Maguire Wants United Move & Aubameyang Interest | Man Utd Transfer News

Maguire Wants United Move & Aubameyang Interest | Man Utd Transfer News

yes everyone what's going on my name is Steven Allison this is transfer talk we're coming at you live from well it's nighttime here in Singapore one of the best backdrops you'll ever see but because of the reflection and the windows and all out lots you can't really see it but if you follow me on instagram you can see all the stories and all that sort of stuff you'll see everything this might be the most picturesque place in the world it's absolutely banging bumps into done with the hair and one matter in the list today that was fun they recognize those at the same time we recognize them so it's well fauna I did ask the hair if he's gonna sign the tink and he just smiled at me and didn't answer so I have no info on that one but I did ask I have to ask Dora after my shit that I give him for one in a way if he signs a thing I'm right behind him if you don't sign the fing I'm not right behind him right and so today we're gonna be talking about Harry McGuire a balmy young hmm long stuff dibala Bruno Fernandez pogba and Lukaku so let's get straight into it then hurry McGuire is being claimed by Sky Sports report damage set that Harry McGuire is now prioritizing a transferred Tina it over Manchester City because he prefers move to Old Trafford because it seems like he's his most viable option they also reported yesterday that McGuire does not want to follow or does want to follow in the footsteps of both Rio Ferdinand and pneumonia message and it be honored to play for Manchester United I keep telling you guys though and you all keep going to Sheffield United phone I'm getting told that the guy might actually be a United fan or at least his family you know it fans so I think there's probably something in that as well Steph also adds to his report that things could have now changed with the move to city especially not being on McGwire is now senior night there's a most viable option given that they're the ones who seem to be pushing the hardest that's to seal the deal like I said I told you I'd kind of heard a couple of things that you know it don't really want to pay ninety million kind of makes a lot of sense and there's ongoing negotiations but it does seem like he is someone that he's definitely only a knight his radar definitely someone that you know pushing for and Joe definitely someone that I think would be a Kraken signing for Manchester United and Seth also finishes the report we say these man made it clear that you know it wouldn't be such a bad thing after all I think it's close I think it's just gonna be undergoing negotiations and we'll see what happens with it the one that I can't wrap my head around is a bomber young is this real or not manchester United have made a sixty-two million pound bid for Arsenal striker a bomb young Italian reports are claiming FC inter news em either of a said you know I have approached Arsenal with an approach to sign the Gabonese international and they reckon that sixty-two million pound is the offer and that the Gunners will resist in order to keep their top scorer from last season 36 appearances 22 goals five assists 2.8 shots per game four sorry yes super point eight shots per game four point two seven shots per goal which would make him our second most lethal finisher behind Tony Marshall who only took three point nine shots per goal now I do like a bomb yang and he actually took to the Premier League a lot better than I thought it was bought I don't know man is it is there something in this Arsenal do seems to be skin which always plays into it don't it like if ISIL are hurting for money and this is a way to free up money especially for someone the age of a bomber young that might be a good move for them to move and it does seem like we're gonna get to him in a separate don't seem like that in to deal with Lukaku is is all but on our united gonna try and replace him our united gonna glaze and I'll mix this into a nobody sign in are we gonna just go with what we've got do we think Greenwood is enough I don't really know I think Obama rank would be an interest in signing because he does fit the profile of being very very fast and unsuited to a counter attack inside the Aged coming from Arsenal those are question marks that I have over him long stuff then so Shaun Longstaff has described the transfer interest from Manchester United as flattered but he insists that his preparations for the new season are unaffected by United's pursuit of him speaking about the United interest for the first time long stuff said those full focuses on returning to the pitch did not played since March due to the knee injury that's a big red flag for United trying to sign him as well by the way he spoke to The Chronicle he said I just keep my head down and trying to get fit that's all I can focus on I'm still a Newcastle United player I just want to get back on the pitch as soon as I can that is what I'm looking forward to doing I can't wait to get on a pitch and impress the new boss as I said I think there's there's something in long stuff there's something about him as a player but I'm not sure there's enough to warrant look 25 million maybe take a punt on him 50 million that's absolutely ridiculous that's the sort of total up Bruno Fernandez is going and if you prioritize someone like long stuff over Fernandes that's absolutely mental so I don't think that's gonna happen I think that's Newcastle putting on a crazy transfer price on him and just basically saying we don't wanna sell it lads that's the case that's the case the next one going to talk about then is dibala so you know it'd have reportedly open talks again over potential deal with Paulo dibala at you Venice you know I have been linked previously with with him but Gazzetta dello sports Niccolo sheer up claims that first contacts have only just taken place he also says that you've any you've a head demanding at least 80 million euros for the guy this is a guy that basically said that they're not interested in keeping as well so saying you want 80 million euros room it's probably a little bit giddy American it sounds like he'd prefer to stay put in the Champions League last season ten appearances five goals one hat-trick eighty-eight percent pass completion 4.2 shots per goal which is very clinical a hundred and four minutes per goal again which is very good as well I do like dibala I just don't know where he fits into this system is he a guy that takes over that one matter all that we've seen in the last couple of games for United at the base are the Toria the tip of the diamond maybe or in the middle of a 4-2-3-1 I could see that to be honest I could also see him linking up very well with a couple of the forwards that we've got it just doesn't sound like that's a priority if you know if we've got 80 million to spend if we've genuinely got 80 million to spend Harry Maguire or another sent RAF has to be the priority there and then I could