?” “I genuinely love data models
and algorithmic sets that prove the way that we…” “No, I mean supermodels.
This guy sucks.” Anyway, let’s move on. Because while Facebook
is coming under fire for its shady political ads, there’s a nonpolitical ad that’s taken social media
by storm. REPORTER: As the Christmas
season spins into high gear, a new ad from Peloton is going viral
for all the wrong reasons, facing backlash after sending
shoppers into a vicious cycle. (gasps)
A Peloton? Give it up
for our first-time riders! All right, first ride. I’m a little nervous
but excited. Let’s do this. Five days in a row. You surprised? I am. 6:00 a.m. Yay. Rising with the sun! That was totally worth it. A year ago, I didn’t realize
how much this would change me. -♪ High above me. ♪
-Thank you. Criticism and mockery of the ad reaching a fever pitch Monday
on social media, one man tweeting… (reading): Oh. Man. Okay, look, I-I can see why some
people are hating on this ad. Honestly. I mean,
it looks like the dude bought his skinny wife
exercise equipment as a Christmas present,
which is shitty. Although, let’s be honest,
it would have been worse if Santa had brought her
that bike, you know? If he was just like, “I think
you need this more than I do. Ho ho ho ho!” And I know some people
are outraged at the husband for giving her
this kind of gift. Although, if you– if you ask
me, I think your reaction to this ad has a lot to do with
how you feel about exercise. Right? ‘Cause, clearly,
she wanted the bike. It’s not like she was like,
“What is that?” She wanted it. Right? And if you think
exercise is only for people who want to lose weight, then
the ad can seem insensitive. But on the other hand,
if you think exercise is something people do
for fun, then the ad is-is fine. You know? I mean, people
exercise for different reasons. For stress relief, fitness, or
if you’re like me, for revenge. -Hiya!
-(laughter) Once I get strong enough
to punch through a brick, I’ll get revenge on that brick
that killed my uncle! -Yah!


100 thoughts on “Mark Zuckerberg’s Secret Meeting with Trump & Peloton Ad Blowback | The Daily Show”

  • About Peoloton's ad: you get offended only if you are fat and poor.
    For normal people this ad is just meh… it is better the one with the same model by Ryan Reynolds. Almost brilliant.

  • Trump is transactional. He doesn't want anything to do with you unless he can get something out of you. So of course he was lobbying Zuckerberg for something. It was probably to make sure Zuckerberg will keep running factually wrong pro-Trump propaganda and not stamp out any conspiracy theories against his election opponent that will be created by Russian trolls in 2020, since that stuff helped him win back in 2016.

  • There should be an accessory to lying charge because from the republican or Democratic side only people who lose is the the general public and there sense of right and wrong. Mark zuckerberg should be charged with accessory to lying.

  • He has a point though. Just because she's already thin doesn't mean she doesn't need exercise. Maybe it's for her health, or maybe for establishing discipline and feeling a sense of accomplishment. People do exercise for different reasons. And people who reacted negatively to this ad might have issues with people reacting negatively to their weight/body so they perceived the buying of exercise equipment as criticism.

    I mean I am fat (30kgs overweight) when I started exercising it was about losing weight and getting healthy, but when I started it was hard to be disciplined and also deal with muscle pains but after a while (even when I wasn't losing that much weight) I started to feel better about myself, I felt more confident, my complexion looked better, and i also felt more energized. The sense of accomplishment I felt at the end of each session drive me to do better with all my other work.

    You could see how she was dressed at the start, she looked drained and tired, but after exercising, she wore more colors, she smiled more and she has more energy.

    But that's how I see it.

  • Jedi Grand Master says:

    Femanazis are just over reading on the Peloton Ad tying it into weight issue, if your significant other been wanting the product for a while, gifting it to her is in fact a rather sweet gesture. Seriously though, if women buys her significant other some dumbbell he really wanted, most people probably wont give it a second look.

