100 thoughts on “Maddow to Trump: You Had One Job. Virus Response Needs Competent Leadership | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  • Ralph Buchwitz says:

    Your new President is a thief! He stole 6.000.000 masks from us last week and now 200.000 today and calls it "confiscating". Why is US media not reporting this? Germany had paid for those and you can't just take them from us. This goes to the international court our government says. Your America First Policy does not allow you to break international law! Ask Kushner where he's stashing the stolen good. DW official government chanel reporting it here:

  • that wasn't.chicken says:

    TDS Trump hatin' democraps WANT Trump to declare national shutdown so they can call him a dictater tyrant!!….that is all.

  • Big deal. You have one easy job and can't do that. I worked in the most infected county in Pennsylvania. Two weeks ago it was obvious it was coming in from New York. Arrogant New Yorkers that refused to observe social distancing. By God, you don't tell them to stay at home. The hospital ship glides into New York and there were huge crowds standing there watching it. NOW, it is too late. Governor Wolf finally did something to slow it down at the PA border, but again, too little too late. It is everybody's fault.

  • Heritage Karma says:

    What is Msnbc doing to help or are they continuing with their childish blame rhetoric. America isn't watching any more. Gather together or get tf out.

  • Jackson Twatswamper says:

    Any wonder why the ratings for this woman are where they are? I'm so looking forward to November 3, 2020

  • Amanda Whitley says:

    He's completely incompetent of handling something of this magnitude. This is the reason not just anybody should be president- even if they have billions!

  • This is what happened when people get a heads-up of something that's coming and do not take it seriously for them or anyone that thinks that we're going to get over this and 1 to 3 months is naive and fooling themselves.

  • We should save New York because after they get through this, they will be a huge supply of people who are immune to this virus. They could work in the hot spots of other states when they occur.

  • Craven the Brave says:

    the rich get tested, not just once but two, three, four times just because they wanna. this is horrifying. shameful, devastating. 7,000 and growing, dead. the grief i feel for those who died such a painful death, who drown in their own blood, the pain i feel for their friends, families, colleagues defies expression. some one wake me. we could not have a more harmful administration than the one we have now in the face of this plague. sending all love and light. together we will persevere some how some way. i believe in us. we must choose to depend on one another and not be led even further into a cruel, divisive, dystopian reality.together we can get through any thing. thanks Rachel for sharing your insight and empathy.

  • Warren A. Harris says:

    United States is first in the world with it's population of people to test positive for the coronavirus …it has even surpassed Italy and China. I guess Donald Trump is true to his word… he's making America first.

  • TheLicktySplitz says:

    What's the point of having a president if they're not going to lead when things get bad when there's a national emergency and he saying all they're just back up Well everybody's yelling back up everybody needs backup. and then you're going to give some tests to some oil tycoons and there's people over here still not tested and you were trying to send people to work back to work not to long ago. The only Governors that he should be getting mad at are the ones that aren't taken care of their citizens and not taking this serious. We appreciate the little equipment you gave them but they'll appreciate a lot more if you give them everything that they need and stop letting these companies price gouge them and the governor's that don't take it seriously they'll be complaining about YouTube's soon enough when they need more supplies to or not being appreciative.

  • Time for states to stop supporting the federal government. Time for states to protect their citizens as we reduce federal taxes. Time for people to rise up and take back their nation from a useless federal government whose only policies are fraud and abuse.

  • I thought it will take Trump 8 years ( 2 terms) to screw up the United States of America. But How little I know that he only needs less than 4 years to do so. That is a big achievement for Trump in any language.

  • Cesar Valério says:

    People Will figure after this pandemia disaster that they should not Trust the government when its comes the time theirs life is on the stake.

  • Thank all those politicians that forced US manufacturing to sweet shops in China thirty years ago, The US will run out of medical supplies in a few days according to the exports.

  • Francine Moloney says:

    Rachel Maddow should be president. She has my vote. Unbelievable speech. I didn't think Trump could do worse than he has, but he topped himself with this one. He never should have been president in the first place. Trump just go home. We would be better without you.


  • Jeremiha Josytewa says:

    Its time to overthrow this government we are dying here because of one man . This is insane. people are dying , it's time to help ourselves and come together as one voice or we all will die.

  • gabriel banos says:

    Lmao all of you guys must find it so easy to talk bad about trump when all you have to do is sit at home and follow directions. You don’t know what decisions he has to make or how each decision could affect the country you don’t know if something he does will cripple the country or save it he’s the one that has to live with those decisions and try to protect us all. Yet you sit here talking bad about him . If it was Obama most of you would be on your knees worshipping him if he made every same response trump did. Your hate for a man who’s doing a job few could do and which none of you could do is disgusting. You may not like the man for his character but respect the office he holds it doesn’t matter who he is as a man cause he’s our president and that’s that. Respect the office if nothing else all your whining does nothing but make it hard for people to do their jobs.

  • Margaret Opine says:


  • Impeach Rachel Maddow. Trump, Pelosi, Biden, Clinton, Obama not exempt — The Establishment Elites! Americans – you swallow this "News"?

