Manafort’s Double Flip, Trump’s Climate Change Gibberish & Ivanka’s Email Snafu | The Daily Show

Manafort’s Double Flip, Trump’s Climate Change Gibberish & Ivanka’s Email Snafu | The Daily Show

The Russia investigation. It’s back in the news,
and at this point, this thing is like a sale
at a used Honda dealership. It never ends. Well, you may remember
a few months ago, Special Counsel Robert Mueller
convinced Trump’s former campaign chairman
Paul Manafort to flip against Trump. But now it turns out Manafort
may have double flipped. Let’s start with our top story. This new revelation raising
some big questions this morning about what is going on
in the Russia investigation. Was former Trump
campaign chairman Paul Manafort playing both sides, in effect? MAN: The New York Times
reporting overnight that Paul Manafort’s lawyer
repeatedly briefed
President Trump’s lawyers about his client’s discussions
with Mueller’s team after the former Trump campaign
chairman already agreed to cooperate
with the special counsel. Manafort’s move–
a highly unusual arrangement that several legal experts
this morning suspect may be a bid
for a presidential pardon. That’s right.
Resting snitch face over here has apparently been telling
Trump what’s happening in the Mueller investigation. Yeah. Telling him everything that Mueller is thinking about,
what they’re doing. It’s like when your friend takes
a test in the second period, and then at recess, he tells you what to expect when you go in
for the test, yeah. Although, I bet,
even with the answers, Trump could still mess it up. He’ll be like, “Now,
if I can’t remember the answer, I’m just gonna put ’B.’” “Sir, did you ever meet
with Vladimir Putin?” “B!” (laughter) And if you’re wondering,
if you’re wondering, how did Mueller figure out
that Manafort was being shady, well, you see,
the thing about Manafort is, he has a very subtle tell
whenever he’s lying. Here he is in 2016 being asked
about Trump and Russia. And you watch carefully,
and tell me if you can pick up any signs
of deception. So to be clear, Mr. Trump
has no financial relationships with any Russian oligarchs? Uh, that’s what he said. Uh, I
didn’t… That’s what I said… That’s, obviously,
what the… our position is. (laughter) Smooth. (laughter) In other news, President Trump
is still fighting his own administration’s
climate change report released earlier last week,
right? And like the climate,
his arguments are getting worse. President Trump explaining why
he is so skeptical of his own administration’s
report on the dire consequences
of climate change. He tells The Washington Post… -(laughter, groaning)
-Clearly… Clearly, the president doesn’t
believe in the science or the English, because… if you’re trying to say
you’re too smart to believe in climate change,
it doesn’t help when your argument ends with, “It’s right now
at a record clean.” Like, it makes him sound
super dumb. Or maybe, maybe Trump
is so intelligent that he’s leaving English
behind. Maybe that’s what it is, yeah. He’s developing something
totally new. You know, like he’s… He’s like those aliens
from the movie Arrival. Like, we just need Amy Adams
to interpret for us. (amplified breathing) There is a cooling,
and there is a heating. They go, “global warming,”
they go, “climate change,” they go, now it’s sort of, I
hear a lot of “extreme weather.” If it’s cold, it’s okay.
If it’s hot, it’s okay. If it’s windy, if it’s not,
if you… everything’s extreme. Trust me,
I’m, like, a smart person. She was trying.
She was really trying. All right, moving on. Ivanka Trump
is back in the news, this time because she solved
the border crisis. Yeah! I’m just kidding.
She (bleep) up again. It came to light that
early in the administration you used your private e-mail
for White House business. Your father had taken Hillary
Clinton to task for this, so how did you wind up
in a similar situation? Well, there really is
no equivalency. My e-mails
have not been deleted. Nor was there anything of-of…
of substance, uh, nothing confidential
that was within them. So there’s no connection
between the two things. Your father hammered
Hillary Clinton on this, said that it was criminal,
she should be locked up. Hillary Clinton is guilty. She knows it, the FBI knows it, the people know it. Okay, first of all, what the hell is going on
with Trump there? He’s got the hat pulled down,
and you can’t see his face. He’s doing this weird thing
with his hand. It’s almost like he went through
a weird Michael Jackson phase in the middle of the campaign. You know? He was just like,
“Uh! Shamona! Uh! “I asked… I asked Annie,
’Are you okay? “Are you okay, Annie?
Are you okay?’ “She’s not okay, folks,
she’s not okay. “You know why. MS-13. Gotta build a wall-uh.” -(laughter)
-Anyway, anyway, back to Ivanka. Uh, I actually believe her
when she says that she wasn’t using
her private account for important work e-mails, because in order to have
important work e-mails, you have to do important work. -(laughter)
-She doesn’t do anything. Her in-box is probably
just Goop newsletters and thousands
of unopened e-mails from Eric. -That’s all it probably is.
-(laughter) And you know
what’s amazing here, you know what’s amazing
is that not only is Ivanka’s e-mail scandal
similar to Hillary’s, but the excuses sound
the same, too. They’re all stored
on the White House system, so everything
has been preserved, everything’s been archived. They were captured
and preserved immediately on the system
at the State Department. …all part
of the public record. …public for everyone to see. And there’s no prohibition
from using private e-mail. It was allowed.
Others had done it. We all have private e-mails
and personal e-mails to coordinate with our family. …private, personal e-mails. E-mails about planning
Chelsea’s wedding… …as well as yoga routines,
family vacations, the other things you
typically find in in-boxes. (chanting):
Lock them up! Lock them up! Have them share a cell!
Make it a reality show!


