Mana Oori Bathukamma || Warangal Vandhana || Tamada Media

Mana Oori Bathukamma || Warangal Vandhana || Tamada Media

You seem happy.
– Well, yes, sir. My uncle lives in this village. It has been two years since I’ve been here.
I’m here for Bathukamma. Uncle! I’ll get that for you. Who is she?
– She is my sister’s daughter. – I’ll tell him. I’m Sarojini’s daughter.
I’m studying in Hyderabad at Parayana. Invite me over for the festival.
– Of course, I would. – Lovely. She must’ve reached by now. Is my daughter there, brother-in-law?
– She is. Here, talk to her. Yes, dad? – All good?
– Yes! I just reached here and uncle has come to receive me. Good. Be careful there.
– Your wife is here, so, I don’t have any other option. Why don’t you too come here, dad?
– I will, on the day of Dusshera. Pass the phone back to your uncle.
– Brother-in-law, be here for Dusshera. And while you’re at it, get me four..
– Four won’t do. I’ll get four more. Cool. See you then.
– What four? Bottles? Of course, not.
Let’s go now. Hi, Vandana! How are you?
– I’m great! – When did you reach? Just a while ago.
Anyways, you seem pretty chill. Why won’t I?
I’m eating well and sleeping well and studying little. How is life?
– It is everything but fine. You may think low of me if I tell you.
I’ll tell you all about it later though. Let’s go to the fields.
– Before that, I’ll go meet my mom so that we can spend the whole day carefreely. How come you woke up so soon?
– My mom made me wake up early. What are you doing with that twig?
– This is a neem twig. Brush your teeth with this. It is good. The kind of scams toothpaste makers do.
They say their toothpastes are the best but all that they do is add neem
and everything else we already use. What a scam.
– We’ve to go get the flowers for the Bodemma festival. What is this Bodemma festival?
– Neither do I know. We’ll find out. These are the dresses I bought for the festivities.
Are they good? – Yes, they are. Where are your dresses?
– From Parayana, I straight went to dad. Since it was already, my dad made me board the bus to here
right there. So, how would I find time for shopping? I’ll wear the dresses
I bought for my birthday. Vandana, look in that cover. When did you buy these, mom?
– Your dad and I bought them the other day. How are they?
– Your selection is always perfect. Thanks a lot, mom.
– Do not thank your mom. I thought you were like Prakash Raj from ‘Bommarillu’.
But you are like Jayasuda from ‘Bommarillu’. Yeah, enough. Get dressed
and go worship the Bodemma. Let’s hurry up, Vandana. How do I look, Ammulu? You look dope! Tell me about this Bodemma festival.
– It is that festival in which the deity is decorated and worshipped
by women by going around it. Women pray to the deity to bless them
with decent husbands and blissful marital lives. The deity is immersed
on the 9th day of the festivities. Bathukamma is the festival meant
for women of all ages. Telangana is perhaps the only place
where flowers and mud are worshipped. Celebrating Bathukamma is like celebrating women.
– Well said! Pray to the Bodemma.
– Pray for what. – Make a wish. Goddess Bodemma, I don’t have too many wishes.
See to it I do well at Parayana and get a seat in KITS Warangal,
alright, if not KITS, atleast in SR College and have no backlogs in engineering
and then get a good score in GRE and go to the USA, since my mom
wants me to, and do well there too. I hope the groom my parents find me is good enough
and has enough wealth and and has no siblings and has meek parents
and we like each other and the dowry talk goes on
without any issues and the wedding happens at the Warangal function hall
with everyone’s blesssings. That is what I wish for!
– Amazing! Did you both have fun?
– Yes, uncle! We had the time of our lives! Where are you going?
– To the milk center to sell milk. Why?
– The city gets milk from these centers. You’ve hiccups! Get her some water.
– I’ve no water, but I’ve milk. You’ve lost Rs. 30 just like that.
– I’m glad you lost those hiccups too. You’re amazing, so is this village.
There is some magic in this village’s air. I’ll visit this village for every festival hereon.
Friends, you too keep visiting your hometowns. I hope you enjoyed this Bathukamma episode.
Next, we’ll celebrate Dusshera. This is Warangal Vandana signing off.
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