Maguire Valuation Not Met! Man Utd Transfer News | Manchester United Tour 2019

Maguire Valuation Not Met! Man Utd Transfer News | Manchester United Tour 2019

[Applause] okay welcome to today's vlog people but first of all we're going to talk about valuations not being met Brendan Rodgers has basically come out and said yes it looks like Harry Maguire will leave he's been professional la-de-da-de-da but in fact what he is saying is people up the people that are in for him ie Manchester United at Manchester see of the there hasn't been a valuation met speaking to fans here in Perth they're saying just pay the money just pay the money I was reserved on it at the beginning I'm not gonna lie now it's dragging on and I just know we need a set and a half I'm more of the camp of actually just pay the money just just pay what it is and it will get done we get frustrated as football fans and and I mean scream pants cramp over the money and it is frustrating because we know how much money Manchester you know I'd have but obviously behind the scenes it's never as easy as that people are trying to scream pants krump for every single penny they can get so I would like to see that deal over the line just pay whatever money is and get Maguire in this team now next one Lukaku wasn't in the match team match they squad for the game against Newcastle United he's expected to be gone by the weekend now there was a lot made about the valuation or the lack of valuation from Inter Milan know we're in a strong position because we know Antonio Conte really wants the player we know that and they're desperate for him so that puts us in a powerful position especially being a well-run business club as we are we're not just going to fling him away for anything so I'm I'm not I'm not too angry about that I was at the beginning but now I'm thinking do you know why he hasn't been in a match lease what again all he's probably just keeping him out from from the fold because he's on his way up door it looks imminent to me that he's gonna go on the interesting thing is what we do after that do we just rely on green with Rush mode and Marcial as our options but for me if we're getting 70 odd million for him in installments or whatever the deal is gonna look like I'd like to see it invested in another forward somewhere obviously as well as a central midfielder now let's check out the flog go what's going on people welcome to the United stand we're here on gameday to Manchester united against Leeds United I don't care what you say there is never a friendly between these two teams the players will know it the fans maybe more side of England will know it but yes it's a friendly and this is nice spectacle for the fans out here in Perth but there is always bad blood between United and Leeds and I'm expecting a fast-paced game tackles flying in I don't think your Leeds players for certain will be thinking oh it's the time a chance to open our lungs against Man United and try and take it easy and again for our players we're not gonna be thinking that as well it's always gonna be a tough game I think 2-1 win for United to be honest I can see a 2-1 win it will be tight it will be cagey but I think there'll be a lot more action and against perf glory that was a good warm-up game to have but now it's really where the players going to start to open up their lungs and really get that Fitness in I want to see some goals when and I'll most certainly want to see a win let's see what the fans think unless he had a match they block plays up okay I'm here with Oliver big Manchester United fan but before I ask you about the game Oliver you've got a very fun fact to tell me what is it it's like 12 years later from my birthday but on the same day on the same day as Ollie scored that goal late in May in 99 when history was made that was this guy's birthday and I wasn't born then he'd be a little bit older than that if he was but you're like all good luck omen do you mind if I like bring you my suitcase and bring you to everyman United game so make us win you can be with us now listen today what's the score gonna be why Neal – Neal free Neal I mean you're not gonna win how much do you think they're gonna win by three nil like that this guy's optimistic I like that I mean like I go for Manchester but I don't go for Leeds but I think I haven't seen them play yet and I'm hoping they're not really good playing no leads are a good team but they're not as good of man you know I'm gonna win give me a big high five for you good man good man whoa there you go Mike you got a lot of love out here make get yourself out here don't be lazy okay I'm here with big man Vince aka no echos Ashley young you know actually young I know a lot of you have been saying that but my united against Legion I'd never ever a friendly I know when other side of the world but always a rivalry here what kind of gave me expectancy expecting to be better than the first game like the lads have had a kick out now should be a lot more dynamic you know we've seen the new place new two players one soccer and then all Jones come through and the youngsters so it'll be feisty like if this game was in England in like the FA Cup we all know what that would mean but obviously it's a preseason game do you think he'll be feisty or just defend it will have a preseason filter I think it won't be fast because to be fair the first game is even even pictorial giving it a bit more than than we were so I definitely think it would be all the lads had come through social alia I want to put on the show and Leeds have got something that you can prove is well then they're never gonna have easy exactly alright score prediction I'm saying one one I think it's gonna be a close game okay