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  • How dense do "they" have to be to do what was violently haranged about for two years. The rich and privileged really do feel privileged. The don't feel bound by rules morality or decency of the peons that are just supposed to admire them in awe.


  • sarahraisingmyvoice says:

    For God’s sake, would somebody give Ivanka a cough drop?
    I don’t like her, she’s an idiotic hypocrite, and her position in the White House is the best textbook case of nepotism since the Borgia family… but dear LORD does she sound miserable here…And I really don’t like pitying her.

  • He broke the agreement with the FBI. Deal is off. Now they can PROSECUTE the 5h1t of pompaus aH073….Throw his Fat Ar53 In. Prison… Federal prison…

  • Trevor Noah has an above average IQ. Like way above Distinct IQ and a really dope sense of Humour. Must be the first time the world has had the privilege of witnessing that combo.

  • The reality of The Mueller investigation is sinking in hard and it's seriously fucking Trump up in the head. I know it's hard to tell the difference given trump's incoherent speech patterns…but yeah, he knows he is gonna get proper fucked.

  • I noticed when baby girl trump was questioned about those e-mails, she couldn't help snicker each time she replied to questions. The face of a bitch!

  • Please explain why trump who won't even read an intelligence briefing would make it a point to change the GOP platform regarding Russia? Why would he want a secret back channel the Russians put in place to circumvent our own CIA/NSA? Trump has been laundering Russian money for decades! We want to take money out of politics so we put in a guy who's bought & paid for by Putin?? There needs to be changes made to law immediately to prevent this from happening again. We must have thorough vetting of candidates by FBI before they get on the ticket to run in future so we don't have career criminals in power while we waste millions getting him out.

  • Plenty legal, plenty cool.🎵
    Trump must think that we are fools?

    As wheels of justice ever turning.🎵 the fires of hell are always burning.

    Now we know trumps evil yearning🎵 and the reason for his treasion💨💩

    Russian collusion was meant for confusion, but beyond the delusion. Its all true!🎼

  • The climate change in the White House is in fact changing alright, it’s getting very dark and gloomy! Oh wait, there’s also reports that donald is experiencing a thunder storm right in his room!!!! That’s what it looks like to me folks. LMFAO

  • Dear Ivanka, We all already know ANYTHING you type in an email is entirely lacking in substance because you are quite clearly a dummy. It's genetic dear.

  • Denise Rylander says:

    A-MAZING how he captured Trump's daughter using the exact same words as Hilliary and does not believe SHE DESERVES THE SAME CHANT "LOCK IVANKA UP" Somehow ignorance of her daddy has fallen unto her as well

  • no one is saying climate change isn't real….we are saying we aren't letting it run our lives and its not the biggest issue at hand right now….comedy central is just CNN 2

  • ishtar aakanksha Kovoor says:

    Record clean. Hmm, thats still gonna become lingo in the internet and then 5 years later you'll forget it was this ridiculous. That has almost always been record History. #itsallafarce

  • Yeah, and so Mueller plants a lie to Manafort's lawyers, they pass it on to Trump, he writes it in his written answers to Mueller's questions, and that's how we find out that Manafort's back channelling… and Trump perjures himself by repeating the lie! Pretty slick!

