Margaret Hoover – Trump’s Third State of the Union Is Unlike Any Other in History | The Daily Show

Margaret Hoover – Trump’s Third State of the Union Is Unlike Any Other in History | The Daily Show

Let’s jump into it
from a perspective that I think is really unique. Uh, you have often referred
to yourself as a Republican in exile, you know, as somebody
who said you’re not happy with where the Republican Party
has gone, you feel like it has become
hyperpartisan, people are afraid
to stand up to the president. State of the Union
is always interesting because the president says
things that some people like, some people don’t like, and there are moments
when everybody stands. So, as a Republican who’s not
a complete fan of Donald Trump, what did you like from tonight? I loved his shout-out to the legitimate president
of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó. -Right.
-He absolutely deserved it, and by the way,
Democrats applauded that moment. They did.
Nancy Pelosi stood up. Everyone was happy
in that moment. That was a wonderful moment. Uh, it was a wonderful moment to see a family reunification– a soldier plucked
from Afghanistan and reunited with his son
and his daughter. It was one that was
quite emotional for me. But I was also quite angered
by it as well because this man– I-I always think
of John McCain, right, the man who served five years in a prison cell
the size of this table, who couldn’t shake your hand like a normal,
regular handshake, whose son was on the front lines
in-in-in Iraq when he was advocating
for the surge strategy, running for president, -and he wouldn’t
even mention him. -Right. This man, the president
of the United States, has never served
a day in his life, nor has anybody in his family, and he is using the bravest
and the most heroic among us as props
in his political campaign. And so it was a mixed
State of the Union. It-it-it-it seems
like Trump did a good job of using people,
though, as props. I mean, some would argue
most politicians do that. Some would argue that’s what
the State of the Union is about. But tonight seemed– it seemed
like he was really good at going, “Hey, I know
what you think about me, “but I’m going to place these
moments throughout the show to present an image.” This is the star
of The Apprentice. This is the game show
State of the Union. There was a car
for every special interest group -in the conservative movement.
-Right. And, by the way,
some of these ideas I like. I like the idea
that an African-American girl from an inner-city neighborhood gets to go to a school
of her choice. -Mm-hmm.
-I’m for that, right? But I am not for the way
this president carelessly flaunts this… Every story, every car giveaway
was a story about his greatness. It wasn’t about the greatness
of the ideas or the people or-or anything
beyond his own next election, and that is a departure from
both Democrats and Republicans -at State of the Unions in the
past. -Many have said that. Many have said
the key difference between Trump and previous presidents is: State of the Union
has normally been about what the country
has achieved and what the vision
for the country would be from the eyes of the president. Trump has gone, “Mine. My economy, my administration,
my military.” He has made it about him, and
some would argue that’s because the Republican Party
has now become his. The party of Lincoln is acting
like a subsidiary of Trump Inc., and that’s what you saw tonight. Wow, that’s deep. Let me ask you this, then,
going forward. Tonight was one of those nights
where people are now going to base their punditry about
the president’s performance on a speech and on a moment. How close do you think
the speech was to what Trump actually does? ‘Cause, I mean,
these-these are words, and Trump is very good
at reading on occasion. He’s gotten better
over the last few years. I’ve said this–
I give him his props. His reading has gotten
a lot better, right? But-but when you watch
that speech, how much of it did you think, “Oh, no,
this-this is not… this is not completely what Trump is about.
This is just words”? Like, did you feel like he’s
about unifying the country? Did you feel that he’s about
everybody moving forward? Did you feel like that, or did
you feel like it was pageantry? I mean… To a certain extent, all
of these are pageantry, right? He-he tipped his hat
to people of color and had more people of color
in the gallery -Yes. -than he does
in his own cabinet. Okay? -So there-there is a disparity
-That’s true. -between the words and
the-and the truth. Okay? -Right. And there’s…
and all the fact checkers were running on Twitter. I mean,
you could have just gone dizzy -Right. -watching all the fact
checkers on Twitter. So if you’re asking
how true is what he says, I mean, I think we all know
he has a problem with truth, -he has a problem with veracity.
-Yes. There-there are a lot of
half-truths which he’ll use to his own political advantage.
I mean, he is gonna try to nibble away
at African-Americans who don’t vote for Republicans,
and he might have a degree of success with that.
He might. Let me ask you this.
With Republicans who have distanced themselves from
Donald Trump but are in a place where many say,
“Look, I don’t like Trump “but I like
his economic policies. “I don’t like Trump
but there is no viable alternative candidate”–
you speak to those Republicans, you-you often
speak for them in many ways. When you look at Donald Trump,
when you look at the state of the u-union,
when look at the future, do you see a viable world where
Republicans don’t vote for him or do you think it’s-it’s
all gung ho for Donald Trump? No, the party… the Republican
party now is the pa… is the party of Trump.
And, by the way, most Republicans don’t like
all the things I don’t like, but they do exactly
what you just said. The economy is strong,
wages are down, unemploy… -wages are up, unemployment
is down. Uh… -Right. Right. -Wages are up. -Some people’s
wages have… are stagnant, -maybe, yes, but, yes, I hear
what you’re saying, -But-but… -but… Right. -So there
is this economic argument, and there… all of these
arguments, and even Mayor Bloomberg says he’s gonna
be very difficult to run against because some of the things that,
you know, all of us sort of reasonable folks
who approach policy -in a reasonable way
-Right. like some of the things
that he’s done. I mean, that was
Mayor Bloomberg. Right? -Right. So… this is… this is
not going to be a layup. I mean, I-I do believe… We don’t know if there’s
any viable opponent. Right? We’ve just gotten out of Iowa
and we still don’t know. There is no opponent, actually.
We don’t even know -if there is an opponent. Yes.
-No opponent. Um… but President Trump isn’t
trying to unify the country. He’s trying
to divide and conquer, and he has an ele…
his winning strategy is about winning
the electoral college. Remember he won by 78,000 votes
in three states. Hard to forget.
But he’s not trying to… -he’s not doing the second time
of Reagan or Nixon, -Right. he’s not going
for a 50-state strategy, he’s just going for 270. And so… what’s on all of us, I think, is to recognize that we
want the country to be better, that we don’t want our politics
to be permanently damaged by the tone and tenor
of this presidency, and that, unlike Nancy Pelosi
ripping up the speech, we want to try to do better,
respect our politics and hold our politics
to a higher standard so that we can return to a
degree of normalcy and respect -and humility in our politics.
-Those are hopeful words, but I don’t think
Trump will allow that. Thank you so much
for being on the show. -Wonderful having you here.
-(cheering, applause) Firing Line
airs nationally across PBS. Margaret Hoover, everybody.