tight game I think I think I think Who am I saying is gonna get it I think Danny won't go get it yeah and I'm just away from the game the kaku is he gonna leave and is it a right thing yeah I think you should definitely leave I think it's at least look to be fair he's done he's done well it's got gold she's got cause I don't think it's about striker I think he's done well for like we we bought him to be you know that number nine we knew what he was I just don't think he plays he nodded right yeah if it was that simple why he just hasn't worked our base he just doesn't fit we play exactly I say you know the right Bacchus you know anymore but yeah it's just you know we need we need we need to build up with him he's the he's the main guy so everything that's come through him and we need to play down the flanks etc so I just yeah I just don't think is the the gaffer's you know Sam I Sanchez and also month here okay I'm here with some man you know I found some support Chelsea some support Tottenham but that's not what's important I want to know who their favorite players are so I'm gonna start with you little man at the end who is your favorite player Rachid not even Marcus for us what he calls him Rashi that's how I know it's his favorite player who's yours things been do good at Real Madrid goals will I bet he will who's your favorite star okay playful perf glory did he play against man you know I don't think he did did he he didn't I've heard he is a good player okay fair enough who's your favor another has our fan would you sad to see him go from Chelsea to Rome dude yeah sorry he's got going to better things who's your favorite Daniel James how fast is he he's lightning right you think you're as fast as him I don't think any of us and who's yours oh he's a solid defender a lot people don't like him but he is solid he is solid now I'm gonna start with you what is today's score gonna be man you know I like that I like that what's cool gonna be what's gonna be DJ oh sitting on the fence a little bit there that could be that that might not be far off a lot of people think somebody needs a game – two – two – who what's going to be like that who's that Angie three – Erica so as you can see these are underwhelming favourites to win this game and I believe these guys apart from maybe the two to two leads I'm not sure about that one but let's go Man United okay I'm here with another magician I find out the Optus stadium first of all for our to your question it's all gonna be – Neal United yeah yeah I think it's going to be a competitive game I mean they nearly got promoted last season so I even forget that match and there was no such things are friendly between these two no that's the thing I mean we just saw the lead supporters so they're here already they ready so yeah now it's gonna be good man I want to ask you about a player who's been out of the frame through injury and underwhelming and not playing very well but all he's come out and said Alexis give him he's going to give him another chance if they can get him firing he's a player he can give you twenty goals where'd you stand on him I don't think he's going to give us twenty goals but we can't sell him either so what's wrong what else are you gonna do you got to blame I mean you either wise we do what we did with was it swine Steiger that we played him in the reserves and that's not nice for anyone it's not working for anyone so I think we gotta play him I think we've got to find a role for him where's his best position where would you play would I least I didn't watch arsenal that much but they played him off the left listen in looking at review it makes progress space a little bit tighter so it makes it more difficult for pogba so I don't know maybe they play me matches we're pod was not playing because you can't pod was not going to play 60 matches either and this is on the assumption we keep progress well you – they're right so we I mean there's a lot of ifs and buts but we do know there's probably no buyers for Sanchez at the moment so yeah we've got to find a role for it absolutely and lastly give me a league finished prediction for Manchester United next year minimum four so Chelsea without their transfer window we've got to beat them and Arsenal they've got no money I just asked right so we've got to go see that they finished higher than us as Abel say we're not going to compete with City or Liverpool this year so I've got a year saying three or four yeah thank you enjoyed again [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] we're gonna win this game goes to one to see play together Funkenstein one bus after starting daniel james starting masonry was starting so excited line up sitting slightly low but the least clear over describe but yeah let's get cracking let's get it crackin good start from the boys mind good stop [Applause] first couple of minutes about 1 minute 40 on the clock struck the post you build up play Russia just hits out his feet good strike yeah unlucky good start no good start man rapid rapid Bobbo well done Daniel James these replicas restaurant sauce yes oh yes please [Applause] brilliant beam on top since the first whistle I agree with mrs. Goldman I know you can get excited this is only preseason but you can already see what one but sucker is going to give us you can see great build up later and you can see what James is going to give us that looks exciting about 20 focused on elaborate manner starting over the feeling of asleep the ward here off man we're trying to be a pain our foes in a poison oh that was close hospice that could have stopped that just not that one brilliant on the rarity strong too strong [Applause] he's done a source Amanda sucker just chipped over