Malawi’s Human Harvest – Full documentary – BBC Africa Eye

Malawi’s Human Harvest – Full documentary – BBC Africa Eye

My name is Anas Aremeyaw Anas. I am a Ghanaian undercover reporter. I never show my face. I’ve come to northern Malawi to investigate killings linked to the supernatural which have terrified locals. We’ll meet people who say they are dead men walking… It’s a tale of immorality and human greed
where murderous violence… has bred a lethal vigilante response, which
nearly cost me and my team our lives. This is what happens when an
investigation goes terrifyingly wrong… and my cover is blown sky high by Malawi’s Human Harvest. I am on assignment in northern Malawi. With
me in the vehicle is a local journalist Henry Mhango. He’s been covering a wave of unsolved killings
where body parts are removed from dead victims for what’s widely believed to be
witchcraft rituals. We’ve teamed up to investigate. Henry’s arranged for me to meet a police
detective at a river where the mutilated body of a young man was found. When we found him, by that time there was no head. So what would a person use a head for? If we can say from sources, they just say they take the head and it’s used for traditional medicine. All of them, they say that. Henry’s been collecting evidence. Evidence which some viewers may find upsetting. This is the headless body
that was found on the riverbank. It’s a very sad sight. At least 33 killings have been linked to
traditional medicine over the past two years in northern Malawi but even the police don’t know exactly how many. These things that they use to do, some call it Muthi, some call it Vizimba. Does it work? As an officer, as a police officer, I can’t confirm. I don’t know.
But as a human being, I believe. Fear of Muthi killings has fuelled
lethal civil unrest across Malawi. Last year the army was deployed when tales of
so-called bloodsuckers led to riots and deaths. Two years ago, the authorities in Malawi
banned all witch doctors. But traditional medicine is still widespread
here and practitioners like Daniel Myaluka still practice quite openly. This is a collection of gruesome charms, confiscated from witch doctors who use human body-part Muthi. Daniel believes body-part Muthi does work and is extremely powerful but he is also clear it is evil. We are back on the road and looking for
the headless river murder victim’s family. But it’s proving difficult. We find them after a long search in a tiny
hamlet called Yakobe. Innocent Moyo was a young man in his twenties
who left his family to work in Karonga three years ago. Then he went missing after a night out in a bar. His grieving parents spoke to
me about the loss of their son. What sort of people would involve themselves
in the gruesome murders of Malawi’s blameless youth? That’s a question that troubles
local journalist Tobias Mwaulambo. Tobias says it’s too dangerous for him to investigate those he believes are carrying out Muthi killings. But being a Ghanaian journalist, I can investigate. I’m posing as a businessman with a secret
taste for Muthi magic. And now it’s time to go undercover. Tobias was too fearful to pass on any names but after some digging around on the ground by
Henry before I arrived in Malawi, the same name kept coming up, Matthius Kamanga. He’s a notorious local witchdoctor who sourcestold us is involved in body-part Muthi. Henry met him first to explain who
I am and what I was looking for. And he was keen to do business. He said wanted to meet me face to face. It’s time for me to meet the witch doctor
Kamanga for myself. We are being very careful. If Kamanga is involved in killing we have
to be certain he will not kill on our behalf. So we’re going to tell him we’ll supply
our own body parts for the Muthi. We won’t pay him. We just need him to take
the bait and reveal the deteails of his wicked business. Kamanga claims he partnered up with another
man five years ago to target and kill victims. I am shocked by what I’m hearing and I wanted
to know how far Kamanga would go to back it up. Kamanga also says he sucks blood from live
victims using medical equipment. My team and I are investigating things at
the very edge of our understanding. We are moving into dangerous territory. I am going to meet the Sichali family. They live in terror and grief because four males of their family have been murdered over the past ten years. It’s widely believed among the community
they were killed for Muthi. We hear the young children who have been left behind as a result of these
murders are being ostracised? It’s time for me to meet witch doctor Kamanga again. We’re heading deeper into the bush,
toward his sacred shrine the place where he says he brings body-parts
and blood and turns them into Muthi. Kamanga performs a strange witchcraft ritual. Then Henry points out what appear to be small
pieces of bone on the shrine floor. This looks real. Later that evening Henry set up another meeting