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  • Economy is strong for who? Farmers? Manufacturers? Anyone who hasn't profited massively from Wall Street? Who is the economy strong for? Unemployment is low, but how many jobs do people have to work to make ends meet? Wages are up? Up for who? The people who needed the wage increase or those who are already living in wealth? Who is the economy for? Hilariously, the economy is really strong for Bloomberg, it's in his best interest to vote for Trump. Why are we turning from person who runs the economy that benefits billionaire Bloomberg, thinking this billionaire would do something that benefits the general public but likely harms himself, his family and his friends. Insanity, Bloomberg supporters are morons.

  • Interfering in the elections of other countries and then complaining about others interfering in yours. Such arrogance and hypocrisy.

    Why don't you effect regime change in Saudi Arabia, whose leader kills journalists, or North Korea, which has nuclear weapons, cowards?

  • William Phillips says:

    I don’t ever remember Lincoln being an actual
    Republican, he was a liberal republican and in 1872 those turned into the Democratic Party so saying he is a republican is a big stretch, that’s like saying Obama wasn’t a center leaning moderate republican

  • William Phillips says:

    Her ripping up the speech was showing respect for a return to normal politics, Trumps speech was about himself and you just claimed that at the beginning of the interview about how wrong it was and now like a typical republican you make a different claim at the end. Fucking stupid

  • Anthony Bruneau says:

    That's what you get when there are a load of Democrats failed policies like in Chicago,San Francisco, Baltimore and other places

  • Coronel Property Management CPM says:

    People don’t hate. Try to be better everyday without hating other people. Bunch of scum bags liberals.

  • literally fuck you. the democrats need to stop being bitches and capitulating to trump on every fucking thing. you sound stupid saying we need to have decorum, when one side plays by a different set of rules, its time democrats did the same. fuck all this half steppin bullshit. trump is an old idiot. if you talk to him like hes an idiot, he will stumble on his words and make up words and act like you're the crazy one. but he will be bright orange from the embarrassment and truly, the only thing that matters to him, is his ego. if we take that down, the rest will collapse.

  • Yang and Pete are both wasting their time. Pete's never gonna get the black/latino vote and Yang is completely against Medicare 4 All, he's even lied about it. Bernie2020 period! Anyone else and I wont be getting out my bed, they can vote trump back in. This is what it will take for the DNC to get that we're not playing their shit games anymore.

  • CultureSubculture says:

    "I like the idea that an African American girl from an inner city neighborhood gets to go to the school of her choice…" Really, Margaret? You like those Oprah and Bob Barker, "The Price Is Right" moments, huh?