there leads he's the worst a perfect lorry anybody off and we're actually getting at them we've created loads of choices but also I think the team that we've gone with from the start as well it's stronger so very very positive 60 minutes on the clock so close as a good chance to run close to his first night go what a counter-attack restaurant finds him he's going on the outside he plays it to him [Applause] stop man down [Applause] good compose finish contrast food on the counter-attack there but so many picked out the right bar [Applause] that's the kind of confidence are going to see for Marcus rush to go in forward this season and I'm here at Oakland Stadium and two-nil man and I early science very impressive the first 15 minutes off ocular temples there we press my application we create a lot of chances and the breakthrough came one bus after down the right side he's through the book Mesa basically required services for him he's out of study hall bandhu sakha be really impressed with him defensively and get from Ace agreement to get his gone man he's needed that he's really needed that ball is stuck his neck out on the line I said how much Gold's he expects him to score just in his career and obviously him getting a lot of game time just this year so big season films have got to him to get off the mark in the second goal came from Russia that was really well taken goal domine was on it on a counter attack and had crashed it to his left in acres of space everyone's through the party at Omni wait for someone to commit and made it happen so Paul went over to him and he set two defenders leaves the burners down nicely and touched in the bottom hand corner so I would say we have been a little bit sloppy as a half wore on we allow a little bit I'm not gonna be stupid I know against the arrow position on both sides of the coin you can't get too excited if you're winning on there well and you can't get too excited occur so we've been we've been conquered by live parts and yes you may turn the ball over which help leads into the game to get chances but when we've been asked questions defensively go ahead on the end across sister clearance oh yeah vocals please laughs Danny James as well and have a bright spark should have bought off the market the post on the different days after hits the other side of the post of those but he does the price spike is so refreshing the seed you know the players looking for him to just drive back players just go up players you know he's not wait he's not looking to hang around man look around asshole so yeah let's see some more the same in the second half first chance to leave in the second half there what a counter-attack there and to be fair should hit the target wholesale changed it again from soul shot he's persistent with this a and B team a supported from Pereira putting us back on the question here man yeah wholesale change eyes released on there so yeah Jones in Marshall's in Gomez is in message who else's fancy Ashley young Phil Jones Chris Mullin and a lot [Applause] [Applause] never happen and we never spoke from Boris good caller actually Bill Jones fine hope you can do that Germany well maybe know what I'm using up to play beverages good header Maine we head up getting spied out the Optus mate Jesus had a great chance there who is asleep man he's got a hole [Applause] nation nation we've said in the top and he fell for it easy decision take it up that last year it's one of the everyone absolutely cleaned him out all shout to take the penalty [Applause] it's already record for [Applause] what I'm right [Applause] The Crescent window Monday night a little kid did say five new years go easy pedal II love that goodbye faithful cholo [Applause] Marcus rust-red Manito match there you have it good golf room in the first half and it was it was lively the whole game to be fair – so yeah it's all kicking off this is what I mean about no friendlies against you violin leads yes good tack that actually [Laughter] I guess I know these days are not having it they're like so friendly now it's now exactly chicken all games exactly typical leaves me restaurant well sister friendly keep everyone on the game cool masonry with Marcus transferred Sir Philip Jones get it right Sir Philip Jose Anthony Marshall silver with with energy very good performance very dominant leads they had a couple of chances for asking and sloppy but as the game went on there was Marcus Rushford it's probably deservedly so he was very bright show me one eternity in the second half Daniel James price fire the first half as well as one the second Andras fear Ferrero was tidy as well so all in all no injuries no think everybody went down in the first awfully there's nothing in that and everyone's come up unscathed we go off to Singapore now and see what type of team we puts out there against Inter Milan these people Australia thank you for having us say a big massive thank you to every single Manchester United fan here in Perth and even if they're not Manchester United fans the people who have come to support the boys and the Optus stadium I mean just look at it absolutely a fantastic two games here out in Perth the people here are amazing the scenery here is amazing and this is winter 20 degrees I mean we what's not to love about Perth we go off to Singapore tomorrow and we'll see you guys on the other side and we continue the tour there thanks for watching the vlog thanks for all of your support 500k deep road to a million has begun big respect to all you guys for watching that video and make sure you check out more united stand content here and here yeah like subscribe and share and the socials all along the bottom you know what to do go get following go go go go go


