32 thoughts on “Man Dead After High-Speed Chase In Utah | NBC Nightly News”

  • Some people really do not have much common sense or smarts. Ex. #1, 0:23 a white minivan pulls out into traffic, in spite of an army of police cars, sirens and lights blazing coming right at it, and not only that, it takes it a few seconds to finally decide to pull over in a left turn lane. Ex #2, 0:36, the truck and police entourage comes right up behind this clueless white car. The driver didn't see all the flashing lights or hear the sirens of what looks like 15 police cars? Ex. #3 The brainless guy at 0:54 who comes out to take a look at what's happening. You know, if there are a gazillion officers shooting at someone, it is really not smart to come and get a look. You really want to be in an area where bullets are flying? You just don't know if one is going to come your way. For all three clueless people, I roll my eyes!

  • the sludgehammer801 says:

    I know you mention that he was "spraying shots wildly". But one of the most important details that you didn't cover in this video is that he wasn't only shooting at police. He was shooting at ANYONE he could!! He was driving through the city just shooting at random people and locations.

  • Of course youโ€™re going to end up dead in America I mean you wanna die open fire on a couple cops theyโ€™ll return thousand rounds back your way!

  • Glad they were able to stop this guy without innocent loss of life. I hope the injured officer makes a full recovery.

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