Mainstream Media's Lies Exposed


32 thoughts on “Mainstream Media's Lies Exposed”

  • Btw, did anyone else see Sinclair Broadcast Group's "Seattle is Dying" video on Seattle's homelessness crisis? Total yellow journalism. Their solution is to lock up the chronically homeless (the mentally ill and drug addicts) in regular prisons so they will be "forced to get the treatment they need" (bec this works??)…. ridiculous conservative "treat the end effects not the disease (at a much higher cost)" garbage.

  • Aphobias Polemos says:

    All liberal/leftists reporters should be dragged out, buried with all their fake news stories and set on fire.

  • Brandon cory Nagley says:

    Lol you gvt paid shills you are the ones as with all the rest selling hardcore socialist communistic lies. Don't try to act like your any different lol

  • now this is FUNNY! The Young Turks are admitting they LIE LIE LIE!!! hahahahahaha Never thought they would report the TRUTH! Sick Race Baiting Anti Humanity Jokers!

  • Magdalena Bozyk says:

    Remember that Swedish UN inspector Hans Blix who was claiming that there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Remember the way USa tried CIA to smear him for being a lier or at least incompetent (and were upset that CIA didn't manage to?)

  • James Vincent Franco says:

    Socialism could not be tested without a Prior Authoritarian System. As soon as it is implemented it begins to Change. You cant stamp out Human nature. If it changes, a greater force will be needed. Evolution

  • James Vincent Franco says:

    Your View is extremely Slanted. You want to take about me attacking people. I am on this tiny Platform. I see yours Splashed across my Stage. I made a mistake in Commenting here as I have on Fox. Socialism and Democracy are not. Socialism can not exist. Human Nature is Animalistic. We are actually animals. Majority Rules is fighting to stay alive

  • James Vincent Franco says:

    Oh, Cmon all the news we see is fake. You are in the same boat as Fox. You have a Couple of these Progressive Socialist Channels and they have a Couple. While I look A ross a Spectrum of 100 from all over the Workd Who are saying the Same thing. I cant jump in my Helicopter to go and verify Everything so I choose who I will trust You and Fox are not on my list

  • Matthew Davis says:

    CNN. Brought to you by Lowe's. FOX. Brought to you by Fascists and racists without a country of their own. Consume wisely.

  • Man nutritional biscuits I wish we had some of those here. Sounds delicious. Abbey Martin went to various different supermarkets in several different neighborhoods in Venezuela and showed there are no shortages that are being reported.

  • Anyone remember or know how CNN got their big break?

    It was during the first IQ war. They were the only 24 hr. news outlet in IQ during the invasion which had a live Sat. feed so other networks had no choice but t o carry their feed. Before this moment was an otherwise small struggling news channel which everyone at the time thought would fail.

  • Yeah, definitely a lot of emotional energy put into this, not a lot of mental or intellectual energy though, Jesus!

  • Brandon Zuniga says:

    Go down to skid row in downtown Los Angeles and you let me know which government oppresses it’s people.

  • This may sound unplausible, but i think the weapons they looked for were created and left behind by an ancient civilization. i also think the United States found them and wanted to keep it secret. My theory is supported by the US raiding of the Iraqi museums and the approx. 6 billion $ lost circa 2007.

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