Make Money With Online Marketing In 1 Hour a Day (Become The Snorlax)

Make Money With Online Marketing In 1 Hour a Day (Become The Snorlax)

all right what is up that beats in this video I'm going to talk about why you have to channel the pokemon snorlax if you're trying to make money with online marketing while working just an hour per day my name is Dan Brock the deadbeat super affiliate Snorlax and if you're trying to build a passive income online business from the comfort of your living room sofa this is the channel for you so make sure you hit that subscribe button and then tick that Bell icon so that you're notified of any videos that I've released when I release them alright so today's video is about why you have to make the pokemon snorlax your spirit animal if you want to make a full time income with online marketing in your spare time alright so if you've ever played the original pokemon game these Snorlax was the Pokemon that would be asleep 95% of the time but if he was attacked he would wake up and turn into this raging beast and kill everything alright and that is the mentality that you have to channel if you want to be successful and only work one hour per day so let me explain alright so 95% of time I literally work just about an hour per day now where a lot of people get confused with this is that they think that if you work one hour per day you can spend the rest of your time just kind of screwing off watching TV drinking beers and smoking weed all day but the reality is that if you want to be successful working only one hour per day you actually have to be doing constructive stuff on your off time so when I'm only working one hour per day on my business I'm doing things like reading books reading online looking for new opportunities that's a big one we're always looking for new types of opportunities as an entrepreneur I'm always doing some kind of self-improvement when I'm not working an hour per day now of course I have plenty of time to do fun things if I want but I primarily spend a lot of my time focusing on self-improvement now during that one hour per day that I'm actually working I'm doing just the right stuff to continue to push that boulder up the hill now comes with experience to know just the right things that you have to do to continue to push your business or in just an hour per day so that's something I learned over time now I do all that about 90% of the time now 10% of the time that's when you go into Snorlax beast mark right there comes a time when you really have to put in the work four to eight hours a day sometimes even 10 hours a day if you really want to make your business explode alright so there are three occasions when it's time to go into Snorlax beast the first occasion is when you're trying to learn a new skill or a new tactic to push your business further for me it helps to really immerse myself in any new topic that I want to learn but typically when I put in this four to eight hour work sessions when I'm trying to learn a new skill the second time is when you're trying to launch a new business a new blog a new YouTube channel or a new traffic source that's when it's time to buckle down and put in that consistent effort to crack the code for that new traffic source the third occasion is when your business hits a plateau and you want to push through that plateau so if you look back on this YouTube channel you'll notice that over the last I'd say 20 days or so I've been releasing a new video every single day so I've been putting in I'd say three three hours to create the video and edit it about an hour to come of the content and about an hour to perform I said I've been putting in about eight hours a day on my youtube channel the last 20 days and that's because I'm trying to take this YouTube channel to the next level now if you look back prior to that I was just kind of sporadically posting the video every few days so during that time period was when I was working just an hour per day but you will notice that you look at the growth graph of my channel this channel was still consecutively growing even though I was working an hour per day but now I'm in Snorlax beast merry christmas' channel to the next level alright just one final important thought when you're in the one hour per day work sleep mode you have to be very careful and that is because it's very easy to fall into bad habits at that point so if you're just working an hour a day it's really easy to fall back only work thirty minutes a day or ten minutes they are no work at all so you have to be very careful careful and the more time that you spend in that mode the harder it becomes to break out and put in those eight hour work days when you need to all right so this is a skill that you have to master because it's kind of a dangerous edge the very slippery slope when you start working an hour per day can it be done yes absolutely that's what I've been doing the last ten years and I've been pretty successful doing it in my opinion all right with all that said if you're willing to go into occasional Snorlax beast mode I have a guy that you can access right now by clicking this video card on the top right of the screen so this is 100% free and this guide shows you how to create an online affiliate marketing business from scratch including keyword research niche research writing content creating a website getting traffic so that you can start earning affiliate commissions in your spare time so this is something that you can do one hour per day but you are going to have to put in that initial Snorlax beast noise to get it up and running and have it break through that initial Plateau alright so to access that guide just click the video card on the top right of this video or type into your browser deadbeat University comm slash guide alright well I said my name is Tampa Rock the deadbeat super affiliate I hope you enjoyed this video if you did make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel and tick that Bell icon so that you're notified of any of the affiliate marketing traffic generation or SEO videos that are released when I release them also share this video with your friends and comment below if you have any questions for me about Snorlax because working an hour a day online marketing anything I will do my best to help comment below alright with that said I'll tired out from doing the Snorlax stuff so it's time for me to go take a nap I'll see you deadbeats later


34 thoughts on “Make Money With Online Marketing In 1 Hour a Day (Become The Snorlax)”

  • Adele DArgenio says:

    Hey Dan! Your videos are always filled with value. I had my website up in one day with your Deadbeat Super Affiliate program. I could not have had it up so fast without your help. I recommend Dan's program. Anyone looking to build an affiliate website or any website for that matter will benefit from it.($17) bucks , it's so dang affordable too. Love you man!

  • You are telling us everything that we already know. I see, by watching your videos, that If I want to success I need to know everything you are telling about and DO THINGS ON DIFFERENT WAY – ON MY WAY. My own Twist

  • An attention-grabbing dialogue is price comment. I feel that you need to write extra on this matter, it might not be a taboo topic however usually individuals are not sufficient to speak on such topics. To the next. Cheers

  • TReasoN Gaming says:

    I've been emailing Dan twice a day for a week. Can someone tell me what I'm supposed to do with the Fiverr So back links gig I paid for.. Thank you in advance

  • Good advice. Too often newbies put up a video or site and wait for something to happen. You have to make things happen —- always. I'm launching a new site and have scripted 30 videos 2 – 3 minutes long. Next step this week is laying them down. Next week I'll post one a day for the month of May. I enjoy your style and hope viewers take advice to heart. Just about anyone can make money online. How much is usually determined by how well we put lessons to use. The key is to get started.

  • Crystal Mitchell says:

    I spend countless hours learning new skills. some I master in a few minutes and others in a few weeks. It depends on what the skill and how easy the content is to follow along. dan I have some work that needs to be done for me in twilio. do you have any suggestions on what type of person could do this type of work for me? I can't go into lax mode until I see a huge profit.

  • Great video Dan! I'm in Snorlax beast mode all the time trying to get my biz off the ground. Can't wait to do the one hour per day thing.

  • You need to remember, Thomas Jefferson used to take naps all the time to meditate on his current problems!! That is really what the "Deadbeat" Lifestyle is all about . . .
    DU member!

  • TReasoN Gaming says:

    Hey Dan. How are you this afternoon. Quick question. I got back my gig order from fiverr I have no idea what Im supposed to do next?? Please help

  • Psst … eBook link comes up "top left" … not "top right".
    Well, you accomplished one thing for sure. Made me aware of a Snorlax that I didn't know existed. Okay, so I'm an old fart that's been marketing online for many years … not a Pokemon follower. 🙂 Never included that in my marketing.

  • mujtaba hassan says:

    hey Dan , How much should i be spending on domains for my first affiliate site ??? and what hosting do you prefer ?

  • Douglas Newton says:

    hey, i have a question about email lists. what do you promote to them when there aren't many offers for your niche? clickbank doesn't have much variety and many products in a niche solve similar issues (unlikely someone would buy both offers right?). do you use lists primarily as a traffic and ranking tool? or are there other sources of products i don't know about?

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