make a very good case that a midfielder an engine room midfielder to go alongside what we've got would be the next priority before going to the forwards because I think between Greenwood Rushford and Marshall I think you've got goals and some people might Bob that's not enough you might be right and I might be wrong I think that might be enough I think that might be enough because I think Mason green was gonna surprise a few people this season the next one we're going to talk about then is of course Bruno Fernandez according to Ojo go sport in our waiting on United's offer which could be a few hours away it could also be not coming couldn't it it could be a few hours away what does that mean mean my understanding from this one is listen to what I'm saying my understanding of this is that United are interested in Bruno Fernandez but I think the wording was not as interested as the Portuguese press are making it out to be so take from that whatever you will now that doesn't mean that it's not gonna happen clear there's interest I'm just wondering if we do sell the kaku and we don't go for an Obama Hank what if we weren't for a prune or Fernandez as something totally different to play a a totally different system that we maybe haven't even seen right now because like I said there might be enough the boss might believe enough in Rushford in Marshall in Mason and even Sanchez to be honest because I think Sun chess can play down the middle maybe it believes in them guys enough that it goes you know what maybe we could do a little bit more of a playmaker and maybe Bruno Flanders is that guy and maybe the reason that this has been stalled and stalled installed installed he's waiting for that ikkaku deal to take place which seems so obvious doesn't it I guess we'll find out in the coming days but yet they're talking about Lukaku so Conte has come in and said and basically just put it right out there under there's no hiding anything it said I think frustrated is a big word he's a man United player that's the reality you know I like this player I tried to bring him to Chelsea today Lukaku Izzy and I player for sure it's not easy to play without a striker at the beginning of the season the market is still open at this moment we are talking about a playful manner of a club I consider important player for us to have a good improvement at the same time there is a market we know very well our situation there's also some thought that Lukaku left training said there with Inter Milan officials oli coming out in the press conference and saying that he's got a knock again I'm sorry I'll I don't buy that at all I didn't buy it for the last two games I definitely didn't buy it ahead of this game College said that a sport inside are said to be getting cold feet in the pursuit of Lukaku this feels like last-minute little flurries that you always see with this sort of thing that we move Ruiz worked and one of it United demanded and considering alternative cheaper targets I think he goes I think yes source caring the report this what in the press conference this morning said I don't have any updates from the last time I spoke to you so yeah I do expect him to be a United player next season I think he's got to say things like that and unlike Conte who's come out and said yeah like Nangal and not really bothered about him it care did not really bothered about him you've screwed it now because you can't demand a massive fee for them because you've already told people that you don't want them so you've screwed and you so all he's playing the game there I think I do have a little bit of an update we love a screen for this guy but Newsham perk out was a young man that we brought over at 16 years of age from FC Zurich on the back of scoring and absolutely embarrassing hi embarrassing number of goals for Zurich like I think it was in the sixties range something like that in one season Brian C night it looked very good Mason Green was overtaking him in the the pecking order book when we signed somebody like Dan James and we've signed him primarily because he's so fast well last season this hamburger was the fastest player in the whole club both his parents are Olympians like these clearly got fantastic genetics for running I think his mother was a 200 or 400 meters sprinter his dad was a 1500 meter runner this is a kid that is an absolute athlete very much reminiscent of Michael Owen in terms of that he's not gonna beat you with loads of trickery like a wolf Sahara Ryan Giggs but in a straight line you ain't catching him work rates good energies good speed ease absolutely phenomenal and he's got a really good finish on him which is why the Michael Owen comparisons he's obviously not broken through he's obviously not being given the opportunity to break through I don't know the reasons for that but I heard earlier this week that he was going to be going to Germany then I heard from nishan himself this morning that he's having his medical too day FC Freiburg or SC Freiburg out of possibly completing a deal tomorrow so there's a little bit of exclusive news for you guys I guess I'm pretty disappointed to see him go because I really like this shun and I think there's a good career in there for him I think Germany is a great move for him I think he's joining they're under 23 so they're under 21s he's only 19 but I do expect him to break into the first team there because he's a genuinely good player and I think the Bundesliga suits what he's got and I think it's just a lot of English players I suppose you've seen me Sancho going out there I think the raw pace that he's got he's gonna frighten a few defenses and I think by Christmas she'll probably see the guy in the first team to wrap you up then we've got one more which is Paul Pogba according to a courier dello sport you've a are reportedly willing to give United shall cancel Oh Blaise Matuidi and Douglas Koster in exchange for Paul Pogba in other news I'm gonna try and share trade a Ford Fiesta and a Twix for a new Ferrari you fucking mad you've a I wouldn't even answer the phone to that if that was your offer I'll it I wouldn't give you an answer I would laugh and hang up that's fucking ridiculous Paul Pogba would be considered one of the top five definitely top 10 players in world football if he didn't play for Manchester United who are currently a little bit on the shit side this is absolutely ridiculous you haven't got the hundred and fifty million in cash well guess what you don't get to buy Paul Pogba them's the breaks anyway thank you guys for watching make sure to subscribe if you're new around here get any questions in for us as well because we probably do a Q&A on Sunday before we leave Singapore ahead of the match tomorrow I can't wait to see what this place is gonna be like because so far they it's been absolutely nuts with United fans this tour has been phenomenal and you know thanks to everyone who's come and said hi and took pictures and all that sort of stuff really do appreciate the support I'll see you in the next one latest