    As for me? i don't much care for sweepstakes. Rather, I like the idea that EVERY American child has access to a solid education that encourages critical thinking, creative problem solving, mid- and long-term planning, civics, and helps to identify each students interests, passions, and innate talents, so as to aid them in their journey toward their best selves and how to be an informed and effective citizen of a democratic republic.

  • First words out of her mouth were pure propaganda. Maduro is the democratically elected president of Venezuela! Guido is the opposition leader. Get that through your thick head

  • Above All, United says:

    So are we saying that the berder king’s trade wars and fascist bully boy negotiation tactics are effective now? I can’t think of many economic policies of the trump reich that i agree with, even if the short term result is as intended – other countries will adapt and counter because nobody likes being pushed around. Our trade partners will be ultimately forced to do likewise, this xenophobic, “pulling a fast one” way of thinking by one country almost led to the world’s annihilation 80 years ago

  • Politicians are all puppets. The House of Rothchild who is…controls the federal reserve. "Let us control the money of a country and we care not who makes its laws." – House of Rothschild

  • I can vote I dont vote,I cam vote just choose not to im 30 years old and havent seen a president worth voting for.when i see trump i see a man that isnt headstrong enough to have the influence on smart people,its like trump makes his supporters dumber just when they support not being racist but he has this effect on alot of white people proof hate is powerful.not voting sitting back and watching america at its worst socially,seeing trump is the amplifier and so many people with sense saying he is the savior is terrifying..

  • Wow factor here. The great granddaughter of a former President. So now what? If you want your Republican party to stay a Republican party that is not possible with Donny boy in there. You don't have another option on the 2020 ticket. Explain your game plan.

  • Call it out! Call its what it is, you GUTLESS wonders. He is a *****sociopath*****. He does what sociopaths do. Who will find the courage to say it? Anyone?????

  • Tell me one thing trump did for Obama's economy…..this is not Trump economy…..passing a tax cut for the rich did not help or hurt Obama's ECONOMY. Just look up Obama's Final ECONOMY SPEECH 2016 he put his numbers out there cause he knew Trump would put his name on OBAMA'S ECONOMY.

  • After the SOTU was fact checked it was completely full of lies and misinformation! Trump is a lying sack of Nazi! They LIKE his many lies…
    But we better not hear even One incorrect statistic from A Democrat though! Ugh. The GOP is a damn Cult!

  • It's interesting that now all republicans have to so do is not support Trump to be considered morally just. They might be as pathetic as him or stand for even much more divisive policies but since they condemn Trump for his obvious buffoonery, they're the good guys.

  • the republican party is too stupid, too cowardly to realize once trump is gone..they will be left with a country that mostly despises them…thanks repubs….no really…thanks.

  • He's been attacked for the past three years; hell yes he's going to boast. It was the biggest middle finger to the deep state.

  • eJacob Cornelius says:

    Holy cow is Margaret Hoover impressive. I think Mike Bloomberg is the only candidate that can stand toe-to-toe with Trump. He's already shown a knack for pushing Trump's buttons.

  • The moment Trump unifies the nation, is when the reptile people all break out of their human guises and eat the rest of us…

  • When is the Economic argument going to approach reality…that Presidents do not create jobs, do not increase wages, and in general only have negative effects, when they habe any effects at all. The less they do, the better things work.

  • "The party of Lincoln" no longer exists. There is no ideological, intellectual lineage I can draw between that party and the present-day cult of Trump.

  • Margret Hoover … you are great honest and intelligent, people regardless what party they fane of should be proud of u , God Bless You

  • "Legitimate president of Venezuela " by what standard? He was never in any voting ballot or in a campaign race, & was never given any vote!!!.DEMOCRIPTS & rebludicans always share international INVASIONs & COUPS!! Nothing new with this TREASONOUS CONGRESS

  • Guaido did NOT deserve a standing ovation.

    Maduro doesn't deserve the standy clappy circus act either, but FFS stop peddling CIA propaganda!

  • That's great, one child gets to go to college. Problem solved folks. I wouldn't count my chickens just yet I'd wait and see in 7 years If that tuition check doesn't bounce. A promise doesn't mean much From a man Who dodges paying his contractors to work on his hotels. And those are signed contracts. What obligation does he have toupee for a little girl's college Once he's already absorbed the credit And clout For saying it on television?

  • Trump lingered last in line for brains
    And the one he got was sorta rotten and insane
    Small things so sad that birds could land
    IsTrump fast asleep or rockin' out with the band?

  • Trump did not write the speech nor did he invite the guests. He "people" wrote it. He only read from the teleprompter. They knew it would earn him brownie points. The Senate had said from the beginning that they were going to acquit him no matter what. They run the show. Trump does not. They enjoy telling the emperor that his new clothes look good on him while Trump sucks it up like a baby sucking on a pacifier.