  • Trump met with Zukerberg to make sure he would take all those Russian pro-trump/anti-Democrat propaganda ads to help in his re-election campaign like was done in 2016. Zukerberg said "hey, you think I would miss out on all those rubles?"

  • I'd love to see "The Social Network 2" where Facebook becomes sentient and takes over Mark Zuckerberg. Perfect origin story for him currently.

  • I didn't see anything wrong with the ad. I heard people also accusing it of being classist but have you ever seen a Pelotón ad feature people who are like "love this bike so I got a payment plan for the bike and the delivery fee". Like everyone of those ad clearly show people we can assume have high incomes. As for the it being sexist, did you ever see any other Pelotón ad feature people who don't already look fit (and skinny)? Like I won't even point out the skinny part because I thought we all already agreed that just because you are skinny doesn't mean you are fit. Like take me, am skinny-ish and my arms and legs are naturally tone but put me on that bike and you better get a medic. Once I took a pilates class and almost fainted during said class then almost threw up in the Uber. Like the women in the ad is obviously doing it to get fit and not to please her partner. I find it more weird that she recorded herself for a year. Obviously, I can see that the combination of her looking scared af and then making of montage of the videos she recorded and presenting it to her husband can give way for bad interpretation but I after with Trevor that this seems to be more about our feelings about exercising than actual concern for whether the ad is showing an abusive relationship.

  • You said it best about the peloton bike I would only buy it for my girlfriend if she really wanted it…. why would I spend hundreds/thousands on something she wouldn’t want or use instead I would just buy her jewelry

  • People claim to hate Zuckerberg and his sneaky ass bullshit yet they won't give up their dumbass facebook accounts. Ok 👌

  • Zuckerberg, the most powerful man in the world bc people can’t resist posting every aspect of their lives on line. Deactivate before it’s too late.

  • I sincerely can´t interiorize a supposedly "positive" message or an opinion that comes from satire and from the JOY of seeing the opponent crumble down. Yeah, revenge is sweet hm? So human! This is only circus to keep the lemmings walking and laughing united by hate. I wont waste more time here, where normally this kind of opinions are deleted. I keep and publish my personal "statistics" with a recording camera though, to fact-check how democratic this platform is. Maybe this time I won´t be "silenced". Wish me luck!

  • Vasilijan Nikolovski says:

    I don't get people that bitch about how their privacy is being invaded, EVEN THOUGH they themselves are just posting shit on Facebook and voluntarily are giving away their information.
    I don't like Facebook or Zuckerberg, but it's not their fault they're taking advantage of your stupidity.

  • If the wife was “fat”, I think ppl would still be mad anyways. We need to think about exercising differently than losing weight or an “implication” of something. Exercising can be a hobby for someone like collecting stamps to another person.

  • This is what happens when someone wants to have the perks of being a CEO but doesn't want take responsibility for the consequences of your company's actions.

  • For me, the Peloton ad isn't about the skinny wife wanting to get fit, it's about how horrifyingly worried she looks throughout the ENTIRE thing. Like, Jesus, she looks like she's about to be murdered any second.

  • Facebook needs to be neutral. If anything it’s liberal. I agree. He should let us decide for ourselves what to believe and agree with politically. People are on Facebook constantly, we don’t want him or the management team of Facebook deciding the election or anything else. No matter how he tries, if he tries, Facebook will never be neutral though.

    As for the bike ad…way too much time on your hands if you read into it. Thin people can’t want to be healthy? Just because someone is thin doesn’t mean they’re healthy. Maybe she wants to build her endurance and at the end of next year she does. It’s been proven that cardio helps your heart but does little to help you maintain a smaller body. Strength training and moderate cardio with a healthy eating plan is what creates weight loss. Cardio builds endurance.

  • "Why else would the president want to hang out with Zuckerberg? Cause they have nothing in common." (2:14) Maybe they have a lot in common.

  • And of course the only comedian who understood where the Peloton outrage really came from was the guy who isn't an American.

  • Just answer the damn questions. A huge majority of facebook is fake profiles and you just dodged questions that were real and you should have answered.