  • What is really weird thanks to Faux news 50% of Americans think Trump has done an epic job handling this crisis.

  • WOW! Is the first thing that came to my mind. After that it was DUMP TRUMP, DITCH MITCH and VOTE OUT the GOP SHEEP in November.

  • Can anyone explain to me who will be getting the supplies the federal government has if it won't be people in states?

  • Sonya Reinhard says:

    Matthew 19:24, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man enter the kingdom of God. He was only good for one thing because God used him for it. And that was to put Jerusalem back on the map according to revelation. He is done with him. We outnumber them so why can't we just override him. Just like have always predicted that was going to be people to sit in their chairs while they complain instead of getting up and doing something about it. Well it doesn't matter cuz it's not us that are dying right now. If you knew how to ask God for help he will tell you the right things to do. My prayers are with all of you and that God will protect you and keep you safe. One last thing I need to say. With a power that the rest of you have don't blame the president that you didn't use it to get the job done.

  • brilliantly said, ty dr maddow, and brava! you are a great patriot, a combination of paul revere and ben franklin and abraham lincoln, giving us the ultimate warning that the enemy is right behind you so be ready to act now, and the common sense that we MUST hear and recognize, together with the wisdom needed to see us through this, our darkest hour. this is what we need at this moment in time. i can only hope and pray that he listens, for once.

  • BrokeredHeart says:

    You will only remain a UNITED States of America if the Commander in Chief of that nation agrees that it means ALL Americans, and not just those that follow him on Twitter. Mainland USA is experiencing the same havoc and uncoordinated response that Trump deployed during Hurricane Maria to Puerto Rico. He thought back then that tossing paper towel to a handful of hurricane victims was a charitable thing to do, and then split before the real work needed to get underway. The disaster itself killed 64 people in the span of 48 hours, however, the botched response to restore power to the island, and get needed medical supplies and care to Puerto Ricans ended up killing 2,993 more people in the months that followed. Also, just want to point out that as America's offshore tax haven, Puerto Rico was a large manufacturer of America's medical equipment and pharmaceuticals – kinda seems like you need them a lot more now.
    Remember how he "assisted" California throughout their devastating wildfire season? By suggesting the governor and mayors of the counties affected could have avoided this disaster by "raking the forest floors" to clear up dry debris. Except that those fires in 2018 primarily took off due to dry conditions in open grasslands, and the thinning of trees wouldn't have helped because that only works well in coniferous forests, not deciduous ones, which is where the fires really took off. Not to mention, Trump's admin had proposed a $170 million budget cut to the National Forest System that same year, and has continued annual budget cuts to the Ministry of the Interior, cut grant funding for state wildfire action plans, cut research funding by $45 million, and zeroed out funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund.
    There has been a pattern here for years, watching him bumble through one national crisis to the next, poorly directing the relief efforts without displaying a sincere emotion or any sympathy for the people effected, all while signing off on recommendations to hack their budgets so that future natural disasters will be even more unmanageable, and far more costly to recover from. He has never had a successful campaign to relieve those in harm's way, because he has never viewed that as an important part of his duties of office. He ran for president for two reasons only – to insulate himself from legal oversight, and to enrich his personal brand, all while making the men of his ilk even more obscenely rich. He has never believed in federal governance, he doesn't understand how it works, and he never bothered to learn unless it held implications for his own reelection and grip on power. No amount of shaming him will get him to act with the appropriate urgency or proactivity required. We've seen that it just doesn't phase him. So America will need to limp on, and hope that he either experiences a Scrooge-like revelation one night, or else find a new leader whose primary concern is the preservation of American lives and not corporate bottom lines. Money will always be made again, but you can't bring people back from the dead.

  • He ran from the Vietnam war and he is running from this responsibility now. This is a spineless, scared little coward with blatant insecurities in clear view! #trumpflu

  • Where is the national stay at home order. Trump is so worried about the economy that people are dying because of it. Well without the people there is no economy. We should have been on a national stay at home order 3 weeks ago. We would be done with this now if we did.

  • Funny how the left that won't obey Fed'laws immigration/drug laws suddenly want Daddy govt to hold Governors hands & help them "think"

  • Italy population 60 million —- USA population 330 million that is 5 times more people. I guess Maddow didn't think that was worth mentioning.

  • Miss Bella's Awakened Media says:

    I can’t believe people still watch your lying and deceiving fake news channel. Wake up people

  • Alice In wonderland says:

    Oh she gives the bad news with such glee! She’s a ‘reporter’ fully biased TDS. Cuomo has more than enough. He should stop hoarding the ventilators!

  • Why blame Trump when you have incompetent Governors who have know about the virus and were to lazy to put a plan in place.

  • Come on! Where's the old Rachel Maddow we all know and love? "Russia! Russia! Russia!" Why aren't you blaming Russia for the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • Chevylee Sanchez says:

    He has wasted several Covid19 test on himself as well as Pence & their immediate family members, what do they fear? the coronavirus is only a hoax; which will miraculously disappear.

