Luis Corvini Broadcast Reporter Portfolio

Luis Corvini Broadcast Reporter Portfolio

A cougar gave a lot of work to firemen in Avaré,
in the interior of São Paulo State. Luis Corvini. The rescue lasted more than 5 hours. The cougar,
a young female, was found near a dam. When the firemen arrived, the animal went up
on a tree at the city camping. The veterinarians tried to hit her with a
tranquilliser with bow and arrow, but only with a stick, the application
was successful and the job ended. The cougar will pass through exams and will be taken
to a zoo. Luis Corvini, for Globo Notícia. São Paulo state has its wonderful city too. Avaré
receives with an embrace 150.000 tourists annually. People who come here can have lots of fun. They can
visit Christ Redeemer and enjoy the beach at Jurumirim’s Dam. South Africa is not just soccer and World Cup. The Country
offers a huge variety of touristic attractions. From a ballon ride to become face to face with a white shark.
Check it out! This time the challenge is at kickboxing, a fighting style
that gathers strength and speed. Kickboxing is one of the most used fighting styles at MMA,
the Mixed Martial Arts Championship. The greatest advantage of this fighting style is that besides punching and kicking,
fighters can give potent blows with their knees. Looking from here, we can’t imagine how many plastic bottles
were used to make the city’s decoration. But the organisers made the count. 1 million 800 thousand units.
1 million 800 thousand plastic bottles that haven’t went to the trash. And the main part of the exhibition is what make us
more prouder of. Behind these walls here are the trophies Brazil won at its
5 World championships. Let’s take a look? Here we can exchange the car for another type of vehicle.
The difference is the 4-paw traction and the 1-horse potency. A 19 years old boy disappeared after been carried away by
the storm waters in Itaí, in the interior of São Paulo State. The rain was heavy at that moment. Witness have said that the boy was returning from fishing when
he tried to cross this street, taken by the flood, on a bicycle. He felt and ended being dragged into that duct. The Civilian Defence group came here and said that
the risk of a new landslide is very high. Because of that, the yard and the that room from Ms. Silvana
were interdicted. One of the challenges at the rescue diving is the low
visibility in water. With this special equipment, we’re going to show how this job is done.
Even a few meters underwater, the diver’s visibility didn’t pass 30 centimetres.


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