with Kamanga in a remote location. This time Kamanga brings with him the man he claims is his fellow killer. A man called Njuku Mpata. Ahead of us the vehicle containing
Kamanga and Mpata. Suddenly a very bad feeling comes over me. And all the way up to the meeting spot they’ve
chosen, my sense of dread grows. When we stop, Kamanga and Mpata are back to
the details of their sordid business. We’ve already told them we’ll supply our own body
parts but for the equivalent of around $8000, they offer us two Muthi murders and the
bloodsucking of a young child. And when they finish, would the child die? How many times has he been able to do
successful Muthi operations? Suddenly, Mpata stopped the meeting. We heard some villagers making noise so we decided to quit the conversation and leave the scene. OK then let’s leave here. – OK then. There was a small good-humoured crowd
gathered at our vehicles. Tell them they shouldn’t be scared, they should feel free. But as Kamanga and Mpata melt into the
darkness, the mood turned ugly – really ugly. Really ugly. They started shoving us, pushing us… These are the IDs. Yes, BBC IDs. Where are your IDs? The crowd was becoming huge now. These are community police. Volunteer community policemen based in the village realised we really were journalists working for the BBC. They did their best to protect us, but the situation was quickly getting out of control. They started attacking them too. They used their bodies as human shields. Some of them got injured in the process. They said they were going to come. But they were not coming. Their attacks were intensifying. Please can you help us, they are kicking us, somebody is kicking us… They had pangas, they had knives, they had
clubs, they had stones… Leave me alone! What’s the matter with you? The community police said we must go to the
village chief to explain ourselves. They told us to keep walking to stay alive. This guy is protecting us. The attacks intensified. They hit my head with a huge stone.
I fell. But I had to keep up. Take his hand, take his hand! I stood and we pushed forward. There was a
valley ahead of us. I could feel someone drive a knife… Cut through my suit. When we got into the valley they
were going to end our lives. They are going to kill us… And there was nothing that could stop them.
Nothing. We knew that that was the moment we
were going to die. I held the hand of my producer. I’m here, I’m here with you… – Anas? I’m here, I’m here. Let me hold you, let me hold you. Oh please, please… We had to just run. Hold each
other’s arms and run. Oh my God. Oh my God… Kept on running. We were surprised we made
it alive. It was just the hand of God that took us out of this. We saw a hut that was the house of the chief. Chief.
– The chief. – Thank you. We were trapped in the chief’s house
surrounded by the still angry crowd. Henry managed to call the local MP who got
the police to finally come to our aid. We had escaped with our lives but the mental
scars of that night will remain with us forever. Still reeling from the events of the night before, Henry calls Kamanga demanding answers. My team and I have decided we can’ t leave here until
we find out why the villagers attacked us. It’s a strange feeling to see all these
faces and to know that just days before, so many of these people were bent on killing us. But now my cover is blown sky high. We were all over national TV news and any hope we could expose others involved in the Muthi business was over. Over the weekend some journalists were attacked
the irate community in Mwasota-Malema village. They were two Ghanaian journalists, one BBC journalist and a Malawian working for Capital Radio, Henry Mhango. I’m heading to the capital Lilongwe, to Parliament. To meet Frank Mwenifumbo, the MP for Karonga. The man whose phone calls to the police helped to save our lives. I wasn’t surprised to see how the villagers reacted. In the area they come from that there have been allegations of people killing people for their body-parts. But, according to Frank, what happened to us did shine a light into the darkest corners of Malawian society. This has been around for a long, long time
and I can tell you more than the past ten years, It’s only now that somebody has woken up to, to talk about it, to bring about awareness. Witch doctor Kamanga and his associate Njuku Mpata claimed that between them they killed 12 people. We have no way of knowing if their claims are true. They gave us the names of six victims. Henry
later investigated and discovered of the six, three were alive, one was confirmed
dead and two were missing. We wrote to Kamanga and Mpata asking for a response to the allegations in this programme but received no reply. Our investigation is over but the chilling conclusion of Henry’s phone call with Kamanga makes it clear: their gruesome services are still for sale.


