Mad Hatter – Alice In Wonderland – Part 5 – Mixed Media Boxed Nail Art

Mad Hatter – Alice In Wonderland – Part 5 – Mixed Media Boxed Nail Art

In this video I’m going to show you how to do the mad hatter from Alice in wonderland. Now we’re going to move on to the mad hatter. I’ve mixed a brown, with blue, red and yellow and we’ll use the brown to mix into a wash for the shadows. I’m going to take this nail off. And then we’re going to use the wash to roughly go round the features. So I’m planning the design, I’m planning where his mouth is, here The characteristics of his face, you’ve got like the creases and the lines With the white, I’m going to make a little bit of a wash Gonna do some highlighting, highlight his big nose Gonna highlight round under his mouth onto his chin Because this a wash, it’s really easy to move about. Top of his lip I’ve got some white, just with Just with a little bit of water now, just so it’s even more white So we can highlight with the brightness of this white now as well His eyes His eyes are a little bit close together, I don’t know if that’s because he’s a little bit mad And that’s why his eyes are close together, I don’t know Slight shadow around the eyes So with a really small brush, this is the smallest brush I have We want this to be quite fine, gonna go round the outside of the eyes, and we need black Gonna do his pupils Added a little bit of water to the black and I can do a really fine line at the top of the eye And we’ll do his eyebrows Just doing them quite rough, coz I’m going to add a little bit of orange to those With a little bit of red and black Gonna do the inside of his mouth You can just see his tongue Get a little bit of red Bit of white Just so you can see his tongue And we’re just washing over that a little bit Add a little bit of shade, and we’re gonna do his two bucked front teeth So I put the white in there for his teeth and then we’re gonna separate the two front teeth Same colours I’ve used for the inside of the mouth There you are, so we’ve got the teeth there, just gonna add a small amount of shading With a black wash Gonna adjust that mouth and make it a little bit deeper Just wanna exaggerate his expression Right we’re gonna do his hair now Dark orange, light orange Little bit of pale yellow and a bit of white And a bit of black On the original Alice in Wonderland, he has white hair, but I’m giving him orange hair Just like the new Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland Roughly gonna go over with a bit of brown This is just gonna add a bit of shading to the hair This is also gonna give you an idea of where the hair will be It gives you good composition, you can see how wide it is, if you’ve put enough on there We’ll work our way up in shades, so we’ll do the orange next, the deep orange We use this colour and add some orange to the eyebrows, little dotted lines Just by tapping the brush Onto the eyebrows. Then we’re going to use the brighter orange, gonna do the same again So you can see how the texture’s building now with the colours This technique’s also good for doing Autumn leaves on trees Again for his eyebrows, use the same colour Then we’re gonna use the yellow, the bright yellow Doing the same thing, building the tones Going to add a bit onto this nail Doing the same thing Now his hair’s done Gonna do him a green Jacket And his jacket runs down here You can leave a space for the dickie bow He’s got a really big collar on his jacket Really exaggerated It’s that big it comes over onto his face Gonna use the paler green To highlight certain parts of his jacket Right, gonna do a white wash now And highlight this even more His shirt underneath So, bit of lilac With the dark purple Gonna mix a wash To do all your shading with Just adding some button detail to the jacket Then we’re going to do the same with the shirt Just using the white wash to highlight the buttons a little bit Don’t forget, we’re going to have a big 3D dickie bow here so don’t worry too much about here because it will be covered And also his hat will be done in 3D So you don’t need to worry about that either Just gonna pop that on the board just to check it all fits nice They’re coming along nicely So that’s that charater finished Which is the Mad Hatter. If you want to continue to watch, we’re going to do the next character which is The Queen of Hearts


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