  • Brian Poelman says:

    maybe a president-vice-president team of Cuomo and Rachel Maddow would be great to take over from the inept lying-blame others-carnival barking- carrot faced Trump(sorry can't use a title he doesn't deserve)

  • We will continue to head down this deadly path of destruction if the trump administration remains in power. Invoke the 25th Amendment now.

  • Trump is a HYPOCRITE…..last week he asked for TOM BRADY to step forward……so he can continue to act like a Backup. Governor Cuomo has stepped forward as a TOM BRADY like figure, without wanting to. AND, there is ol' Trump, standing on the sidelines, being very IRRELEVANT, yet flapping his gums the whole time to remind us it's not his fault. Fat chance DONALD, I'm voting DEMOCRAT!

  • BLAIR M Schirmer says:

    0:30 – this is why Maddow is fundamentally untrustworthy. The US has far fewer cases than Italy per capita, but she has to make it sound as bad for us as she possibly can. It's unconscionable.

  • I wonder how well Trump-style "wartime leadership" would go in an actual war. States deciding what troops to send and when with no coordination, bidding wars for supplies etc.
    And when it is a total mess Trump shifts all blame to the state level.

  • Great coverage Rachel ,your beating around the bush with this ,trump has actually with his governors did everything in there powers to make this spread Thu our population worse this is planned no1 can refute this ,his actions from the start disbanding our branches of governments that were in place ,putting his crimanl friends in charge of various depts and then decimate the workers ,like in every branch of the state depts ,this is an act on par with Hitler only were not using gas chambers and fight a accepted enemy but our own goverment trump" just deining medical aid to our citiz3ns is unconstitutional and criminal this demon that sits in our white house is trying to destroy this country he is a puppet who thinks he the master lol jokes on him hes just being used to do putins dirty work ,this demon trump is owned by his debts and his inability to do anything legally has been a criminal for decades now hes skimmimg the books and robbing every citizen in our countrys ,your whole country is being dismantled and your all afraid to admit it THIS DEMON IS EVIL ,he is not a man EVIL has no conscious lies are normal disinformation his his daily go to fireing every1 who dares to report his actions every American if failing themselves and there once great country bu allowing this DEMON to sit in the white house this is only a start I think ,there is a bigger picture and we need another whistle blowers to give the country and its citizens a heads up .look what China did to its whileblowers or Russia doesn't it look fimilar PEOPLE TAKE Your HEADS OUT OF SAND STANDUP FOR YOUR COUNTRY REMOVE THIS EVIL CREATURE FROM THE WHITE HOUSE

  • Lol who is this lady lol Obama was the single more largest mistake this country has ever know you should be fired

  • We were in Katrina. We lost everything but our lives. It's kinda like deja vu all over again. The General from Baton Rouge called it. Experience suggests folks be guided by what he says.

  • Sandie Kelley says:

    We are the United States are we not? Let's act like it people those of us who can, step up and represent. Get the Army Core of Engineers, National Guard, and Marians in on this to with the getting what is needed where it is needed and transporting doctors and nurses and personnel where they are needed most. Nevermind whose job it is, get the job dun and save as many lives as possible. As for the rest of us, don't wait for them to tell you to stay safe at home. Take the initiative and protect yourself and those you love. Stay at home.

  • This is ridiculous we all know we can do better than this we didnt take it easy on Bush for Katrina and he was at least trying to help. Trump must go!!!

  • CUOMO refused Gun manufacture REMINGTON Help on building ventilators. Remington has a million foot building in New york.

  • The rest of the world is watching, and all they can do is shake their collective heads and wonder, what were they thinking when they elected him????

  • Historical Huscarl says:

    Rachel Maddow, you have one job: report the news. You are a disgrace to your profession and are in no position to criticize anyone else.

  • Rachel, I like your candor. You get a thumbs up. Please let people know that this is a huge failure of our government to keep us safe.

  • Just signing the order (National Emergency Declaration) and not coordinating federal help is unconscionable, but I will bet that he is getting revenge on the House for the National Emergency declaration for "The Wall" that was ignored. Next thing you know he will try to trade the wall for saving people.

  • im not sure how Rachel Maddow stops herself from crying. was it Gore Vidal that said "its called the American dream because you've got to be asleep to believe it." over here in Europe it looks like, to us, that your administration is dreaming.

  • Sergio Rodriquez says:

    All you do is criticize, Trump has done everything he can, and a yes as quickly as possible. Remember China was covering the severity of this whole pandemic. He closed the boarders, and you all said he overreacted, not he acted to slowly. Get over yourselves, how about instead of looking to blame our president, we start working towards the solution together in unity.

  • I think we should close the border to prevent viruses and diseases from coming across willy-nilly, funny how I was a nazi racist who hated humanity

  • We ALL exhibit natural behaviors. Every person is NOT FIT for every job. There is absolutely no need to think that ANYONE can function well, when a situation is beyond them, ESPECIALLY if they are in a leadership position. The entire world should "pause" to think about that. Oh, we already are in "pause mode".

  • that wasn't.chicken says:

    Part of Obummacare was raising taxes so high on med equipment that manufacturers moved to China and Korea!! Look it up. So all this IS Jughead's fault!!

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