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  • It’s funny how gangbangers in America think they’re untouchable. Take those same gang members and drop them off in this village and let’s see how gangsta they really are??‍♂️ I’m so glad I live in the US and thank God that reporter and producer got out of there alive there fucking crazy LOL

  • This journalist is really good but have to be more careful next time. He should work with hidden security that are members of his team. What happened in the village was a set up

  • kiente karla dambo says:

    Ritmlual killings r done by greedy and lazy people who prefer free and easy money to working hard using the blood of others. I pray one day their victims will b their children.

    Furthermore these people have no conscience and he only consolation is judgemeny day. Dispicable and heartless.

  • You all need to put your emotions to the side and analyze the information in the video.
    Two foreign men from across the continent, went to Malawi to investigate killings linked to traditional medicine. The medicine man did not do the killing. The men who claimed to have killed didn’t kill anyone in this video. And it was proven that they lied about the killings. 3 out of 6 alleged victims were still alive; 2 were missing; and only 1 was confirmed “dead” (not murdered).
    What the video did prove is that FEAR in the community has led to riots, violence and murder.
    It looks like people who profit from this type of harvesting is taking advantage of the people’s fear. They lured these men into a group of men from fearful community, in a remote area at night. Then they vanish into the crowd as the crowd accused the foreigners of being the killers.
    I think they wanted the crowd to kill them so they can return and collect the body parts when the crowd left.

  • NiteRythemzRadio1 says:

    Hallelujah? He is speaking in tounges on the process of doing some evil shit, and the last words is Haleelujah? WTF? Fake as hell and heaven!

  • what about in a shop near you mixing human blood in your food you eat. C’mon people wake up! just because of one news you just think that they are the only ones who does it. Check your own backyards they are doing it in secret. Maybe you should check what the Satanist do in America! May God judge them if they do not repent.

  • Education… Its what they're taught from an early age. Up until 400 years ago we burned young girls at the stake because we THOUGHT they were witches

  • Not condoning it but all countries on this planet are doing theses rituals in different ways so also the Hollywood stars practice these demonic but not exposed. This is all the same things of the devil.

  • Wietepietepatat says:

    15:09 so he is wearing a shirt that is saying: "True love" and he is killing children. That is probably the weirdest contrast i've ever seen in a documentary.

  • we highly give thanx to the journalists who managed to open an evil box to show the world african reality of healing

  • Investigative journalism is fraught with danger. Much respect for the men who endeavored to get answers. I hope they are safe and alright.

  • I appreciate jornalists but I can not understand why humans can be so cruel. Animals are better than humans! I feel pains in my stomach now after watching this. These witch doctors even spread diseases for example hiv and so on. Ugly ones!

  • Incurable Romanticist says:

    This is the sinfulness, the lawlessness that we have feared for decades and read about in the Bible.

    Not enough people seek the light now, to keep the world from this darkness.

    Half the people in Malawi have. HIV. The other half have that and a host of other horror diseases to worry about.

    No money, no education,no Christian missionaries.

    This is what the whole world is heading for.

  • Margot Hilaire says:

    They all want to come to America because they can proof that they are Obama's brothers.
    Italy is the nearest choice and bring along the witch craft and the mentality of Blacks from Africa.

  • Malawi is full of witches, why this Bushiri dont go back to his home to fight the devil, that's if he's not one of the devils.

  • Praise Jesus for the brave people who never gave up hope for real justice and light to be shed on this kind of evil and dark magic ritualistic abuse of innocent children. They are used to wealthy business clients who offer them money to sacrifice a child directly on their new construction sites and harvest their bones and blood for additional charms and spells to gain more power and success. Who are these clients and shouldn't we expose who these clients are also and also have them arrested along with the witch doctors. Keep up the great work! May God bless the survivors and heal the hearts and minds of all those who suffer and live their lives in constant fear every single day. Ugandanda needs a fund to raise more awareness and money for investigation teams and the courts there to speed up the cases and arrest those responsible. It is heartbreaking and horrifying to know this evil is still happening in the world we live in. They should put a death penalty on all those witch doctors and those who request human sacrifice. It needs to be a top priority to end ritualistic abuse of.any human young or old.

