Magic VLOG: Predict a Headline, Martin Lewis’ Stop the Press – Review

Magic VLOG: Predict a Headline, Martin Lewis’ Stop the Press – Review

Wayne Kawamoto here. In this segment, I review “Stop the Press” by Martin Lewis. Here’s a bit of mentalism that employs a classic magic premise – a newspaper prediction. Martin Lewis’s “Stop the Press” allows you to predict the headline of a supermarket tabloid such as the National Enquirer or Globe after a random selection process and a choice made by a spectator. This is a great effect that’s easy to learn and perform. The gimmicked page fits right into your tabloid magazine and spectators won’t be able to tell the difference. You bring out your prediction and have it stored in an open location or held by a spectator. Since this mentalism effect that relies on heavily influencing the outcome of a seemingly random process, you can use any unveil that you wish. The tabloid page is removed and torn to bits. And a spectator deals them one by one and freely select one. Headlines from other Ppieces are shown to be different. But at the end your prediction is correct. You can perform this close up or stand up and stage situations. There are no angle issues, memorization or calculations and the effect is easy to learn and performance you only have to learn a relatively simple sequence of tears. The trick packs small and potentially plays big. I like the interaction of this effect that has an audience member coming up on stage with you. The kit comes with 12 pages for 12 performances and you provide your own tabloid that holds the gimmicked page. You can reuse the tabloid but will destroy one gimmicked page for each performance. At less than $20, the cost of the gimmicked perishable page is not a big issue. If you like the effect and have a place for it in your show, the reasonable price is well worth it. Ready to add a mentalism style prediction effects to your show? Stop the press will definitely impress. Thanks for watching and please subscribe for more reviews in the future. This is Wayne Kawamoto See you next time.


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