42 thoughts on “Maguire Wants United Move & Aubameyang Interest | Man Utd Transfer News”

  • Alan Canniffe says:

    Longstaff, lemina at £50million good value. Ben Godfrey one for future 20 million good value £70million 3 players. We have pereira give him his chance.

  • i just pray to jesus lord that united can sign bruno fernandes and a centerback that is all we need and everything will be fine and also i feel like we should sign nathan ake because he is a baller if he plays for a good side he can be quality

  • Get English Awesome says:

    Aubemayang if we get him that's good. If we don't not a problem at all. Harry maguire, we got to get him.

  • WE _ARE_ARSENAL _________ says:

    MAGUIRE 70 million lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Always over pay just to finish 6th
    Auba won't leave for utd believe me

  • Graham Cumberbatch says:

    I love dybala. but, it only makes sense if he's brought in to link up w/ Pogba again, not a swap. Their chemistry at Juve was excellent.

  • Cancelo, Matuidi and Costa for pogab, that's a good deal in my book, Pogba is massively overrated, its a good deal in the sense that for a swap of talent yes but for a swap in terms of what we paid it's a loss yes, but we just bought Wan Bassaka so i don't feel like we need Cancelo, we defo need Matuidi and Costa tbh, Costa is brilliant.

  • Steve why don't you give us a scouting report on Maguire, just came from watching a vid on him and majority of his interceptions occur while the liecester defense was in a low bloc, in their box and just outside, OGS wants us to press which would mean a high line I would assume and this worries me a bit with Maguire. Definitely an upgrade on challenging for aerial balls and he does position himself well and usually wins the ball when he commits himself to make a challenge it's just the high line and lack of pace that worries me

  • Could the delay in the Fernandes deal be that we are trying to do a deal for both Maddison and Maguire with Fernandes being the plan b?

  • Alpesh.C. Gujjar says:

    I don't think Harry Maguire will ever speak to any reporter on what he feels,he will definitely never talk to sky or any other news channels what his honor is…ill go with Ole when he said that everyday there is a new transfer target…
    I don't think Harry will come…i have high hopes on Bruno than Harry…

  • Can confirm Lukaku left with an Inter official. Was at the training session and saw him sign some autograph and left with an Inter official.

  • DIlyan_is_Red Subashki says:

    I really like MasonG The new boys are very special and wish them luck and good health…Garner too …we have very good longivety in our squad but when we sell Lukaku Static…Darmian Rojo Young Jones and Lingard…we will be absolutely back in the game…but the Market is "hard" it Greedy Users for Owners don't want to spend much….I hope Glazers Out to be real this time when it happened and Will be amazing to have colaboration with UnitedStand over 1 000 000 supp in YouTube…

  • I don’t always praise Howson but his take on stories like Nishan Burkart is why I keep coming back to his channel. Thank you for the insight

  • brandon combes says:

    Cheers for the picture outside Optus stadium on Ste. Keen to get your thoughts on the system used in preseason so far.

    From my view I like the 4-2-3-1, fluid front 3, with a 10 and using pogba in a deep lying playmaker role looks to be a master stroke giving us some more depth across a previously troubled position.

    I think it’s obvious now why united haven’t gone in for a RW, because the system doesn’t require one.

    We need a ball playing Centr half (Maguire) and a number 10. My preference here would be Maddison or Fernandes (think he might be the new gaitan rumour), but the Dybala links would make sense commercially and with regards to this system.

  • Peter Helmore says:

    that is so much shit , singapore being the most picturesque place in the world , who are you trying to joke with . ???????

  • Patrick Craddock says:

    Why is nobody talking about Ziyech!?!? Rpeortedly has a 25m release clause. Can play at RM, LM, CM OR ST. Has won Ajax's player of the season last 2 years. Would be incredible addition

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