Mad Hatters Hat – Alice In Wonderland – Part 10 – Mixed Media Boxed Nail Art

Mad Hatters Hat – Alice In Wonderland – Part 10 – Mixed Media Boxed Nail Art

So now this is all glazed and it’s all shiny
and it’s all top coated. We’re ready to do the 3D work and any embellishment work that we’re going to do. I am going to start in the centre. Creating the 3D. So I am going
to start by doing his hat and his dickie bow. So I don’t need the rest of those nails
for now. I am going to use some greens for this to match his green jacket. The ones I
have got out are Toxic Apple, Rainforest, and Secondary Green. I am going to use the
Speed Acrylic Liquid. I work quite quick, but if you want to work slower then use a
different liquid, that is perfectly fine. I am just showing you these colours on here
now. So I am going to do the main body of it, you can see where we’ve mapped out where
the hat is going to go. And we are using the Rainforest Green first of all. I will flip
between using the 3D brush and a normal size six brush I’m going to bleed out the back.
Pop that on and I am going to push it where I want it. I’m going to feather that out
at the bottom so it’s flat. Because then when I put another bead on I can blend it
up nice and easy. Not going to have any sharp lines I am just blending this and getting
a nice smooth finish by putting quite a wet bead over the top and just painting it over.
You want the hat quite animated, so I’m just gonna bring that corner out a little
bit. Make sure you can’t see the join. and a heart in this corner. Just so it flows a
little bit better onto the other nail. I’m not going to push them together and go straight
across onto the other nail. I still want the nails to remain separate. I still want them
to look like nails. The next part of this nail I want it to kick out at the top, the
same as this one. Don’t try to push the powder don’t try to push the acrylic until
it’s at that setting stage where it goes more of a satin finish, it’s ready. If it’s
really wet and you try to push it where you want it and expect it to stay exactly how
it is, it won’t, it really won’t. You need it to have a bit of stability to be able
to push it where you want it. So I’m happy with that The next bit I am going to do is I’m
just going to use this darker green, it’s a different shade. To do this ribbon,
a fat piece of ribbon that goes around I’m just going to blend that down. I will
paint it slightly as well but I just want it to be slightly raised in a slightly different
green. Let’s see how that will go over. So just that one part there. I’m going to
pop the bead on and check where it is that looks about right. Go right to the edge, we
want it to jump out a little bit. So it looks more realistic, it’s wrapping around the
hat. This top curve needs to follow this top curve So the top of the ribbon needs to follow
the top of the hat. Now we are going to do the brim of the hat. Start with this nail
going back to the Rainforest Green. Gonna do this in little sections. Doing this
top part, this corner end I suppose here first. And pressing into the powder to create a dip.
As if it’s coming and curling around. Keep it clean, make sure you’ve got nice clean
lines. Put the next part, connect the two together Do that while it’s still quite
wet. Brush it over and pull that across. And I am going to press it down a bit and then
flick it back up. Because we want to create some movement. I’m working on the next part.
Just checking how that is going to meet. Pushing the product up. I’m going to smooth this
top part of the brim. Put a little bit of the darker green under there. We are going to use a little bit of black powder go underneath to add some shading using it like paint. Same in here, tiny bit in here just to add a bit of shadow. I am not quite happy with that
bit, I need a little bead just to… That’s it, just so it flows nice. So you can see
this movement that we’ve got now. We’re going to continue this over onto the other
nail. Line up, use your line here, I am using this line so I can line up this now. Press this out and check the alignment each time. When you press the product it’s obviously
going to move. So you need to check that you’re still in line. With the black I am just going
to add some shading. Also there by the ribbon. Using the black powder again, just going to run a little bit across the top of that ribbon. Just for a little bit of shading. And then
between here we will put his little ticket that he has in his hat as well. For his ticket
I’m going to use the Soft Pastel Lemon. We are going to make this on a form. Quite
a simple shape. It’s not completely straight, it’s not like a card. It is animated, it
has movement. So you want it to have a nice curve at the top. Nice straight sides coming down smaller to the bottom. Add a little bit of white, just to highlight. I’m using it
wet. Tiny bit of black paint. And a bit of water in it. See we need the water in the
brush to get it so fine. You’re doing this before you put it on. With paint or with any 3D paintwork, I will do that before I attach it on That paint is dry because we used a
tiny bit, so it will dry really quickly. And I am going to seal that just with a bit of
brush-on glue. With a little bit of clear acrylic, we’re going to stick it on. So,
take that off the form. You can have a little look at where it’s going to go. So I am going to place it there. Use a bit of clear acrylic to attach. A little bit of yellow
and I am going to blend this in so it looks like it’s coming from the brim. With the
black powder I am just going to shade that a little bit And I am going to get the glue
again and coat it all. Just the ticket. Just using the Toxic Apple. Just to add a little
bit of highlight. Now we are going to do his dickie bow We’re going to figure out how big this bow needs to be. We are going to use Toxic Apple. Which is really bright. If you’ve watched my videos before, you will have seen how I make a bow. Those who haven’t,
you can watch this now. So I am judging around that side for half of this. So this size it
would be half of this size. We are creating a rough diamond shape. Release half of it off the
backing and gently fold it over and we are going to do the same again. What we
are going to do with the pieces a little bit of the green, use that to stick them together.
Now we are going to do the centre so we are going to press that out, create a long line
and you are going to push it back again. Long line and push it back. And drag through the
middle. So you get more product at the sides and less in the centre. Just going to pop
a little bit of acrylic in the centre there. Pick this up, pop it on and you are going
to push it around so it’s like a piece of ribbon wrapping around the bow. Now we are
going to adhere this to the nail, just here. Small amount of clear acrylic. Pop that straight
on the nail. Pick up your bow, place it on. Press it down and then clean up any excess
acrylic. Just going to add a little bit of black for shading. A tiny bit through the
centre. And that’s his dickie bow done.


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