  • I only have one thing to say to Trump

    Its one thing to let people think your stupid,

    but it's another to open your mouth and prove it.

  • this isn't about the show but the stupid orbits gum commercial; what kinda pansy ass beatch would let some freckle faced ginger push them around like that? If that fuck face came up to me demanding my money he wouldn't have knee caps or a working gastro intestinal track after that because I'd knee cap the mo-fo and gut shoot his ass, high school or not it doesn't matter! I firmly believe that the sanest response to the disgusting, insane, illogical, and downright wrong society, culture, and civilization in witch we live is to stand up for yourself!

  • Trevor that's 3 Toyota's and a Nissan. Just sayin. Oh ya I love yo show my man R e s p e c t! Big ups from the West Coast. Hope you kill it in Temecula on the 14th really wanted to go for my birthday but the lady and I couldn't get tickets they were sold out. Keep doing what your doing!! -Chris

  • There is a huge different between Ivanka's emails and Hillary's emails. Hillary contracted a company to build and store her email, specifically for her. Ivanka was using a public email service like Google. Also, Ivanka didn't delete all her emails as soon as it was brought out. It is a task in itself, to delete the information store of an Exchange Server that holds 30,000+ emails. Also, hasn't anything come of Ivanka's investigation on this? Have they determined if any classified information has been passed through her public facing email service?

    I'm just saying, as an IT guy, working Cybersecurity for the US Army for over 20 years and now as a defense contractor…there was a huge difference between the two scenarios.

  • I’ve always heard its better to remain silent and let people think you’re dumb then to open your mouth and remove all doubt!! Does ivanka have any clue what she’s saying? Jesus

  • Does anyone else get the impeach Donald ad as well? Like for every video? This might be off topic just it scares me knowing we'd be getting pence as a president if dinild shrimp was impeached and that comes up before every yt Video

  • I can admit that Trump isn’t the best speaker ever, especially when you compare him to the silver tongued snake that came before him. However, as brash and unrefined as he is, he’s ACTUALLY getting shit done. He’s not just talking about it. He’s not just promising us things like ALLL the other politicians did. He’s actually making things better. We need better border security. We need better trade deals. We need to make America more prosperous. Our economy is not nearly as anemic as it used to be. More people are going back to work. You’re getting less taxes STOLEN from your paycheck. None of you look at the work that’s being done. You’re too hung up on appearances… The man didn’t even think he would actually become president… But so far he’s doing a better job of repairing this country than the last 3 presidents did. Stop drinking the cool aid and look at the facts surrounding all the drama the fake news media has been shoving in front of you. Wake up.

  • I’d also like to point out that the daily show is a comedy show. Not real news… Trevor Noah is just a face that spews the SJW rhetoric his writers drum up.

  • "A king who must say 'I am the king' is no true king" in that same vein, an intelligent man who must say "I am intelligent" is probably an idiot

  • I got this channeling that global warming is supposed to happen, the planet is supposed to get hotter. they are spraying the sky to avoid the strength of the sun aka RA to come through.

    And people are programmed to be worried about global warming. The poles I feel are very important hidden information about earth. That's why we don't have access to them.

    I got that when they start to melt away that's when we "melt" into truth. It's a whole other world in the poles that is frozen away.

    All myths start from somewhere since we can't really make up anything it's all existing some where where in the universe. the whole Santa and the elves is a bigger picture. I feel there are beings inside the earth that are waiting to come up, they have been frozen by time (Saturn moon matrix)

    The shift is happening on the world wide web (4D) before it trickles down to 3D reality.

    What are your predictions for the new age 2020?

  • The more I see Ivanka's plastic face, the more charming I find the outcast Tiffany, who has struck her own aesthetic. Everyone around Trump gets uglier by the minute. He's made liars of his own children, not to mention his staff.

  • Scott Hafele says:

    One more time for y'all that pick sides. Our government is gone. Like Rome and all other powers, we got too arrogant. Now the death throes that might ruin everything. The biggest problem is Americans are not educated. They are taught how to obey for 18 years

  • Ayan Ray Baruah says:

    I just wanted to say that I am the most bigly intelligently persony in the whole widely world. Today my intelligence crossed the atmosphere at record height.

  • No intelligent person comes out and says "am intelligent". It's only the dumb that comes out and says this not for others but for them to console their own mind . That's psychology

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