  • Aaron Koscielniak says:

    I the wife clearly was excited to get the gift so much so she made videos of herself using it. No one in this video said it was for her to lose weight. You don’t have to be overweight to work out. My girlfriend is 5 foot three and 110 pounds and Just started running and wants workout clothes. What’s wrong with getting someone something they want. I’m more offended that the price tag is $2000

  • cristian castro says:

    Trump asked Zuckerberg to post on Ukraine’s President’s timeline “ We are investigating the Bidens ” 🤣 another quid pro quo

  • Christopher Johnson says:

    That add was mad annoying. She already od thin as hell. Being that thin is okay I’d you like it but it’s not the most healthy

  • I like how everyone assumes that the husband is male, like what if he is a blind women who transitioned into a man. And he/she has no idea how toned and muscular it’s wife already is. I think the real message in this ad is that advertisements are exactly like real life, and they dictate 100% of what we do and think and we need to care more about advertisements and let it consume our lives.

  • I’m fat and I like the commercial the lady was so believable that she was having a good time. It’s sad that with every work out equipment they use extremely fit or small petite women and men. Show some big people and a scale the before weight on the bike and the after.

  • Who cares what fukburg thinks or says. He stole facebook from his friend and he was in bed with the dems during the obama admin

  • I don't understand how this guy still has a show. The only joke is Trevor Noah. He's not funny and he can't even come up with original ideas or commentary. The whole show is just lazy. Whatever. It's a certain type of person who enjoys this garbage. I could careless about Comedy Central losing money off this guy, I'm shocked that YouTube can continually pushed exposure for the show.

  • At 1:08 when Zukerberg finishes saying "how that works" you see a momentary smile. That is known as "duping delight", a subconscious expression of relief and joy over a perceived escape from being accused of something. If you want to get rich, figure out how to get 'ol marky mark into a poker game, he's a horrible liar.

  • I bet this zuck guy is bringing his team of engineers together to create an app that will make him lie better. He met with trump to study the master.

  • Remember when Americans used to get outraged about shit that was ACTUALLY worth getting outraged about? If this commercial offends you, then you are the problem. Go fuck yourself.

  • The best part of this Peleton story is Ryan Reynolds’ follow up gin commercial. Do yourself a favor and watch it, so funny.

  • Another reason why I don’t trust Facebook! Mark Zuckerberg is a wolf in nerd’s clothing! And his wife…an Asian Melania Trump! Evil pack of demonic wolves!!!

  • I would think the bigger issue would have been the Self absorbed portrayal of you get of her constantly streaming every time she’s working out and her husband Watching it on the big screen 😂

  • Zuck's a White Supremacist Aspi Billionaire [email protected]'s.
    Just like Trump's Himmler-Miller.

    Trump for $$$-supporting $ociopath, and Global elections' Hacker$!

    Just stating the facts here, Zucks. Shalom!

    Godless Best,
    Projectheureka LLC

  • The 8th Outer God says:

    Wow Americans are so overly sensitive about shit. So she cant want to be fit because she's slim? Best believe if they put a fat woman then they backlash would have been that they think fat people should get a bike to exercise. Stop being sensitive over nothing

  • Spin is exercises zanax. No one wants to go through withdraws for anxiety relief. Bright future for spinning anxiety and cheeses burgers away.

  • I actually really appreciate how Trevor provides greater insight onto matters than you would expect. How he interpreted the different possible points of view for the response to the Peloton ad is actually very constructive for making people think more, rather than having a knee jerk reaction which also has a lot of underlying assumptions beneath it. Obviously the producers of the ad could have chosen a different route by showcasing the couple each using a Peloton bike together. But one aspect to consider here is if the wife had gotten the husband the Peloton bike, would there have been the same negative reaction? These are just some of the things to think about.

  • Help us support Donald Trump

  • Are you dishonest snowflakes really concerned about the chick on the exercise bike? Is because she's fit and attractive, and most liberals are out of shape and ugly?

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