MANI | Season 4 | Ep. 2: “Jail Break”

MANI | Season 4 | Ep. 2: “Jail Break”

(nature-infused music) (coughing) – All clear? – Oh yeah, it’s all good. – Great. (coughing) Hey, so I’ve triple checked and
we should be snake free but, this is it. – You expect us to sleep here? – I’m gonna be sick. – Okay, you guys calm down. We’ll figure a way out of this. Because there’s a band-aid where my pillow is supposed to be! Oh my God. – I call this bunk. – We’re gonna die here, aren’t we. – Probably not all of us, but there will definitely be some casualties. – Guys, I think we need to write home. – And say what? – We need to get out of here. – Is that blood? – This is the best place ever! – Yeah man! – Let’s go. – Roll. – Okay, suck it up Billy, 38 hours to go, you can do it, you can do it. (electric sizzle) (glass breaking) – So things aren’t going as we expected. Definitely didn’t think
there’d be too many, how do I put this, hazards to my general well being. – Oh, this is gonna be delicious. – And I didn’t think we were gonna be cooking our own dinner. – I don’t know what
everyone’s complaining about. I feel right at home. Don’t we Mr. Muffins. – Mom, I know I said I wouldn’t complain, but you will not believe what’s going on at this so-called camp I
forced you to send me to. – There’s no hot water, and they fed me snake sandwiches for lunch, ugh! Let me tell you, it is not a delicacy. – The darkness has
never been so beautiful, and the forest spirits have been friendly. – Well, that ought to do it. Once our parents read these letters, they are not going to make us stay here. (tearing paper) (metal flap clanking) – Dear Mom, camp is so hard. (laughs) Interesting. Nobody ever leaves Camp Karma Meadow. Well, not for 30 more hours at least. (ripping paper) (rapid music) (screeching) – Hey, thanks for the ride. I hope you feel better. (siren) Only a hundred miles to go. All right, here we go Mani, let’s go. – See everyone, isn’t this
an exciting camp activity? Peeling potatoes for dinner. – And breakfast, and lunch. – Um, great job. You’re really getting
that potato, yes, you are. (thrilling music) Harmony! (somber music) (clears throat) What are you doing? I’m making a friendship bracelet. Look, I already know
what you’re gonna say. I made one for you. – Why would you throw
away the girls’ letters? They’re so upset Billy,
they want to go home. – I threw those letters out because it’s what’s best for them. These kids see one bug and
they’re ready to jump ship. What are we really teaching them if all we do is coddle them? – Oh, well. – I just care so much
about their well being. I want these girls to grow up
to be strong and independent. I just wanna set them up for success. I know it can come off weird sometimes, but it’s really what I want. – That’s the sweetest
thing I’ve ever heard! – It’s true. – You really do care about these kids. – From the bottom of my heart. I love ’em. (soothing music) – Fits perfectly. – I knew it would. – Harmony, I don’t know
why you want to leave. It’s not what we expected,
but it’s romantic, right? – No, it’s icky, and
something’s going on here. – Harmony, it doesn’t
matter what you’re doing, it’s who you’re doing it with, right? – Wrong! (sly music) – Don’t touch. (upbeat music) – Oh, okay. Thanks for the ride, buddy. (upbeat music) – Guys, we need to figure out
how to get out of here asap. – But how? They’re intercepting our
mail and we have no phones! – Don’t worry. I’ve got a plan. (upbeat music) – Wait, wait, wait, wait! Dang it man! – Okay, here’s the plan. I’m going to go and fetch
us a carrier pigeon, and Goth girl, I need you to channel your inner Wiccan Princess
and put a spell on Billy. – After my brother fell in a ditch, I promised my parents that I
wouldn’t cast spells anymore. – Okay, then. I need you to send a smoke
signal to the nearest town. And Brittany, I need you to
send a message in a bottle down the nearest stream. – Okay. – Got it? – Um hum. – Perfect, let’s go! (pigeons warbling) – Come on little tweety bird. You’re our only way out. (plastic bottle bouncing) (metal lid closing) – Ooh, rat, rat, rat, rat. Oh my gosh. – Cool. (rubbing stick in hands) (spooky music) You saw him, right? Stop! Stop! Who are you? – Edward. – Where did you come from? – I was on the bus. In the back. – I thought you were a duffle bag. (midtempo music) – Who knew it was so
hard to capture a pigeon? – We failed. – No, no. Never say fail. Oh, I’ve got a great idea. What if we write in the
dirt, so if a plane comes, they can rescue us? – That’s our best plan yet. We could steal some of
the boys shaving cream and write the message. – I wonder if the boys are
even old enough to shave yet? – Trust me, boys start buying
shaving cream at the age of 7. – Look what I found. Cute! – Look what I found. – Thank you. (gasps) – What are you guys doing in here? (popping of plastic cap) (squirting shaving cream) (energetic music) – Nice P. – High five? (energetic music) – See, we can have fun. – No we can’t. (slams door) (dramatic music) – [Narrator] Next Up On Mani. – Grant, we got five minutes
to go and the money’s all ours. – [Mani] Me is gonna get up to that camp, if it’s the last thing I do. – What is that? Oh, no. – Everybody look! It’s Mani!


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