  • JohnandEve Foster says:

    i feel like i am going to faint… this wastruly evil… why did i listen to the words of a killer of children? i feel so bad inside for even hearing this… hell for them will be worse than they can imagine, i hope it starts today for them

  • JohnandEve Foster says:

    when you took part of the witch's evil practices you opened the door for you to be attacked this way… I get it, you think you are doing good by uncovering this evil, but God would have us not even know that this goes on, to never think about it to only think on good things…. nothing like this can ever happen to one of God's children… the only hope those people have is to seek God with all their heart , with everything… do not listen to the false gospel, the one that preaches in every church … I am glad you made it out alive, now stay away from such things, i should have never seen this…. there is no hope for the witches or the killers, they are twice dead

  • Christian Metatron says:

    The name of Jesus can remove anything it has more power than all this garbage combined. Praise the Lord eternally ???

  • Lusa Ramakhanya says:

    How crazy is this journalism? If his a powerful sorcerer he would know that all this is fake right , wouldn’t risk my life like that

  • I saw late one evening on Tv news a Russian Grandmother she was taking her daughters son (he thought he was going to the Zoo) to be solid for body parts but these were for transplants to the sick and needy about €50,000 she was going to get….the story has never left me…’s quite horrific what really goes on, us as humans are definitely desensitised when we are the ones who benefit…May God Bless the victimised ?✝️???✝️

  • Talk about some sick stuff. I don't understand these backwards people. You would think that people who live in these places would be sleeping with a loaded gun on hand. Lock and load and shoot and don't be afraid to defend yourself.

  • theother account says:

    You can't be clean for after handling dead bodies.You need to beware of things off of a body that has been rotting.For your safety.

  • theother account says:

    He already shows he beats dogs without thought over nothing right on camera.Thoughless voilent abuse.He's grown comfortable to a fault.

  • theother account says:

    His spirit was warned an he changed himself some.He spoke of blood sucking a alternative to the death if done in smaller amounts with multiple children..Which at least would calm me if that was the worst they did was pull half a pint from a couple of big 11 yr olds.The kids might say yes if they believed in the same things…But it's the murder guilt that already sent this beyond a strange belief that is against the truth of the God I believe in that wants an requires no blood sacrifices….


    You wouldn't catch me dead in no African village and I'm black…not in the day and definitely at night! Sorry.. Too much witch doctor and sacrificing for me!


    And if the fellas confessed to what they've done..why can't they be arrested? And if I were you I would be has a tasar or stun gun on me!

  • Michelle Hagstrom says:

    Its amazing how so many can kill without a blink of an eye !!! Harvesting is global , some even are tortured while taken what bodypart they want while not dead

  • This is probably the reason so many of our young are coming up missing. You see they like young in their 20's, but also 9,10 years of age. I truly believe in my heart that alot of the missing children from the states were snatched up for this kinda stuff. So sad, but we see with our own eyes, that its real!

  • probably why the Romans conquered Africa, they seen unorganized and uncivil people, and felt it needed order, I'm probably rudimentary, but it doesn't change the fact on why they conquered Africa, Besides, something had to take place…

  • Valerie Irene Amara says:

    If kamanga can make people rich with human part why is he like a beggar and don't get himself rich .he is just an evil wicked man .may God punish him.

  • VEuropeans use human skillls for medicine for years.. historically that’s why there was always skills in there pirate ship treasure chest ?

  • Sunrise & Sunset says:

    They set the guys up to be murdered, the villagers then can relax n these serial killers can continue the killing. So his so called powerful magic could not reveal to him that these were undercovers?

  • Venisha D'Souza says:

    Great work by the team in bringing such inhuman and heart wrenching practises to light. May the Lord bless Malawi and its people especially children, BBC team and keep all of them;
    May the Lord make His face shine upon all the residents of Malawi,

    And be gracious to them; May the Lord lift up His countenance upon Malawi and each one of his residents,

    And give each of them peace.”

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