36 thoughts on “Maguire Valuation Not Met! Man Utd Transfer News | Manchester United Tour 2019”

  • Have United offered a cash plus player deal for McGuire? 75 mill plus Rojo or Bailey and either Gomez R Ching on loan….

  • De Ligt just transferred for 75m to Juventus. Please gtfo of here with ideas that Maguire may be valued anything above 65M. Easy for fans to throw around millions of other peoples money like they are at the strip club after a 6 year drought.This is exactly whats wrong with the club – the fans have lowered their standards out of desperation. It is deplorable to act in this way…."just give them the money"…seriously, gtfo out of here. Maguire is a shmuck and would be another drain on the clubs finances in addition to everyone else that isn't pulling their weight.

  • abdiaziiz haydar says:

    If you guys think United will pay 90 million for Maguire you were not paying attention to how United have being doing their transfer business. Glazer's wont pay that amount

  • Why the hell is Maguire 80 million plus when De Ligt was just 62 million and he's 7 years younger and leagues better than Maguire.. I dont think we even went in for him. Or realistically he wouldnt of wanted to come.. or both.. we are so slow. The Pogba situation we could take Isko and that right winger they have, plus cash. Get some new players there plus the cash, nest year Pogbas contrACTS SHORT AND WONT BE NOWHERE NEAR THE PRICE

  • Ross February says:

    This was a great watch with highlights in background. Great eye @Flex… but wait. It clearly wasn't intentional bcos you turned camera to pitch to show us Martial penalty. Just an extremely LUCKY coincidence.

  • Well done guys Flex and Josh , your Perth Tour cover was exceptional , The journey will continue. Looking forward seeing your vlogs in Singapore.

  • Michael Richards says:

    How good’s flex can’t help bantering Chelsea fans about hazard, no matter if they are just a little kid lol

  • I guess Harry is ok with playing out his career at Leicester. Fair enough. United still need to get lindelof some help back there.

  • The editor sliced in the footage of the Daniel James chance when we were 2 nill up before we scored the 2nd goal 😉

  • We have a perfect nexus of the double standards of fans. Pay the money or whatever it needs to get the deal done (for Maguire) to we need to get the best deal possible for him (as in Lukaku).

    Same coin, different sides.

    United is a commercial entity, they will have to max out shareholder value. When people scream, ''I don't care about the money, we are rich'' — its like a kid throwing a tantrum at their parents.

    Any financially well-run entity will always have a budget. So if we spend more here, we could potentially jeopardise the deal for another transfer.

    I really dont know why any grownups don't understand this.

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