26 thoughts on “MailChimp Tutorial 2018 | How To Use MailChimp Step By Step For Beginners [Email Marketing]”

  • What kind of offers can I mention if the email marketing is for a hospital to pitch them to book an appointment? Need your suggestions

  • sherif yousef says:

    Q1- I have an Excel menu with 70,000 emails. When I have two ad campaigns you must enter each email separately. Or is there a way to upload the file once and MailChimp will format it.

    Q2- If this list contains some Excel emails that have expired or not working or incorrect in writing Is MailChimp will exclude them from the list. Or the ad campaign will crash because there are invalid emails

  • Mariana Aceves says:

    Hi Darrel thanks for your great videos as always! One question though, I did a newsletter and ran the test. The test looked great, but when I sent out the actual email it did not include photos, etc.???? any advice? this an issue from the client's end right? =s thanks in advance!

  • Guys really struggling here, when testing MailChimp emails it's going to spam. Have I got to purchase a domain name?

  • Great content dude, however, if it's an ugly opt in form and I'm following you step by step then my opt in pages will ugly also ?

  • something that really Ps me off is the flickering of the mouse cursor all over the 27 iMac inches screen sends nuts to anyone, therefore, thumbs down

  • I don't know what's more bizarre, the way you butTON or the way you say ANTalytics. Decent video either way… thanks

  • I am using mailchimp for the first time and I can't make the field email address a required field. I keep getting a little red circle with a slash through it, Any suggestions?

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  • Just watched the mail chimp how use video. Enjoyed it very much. And learned how to setup a Campaign for my e-mail list , which I did not know before viewing the video. Keep making videos please!

  • H Cube Web Solutions says:

    You are real expert. I learn from You a lot. Thanks!
    Share your video on my blog

  • Ok newbie here. I set up a sign up page. I tested it and the sign up page shows up when I click on the ULR but where are the subscribers suppose to show up? They are not showing up on my list in mail chip or in my email. So confused!!

  • Email Marketing David Armstrong says:

    I do email marketing in my day job, and trying to start my own channel to see if there is an interest for others. Can I just say I love this video. Amazing job and keep up the great content.

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