  • These guys are basically saying, yea Trump is doing a good job, he is the best choice among all the candidates, but I just don't like Trump so we have to find someone else. Seems kinda f**ked up to me.. ?

  • Trump gave the medal of freedom to the world most famous racist in February, black history month and Nancy tearing up Trump's speech is the biggest take away for the address

    We hold these truths to be self evidence that all men are created equal

    A country that we were taught went to war because of the enslavement of a race (bs) was defined by a document that was against it at it's creation. The emancipation proclamation "freed the slaves" in America but slavery/ racism/ classism never should have existed based on what was already written in the preamble. The Confederacy lost the war but thanks to apathy, amongst americans it is slowly taking control of our country. Don't just be "woke" wake the fk up. We are knee deep in a political civil war and the Confederacy is winning on all fronts

  • Juan Guaido is not the legitimate president of Venezuela. He's not recognized internationally. And, regardless of what you think of the state of Venezuela, the US backed an unsuccessful coup of a legally elected politician in yet another South American country. US foreign policy is criminal no matter which party you turn to.

  • Arden McConnell says:

    Trump is an addict. He’s addicted to publicity, flattery, and himself. Trump craves it, can’t live without it —good or bad —doesn’t matter. He’s hooked —can’t quit. And we’re footing the bill for his drug of choice

  • Jessica Arenella says:

    So. Nancy P. tearing up some pieces of paper is childish but Donny Jon doing the whole handshake… “SYKE!” … thing was SUPER MATURE? I’d have torn that crock of shit to pieces too, then burned it right in front of the Cheeto -In -Chief’s fug-mug.
    And then went home and prayed for his soulless ass!
    Just Fantasizing. #shitshow

  • Ms. Hoover hit the nails of TRUTH squarely on their heads in most cases. However, what everyone here should be mindful of is this. Yes, TRUMP might do some good things here and there, but that is just another part of his overall strategy to deceive the public! Some are by design; some by accident. And while he has you scratching your head trying to figure out what he's up to CO-OPTS what he thinks will make him look good and takes credit for things he didn't do or even have an idea for. In the final analysis, it is ALWAYS ABOUT TRUMP, in one way or another. It is all about HIS GLORIFICATION, FIRST and FOREMOST, and NOT ABOUT the PRINCIPLES at ISSUE. PRINCIPLES don't mean ANYTHING to the SHAMELESS CHARLATANS one and

  • If Satan is the Prince of Lies, Donnie OrangeCunt is the Fat King of Hypocrisy, Lording over a Court of Republicunt hypocrites.

  • Fuck you Margaret Hoover, Juan Guaido is NOT THE PRESIDENT of Venezuela, fucking liar! I'm not the PRESIDENT even if I swear on a bloody bible. Fuck John McCain as well you cunt! Trevor, shame on you to push these view points and invite such a fucking shit. I'd rather see Lewis Black on you show that this hot looking piece of shit.


  • I don't agree with what Nancy Pelosi did regarding ripping up the speech only for the fact she is better than Trump and she shouldn't lower herself because of him. However, no one else knows better what it is like to be in this Administration. I actually get sick to my stomach hearing Trump's voice. I can only imagine what her life must be working around and with him. He's breaking her to some extent, which I am sorry to witness. For the Trump supporters I can say this … Trump himself has in fact been known to rip up government records out of anger; only then to have his Aides be tasked with taping them back together because you are not supposed to destroy government records. They can be revised and updated, but not you can't just go and rip them up and toss them in the trash as Trump has been doing. In fact, Trump personally tore up and destroyed Russian translator notes, which is a giant no-no. So when Trump accuses Pelosi of committing a crime it is only because he knows all too well from his personal experience and not because he is a man of integrity.

  • Juan Guiado is not the legitimate anything of anything. He never recieved a single vote and yet the US empire thinks they can just APPOINT HIM PRESIDENT. Imagine Germany just started calling Hillary the legitimate President of the US!!!

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  • whalah(voila)! this is the saddest part of American people, racism on
    their own! So i say, Americans are now divided. Look at this evidence on
    few of them —–>>> @

  • whalah(voila)! this is the saddest part of American people, racism on
    their own! So i say, Americans are now divided. Look at this evidence on
    few of them —–>>> @

  • I'm not an American but look at what Dems in behalf of Ms. Nancy– shredding govt documents! what are their share in making American lives to make it better? are you not happy having the labor force participation rate increased 0.2 percentage points to 63.4%, matching its highest level since June 2013?

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