14 thoughts on “Magnum UTB-1 Universal Talkback Board CB Radio Overview and Install”

  • don't this mod reduce the amount of watts that the radio had when transmitting so if your radio was putting out 5 watts now it will put out less which will mean you won't get out as far

  • cocoloco1105 says:

    I am surprised nobody noticedThe black wire should not go to chassis groundAccording to the directionsThe black wire should go to Board groundWhether it will make a difference I do not know, just sayingThank you for this great video, I did not have any instructions so this video was very helpful!

  • Just wanted to say bro. You do a excellent step by step video. Keep up the good work. You're video helped me install a turbo echo. Thanks! I have a Grant XL I'm thinking of trying to install this talk back. You do a video on how to install this talk back on a double knob. I don't like the knobs on the side.

  • Christopher Ritchie says:

    Can I use the UTB board on many different radio such as a commercial radio or ham radio but only use one board, one micro phone into the radios via the back of them. Example Motorola maxtrac 300 ‘s, Yaesu ft 7800, ect each have remote ports in the back. My radio station I plan on having is going to look a little different then the average persons. It may look like a dispatchers station. “When it comes to carpenter work I am very creative.”

  • fordbroncodave says:

    can you install that in a radio that has factory installed talk back? for example, 158edx with the terrible talk back feature. its set obviously too high and only works if the mic is like 5 feet away

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