Phone ringing Phone ringing the person you have called is currently unavailable phone ringing did you get him ? our group has a speciality, no one will pickup the call yes, no one has the responsibility including you what ? that’s correct TS what are you doing ? Valsan, enjoying the new year ? yeah going to enjoy the new year hey, you got only water, did’nt you buy any touchings ? we can buy it from vasu’s shop did you call them ? yah, someone had called, but I didn’t attend it because of this beer. Ok , get the bike, I will take care of these bottles Don’t talk too much, otherwise I will cut your head and will mix it with curry With only 100rs share , don’t touch in curry! otherwise Get kick from me This is my mat Please be quiet , its them Hallo hallo(on call) Yah I can hear , where are you ? We bought the item & coming there(on call) Should buy touching okay ? Okay, will buy touchings(on call) Valsan yes(on call) get two tender coconuts too Tender coconut ? (on call) Yah anyways we are finishing the programme, so lets celebrate it by mixing it with tender coconut water. Okay, cut the call, let me look(on call) Ok ok Oh no, I forgot to say to buy a lamp For what ? We are finishing this programme, so as a last time by lightning a lamp and after a prayer lets stop this with god’s blessings So sad He will correctly buy touchings even if he doesn’t drink. Yeah right , I bought this for my dog Oh , so its for you Happy happy Everything is ready happy Hey I got so many fire crackers Hey don’t you buy tender coconut ? Tender coconut ? I said to you right ? Oh, I am not mad to get fall from coconut tree Oh no, not listening to me Hey did you see this? What’s this ? This is tender coconut powder tender coconut powder? Yah , cut this nicely, and if we mix this in cold water , tender coconut water is ready You can drink such water Just try drinking this NATURUP mmm Just say after drinking Just take the item Pour it Pour pour I only need water Oh , he cant adjust without tender coconut water in this midnight Hey its good, so nice Let me check You said you don’t want If its good so we all can Don’t drink Give me Drink drink without any shame Heeheh Film dialogue Give me the pickle My pappachan don’t use lemon pickle I am not using lemon pickle from the day I listened to your words That’s why I brought you the mango pickle I am not able to take a bold decision Pappachaa !! Stop stop stop We all have some aims to stop drinking habbit It’s the last day of pappachan , from tomorrow paappachan wont drink (Valsan crying) What happened to you valsan ? One thing you guys don’t know Why are you crying ? She had gone Eh ? She left me Hey , she said she will give me b’day gift doesn’t she bought for you ? yes, she gave me ok then ? I wore that shirt, But I have little fatty stomach So what? Then she said, she will replace it with another size, & then she had gone Then why are you crying ? doesn’t she bought another one for you ? by wearing that shirt she was going with another guy in bike (crying) hey, can I get a needle ? for what ? I want to break this I decided to go to gym, I will make this 6 pack That’s not six pack , this is six pack Yeah this one , this one Boys only 10 more minutes to 12 ‘o’ clock this is our last peg Cheers…!!! Hey pour one for him, thumbs up or coca-cola mix it well He knows Hey TS , little is remaining in this bottle No, after 12 midnight , we will not drink , that’s our pledge Throw it away Yah throw it Throw it…! Throw it…! Oh my god You have thrown it right Yah I threw Happy New Year Play the song , play the song Its near you Happy new year I have only you you are my dearest one but I didn’t expect you to do that to me You are my dearest too my paappachaa Come hear (Kissing) Play the song I played the song (Song playing) Hmm hmm uff hmm whats there ? Cheers !!



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