21 thoughts on “Mark Levin: There is no independent thought in any major newsroom”

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  • Summer Flash Sale says:

    Don't worry I'm an extremely vocal conservative. these people flinch when they look my direction and i preach fundamentals!

  • Saiamit Chaddha says:

    Jesus Is the only way to Heaven🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️

  • Saiamit Chaddha says:

    May God Bless Pat Gray and Mark Levin and you all and your families🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️

  • At this if you trust the mainstream media with their allergy to facts, or don't realize their doing yeomans work for the left(including Fox) everyday that shapes the garbage discourse of the day, then you're an idiot.
    I tell people all the time–do your research. Open a book. Critically think and consider everything you watch and read. Don't get distracted by the unending garbage they promote; and so on. Be in search of all the facts and the truth, as well as what's relevant and important.
    You can actually see how they've come after Levin for even writing this book in a coordinated attempt daily. They've proven his point by monolithically castigating him without ever providing evidence to back up their arguments.
    Like Levin, I believe the mainstream will die and those of us who care about truth and facts and informing people should do what we must to ensure that imformation is disseminated properly.

  • Tom Pickett's Astrophotography says:

    With all the hysteria going on in the country and congress I feel like Im living on Maple Street lol !

  • Right. They are all in the same camp: the hate Trump destroy Trump camp. The problem is they are hating the people who elected him and they are hating the Constitution which ensures that 'we the people' decide who is president. They tried to ensure Hillary would win..when that failed they are colluding and trying to change the outcome by lying about the President AND they are obstructing the work Congress is supposed to be doing. I say lets impeach the obstructers and ferret out the those involved in the failed coup and see that they are tried for treason and if found guilty put them away for life.

  • Solving Politics says:

    No independent thought at either party. Why do think Republicans call the media: “Mainstream” not because they are thinking! Why do you think Republicans spend all day long talking economics when only 25% of America even votes on economics according to the Competitive Enterprise Institute!
    Why do you think you go to a Republican event & it’s an all white, Christian, senior center? Here is how people vote:

  • Marie Doremus says:

    These are not newsrooms lol 😂 nothing more then far left political talking show! Not free and independent thought! Brainwashed


    If u notice they’re all in unison
    Saying the same words, phrases, they clearly all talk to one another how to trash trump and push their communist agenda

  • Note that the main stream media lies ALL the time an support ONLY immoral causes. They are anti Christian and anti Jew and support radical violent Islam the MOST satanic religion in the world. They hate the true God. The reason that they are so committed to hypocrisy and lies is because time is short on the earth and Satan knows his time is short and as the bible says he is out in force. He owns the ungodly media and they do his bidding.

  • I don't watch Fox any more. Wallace's love fest with the mayor of a small failed Midwestern city with a crime rate higher than 97% of the rest of US cities was the last straw. Wallace never even questioned him on that. It nearly turned into gay porn. Fox gave him more time than they did President Trump. Mark Levin, Jesse, Tucker, Sean, Laura, Lou, Judge Jeanine and a few others need to start your own network. Let the lying globalist liberal filth that is Brazile, Wallace, Smith, and Williams try to keep Fox afloat. Goodbye"

  • The Old Guard faction:

    "The Old Guard faction was an organized group in the Socialist Party of America (SPA) that sought to retain the organization's traditional orientation towards electoral politics by fighting the Militant faction of generally-younger party members who factionally organized to promote greater efforts at direct action in advancing the cause of revolutionary socialism.

    "The Old Guard had its roots as the "Regulars" in the inner party factional war of 1919, which resulted in the fragmentation of the Socialist Party into the Communist Party of America and Communist Labor Party of America. In 1935, the personal and political friction between the Old Guard and the Militants (and their "Progressive" allies) led to an organizational split, with the Old Guard faction leaving to establish the Social Democratic Federation (SDF)."

    "The Old Guard and their Militant foes both hailed from the broad Marxist tradition, the former seeing democracy as a positive value in itself and emphasizing the efficacy of the electoral road to power while the latter tended to see democracy as a sort of chimera, a tactical expedient propagated by the bourgeois in its maintenance of class power. Beyond this important analytical difference, the divide between these two factional groupings was largely generational, with the Old Guard dominated by middle-aged party veterans of large standing while newcomers into the Socialist Party during the Depression years of the early 1930s tended to gravitate as a younger and more aggressive caucus."

    "In March 1935 the combined Progressives and Militants of the Socialist Party launched a new weekly newspaper in New York City to supplant the Old Guard-dominated The New Leader — The Socialist Call. The Managing Editor of the new 12-page publication was Bruno Fischer, with Militant stalwart Jack Altman acting as Business Manager. The paper took direct aim at the Old Guard from the outset in declaring itself to be "the organ of revolutionary socialism":"

    Mr. Levin is correct about who is behind it. Notice the "progressives."

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